5 Ways to Squeeze a Spine

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5 Ways to Squeeze a Spine
5 Ways to Squeeze a Spine

Don't assume that squeezing a pimple is a good idea, as you could end up with a scar or an infection. However, if you do have to do this, the best way to avoid injury is by using a needle or compressing the area to gently remove the pus. It is not recommended to use your hands to squeeze pimples, but if the other methods are too much work, what should you do?


Method 1 of 5: Finding out if a pimple can be squeezed

Pop a Pimple Step 1

Step 1. Squeeze pimples with pus

Pimples with a head have usually been bothering them for a few days, with the white tip being where the pus has accumulated under the skin. This type of pimple is easy to break out and, when treated with care, can be removed safely without scarring or becoming infected.

Pop a Pimple Step 2

Step 2. Don't squeeze new pimples

A pimple that just appeared isn't ready to be squeezed yet. Wait for the white tip to appear.

Pop a Pimple Step 3

Step 3. Don't squeeze large, red, or inflamed pimples

There is a great risk that this type of pimple will become infected, in addition to the fact that it will almost certainly leave a scar. Only those with a white tip are ready to be squeezed.

Pop a Pimple Step 4

Step 4. Go to the dermatologist

A dermatologist can tell you the best way to treat acne. He can prescribe ointments to clear the pimples, as well as perform procedures to remove the marks and scars.

  • The most common treatment that is usually indicated for this situation is a topical ointment, which reduces the oiliness of the skin and dries the pimple little by little.
  • If the pimple is red and swollen, it may indicate an oral antibiotic to fight the bacteria.
  • Dermatologists can also remove pimples through procedures such as lasers or chemical peels. Usually, a sharp object is used to pop the pimple, which is great if you're afraid to do it yourself.
Pop a Pimple Step 5

Step 5. Decrease the occurrence of pimples by washing your face every time

Many pimples are caused by sweating. Whenever you perspire, wash your face gently with warm water to remove impurities and pollution. Don't be aggressive or scrub too much, just remove the sweat.

  • Rubbing the skin hard can make the situation even worse.
  • Do not use strong facial products such as astringents, tonics or exfoliants.

Method 2 of 5: Preparing the Hands and Spine

Pop a Pimple Step 6

Step 1. Wash your hands

This is a very important step, so be careful, especially in the area under the nails, using plenty of soap and warm water. You should avoid touching the pimple with your nails, but if you do, there is less chance of irritation or inflammation if your nails are clean.

Use a brush to remove dirt from under your nails

Pop a Pimple Step 7

Step 2. Protect your hands

Put on disposable gloves when you're ready to squeeze the pimple. The glove acts as a protective barrier between bacteria and the fingers (and nails) and prevents the sharp tips of the nails from hurting the skin.

In the absence of disposable gloves, cover your fingertips with clean tissues

Pop a Pimple Step 8

Step 3. clean the skin around the pimple with a cleansing gel or with alcohol.

Apply with a cotton swab. When a pimple is squeezed, you open a small hole in the skin, creating a door for bacteria to enter. The pimple heals faster if the bacteria have no chance of entering the skin and causing an infection.

Don't rub the place too rough so as not to cause further irritation. Gently clean the area, rinse with warm water, and pat your face dry with a towel

Method 3 of 5: Bursting the Pimple with a Needle

Pop a Pimple Step 9

Step 1. Sterilize a needle with fire

Use a matchstick or lighter to heat and sterilize the needle. Expose all parts of the needle to fire for a few seconds to eliminate all bacteria.

Pop a Pimple Step 10

Step 2. Allow the needle to cool

Wait at least a minute for it to cool down, as the needle should not burn the skin when used to pop the pimple.

Pop a Pimple Step 11

Step 3. Sterilize everything with alcohol

Rub isopropyl alcohol on the needle, hands and spine. All objects that are used for the procedure must be sterilized with alcohol.

Pop a Pimple Step 12

Step 4. Position the needle parallel to the face

It is not to aim the item directly at the spine, but to keep it transverse. This way, the tip will pierce the spine from the side, reaching only the part with pus.

Pop a Pimple Step 13

Step 5. Drill the head of the spine

Do not pierce anything beyond the white tip of the spine, as if the needle hits the reddish part, you may get marks. Instead, pierce the white tip from the side so that the needle goes through it from side to side.

Pop a Pimple Step 14

Step 6. Pull the needle up

The needle should penetrate the entire head of the spine. Pull it out away from your face so that the whitish tip breaks through.

Pop a Pimple Step 15

Step 7. Gently squeeze the skin around the white tip

Don't squeeze the head of the spine itself: you must squeeze the area around it so that the pus comes out. A good idea is to use a cotton swab at this point so that you don't damage the skin further.

Pop a Pimple Step 16

Step 8. Apply alcohol to the spot

Use a cotton swab to rub alcohol and remove bacteria from the area. Then apply a small amount of bacitracin ointment to the spot.

Method 4 of 5: Popping Pimples with a Warm Cloth

Pop a Pimple Step 17

Step 1. Soak a cloth in warm water

Heat the water until it's warm and then dip a cloth into it. Be careful not to overheat and burn yourself.

Pop to Pimple Step 18

Step 2. Wring out excess water

The cloth should still be wet but not dripping, so wring it out until excess water is removed.

Pop a Pimple Step 19

Step 3. Hold the damp cloth over the pimple

Keep it on the pimple for a few minutes, until it cools down. Thus, the secretion is pulled up, leaving it ready to be squeezed.

Pop a Pimple Step 20

Step 4. Gently wipe the cloth over the pimple

Carefully rub the cloth against the spine until the head softens. When this happens, it is easier to pierce it without causing damage to the skin in the area.

This method may seem slower and more difficult, but it causes less skin problems than squeezing the pimple dry

Pop a Pimple Step 21

Step 5. Repeat the procedure if necessary

If the tip of the pimple does not break the first time, you can repeat the compress. At some point, the heat and humidity should be enough to soften the tip of the pimple without hurting the skin.

Method 5 of 5: Popping the Pimple with Your Hands

Pop a Pimple Step 22

Step 1. Place your fingers around the tip of the spine

Place one finger on each side, just below the head. You should be able to feel the bag of secretion easily, and once you've located it, just squeeze your fingers gently to expel the pus.

  • If the pus doesn't come out, change your fingers and try again.
  • If it still stays in place, stop trying to pop the pimple as it may not be ready for the procedure. Wait a few days or let her go out on her own.
Pop a Pimple Step 23

Step 2. Massage the skin around the acne

This movement encourages the pus to come out, so continue until the spine is empty. Do not touch it, except to wipe the pus off with a clean tissue. There may be a small amount of bleeding, and if this happens, wash the area and stop moving there to avoid possible scarring.

Pop a Pimple Step 24

Step 3. Clean the region with alcohol

Again, the most important thing is to keep bacteria from contaminating the gaping hole in the skin. Also, apply a little bacitracin ointment to protect the site from infection.


  • Don't scratch the pimple, as you run the risk of bruising your skin and ending up with a scar.
  • Don't scratch the skin to get a pimple. The situation will only get worse.
  • If you have frequent problems with acne, talk to a dermatologist. He is able to help!
  • It's best not to squeeze the pimple. It should go away naturally with time. Good hygiene can help prevent acne breakouts, but even if a pimple does appear, it shouldn't last longer than two to three days or at most a week.
  • To prevent the appearance of new pimples, keep an eye on your diet and wash your face every day.
  • Every pimple disappears on its own over time and there is less chance of infections and facial markings if you leave it intact.

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