4 Ways to Be an Attractive Girl

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4 Ways to Be an Attractive Girl
4 Ways to Be an Attractive Girl

Whether you think it's cliché or not, beauty comes from within: if you think you're beautiful, others will be infected by your confidence and will also have the same opinion. There are some basic things anyone can do to improve their appearance without harming their health, such as taking care of their skin, keeping in shape and choosing clothes that express a personal style. Emanate confidence with a constant smile and positive body language. Feel free to highlight your features with makeup if you like.


Method 1 of 4: Taking Care of Hygiene

Attractive Look (Girls) Step 1

Step 1. Wash your face every day to keep your skin clean

This step is even more important if you've sweated or wore makeup. Massage an appropriate cleansing gel into the skin and rinse with cool water. If you have acne, try a benzoyl peroxide product to get rid of the problem. Wash your face with water right after waking up and repeat before going to sleep every day.

  • Use makeup wipes to remove makeup first.
  • Exfoliate at least once a week or apply a face mask purchased at the drugstore.
Attractive Look (Girls) Step 2

Step 2. Always take a shower to stay clean and fragrant

Bathe once a day to send the dirt and sweat down the drain. Use body soap and wash your hair every couple of days or so, especially if you've been sweating a lot.

  • Also apply a conditioner to leave hair soft and shiny.
  • After drying, apply deodorant to control odors.
Attractive Look (Girls) Step 3

Step 3. Brush your teeth after meals.

That way, your smile is healthy and your breath stays fresh. Brush for two minutes after waking up, after meals, and before going to sleep. Also, be sure to floss every night to get rid of food scraps stuck between your teeth.

  • Don't forget to brush your tongue gently, as many bacteria that cause bad breath stay there.
  • Use a mouthwash to eliminate any remaining bacteria.
Attractive Look (Girls) Step 4

Step 4. Use a tooth whitener to whiten your smile

Before you go out shopping for any homemade product or using internet recipes, make an appointment with a reputable dentist. Only a professional assessment can determine your needs and diagnose other problems.

  • Be careful with homemade whitenings based on sodium bicarbonate, because, without the supervision of a professional, the substance can weaken the enamel of the teeth.
  • In-office bleach for a safer option.
  • Use whitening toothpaste to keep your teeth whiter.
Attractive Look (Girls) Step 5

Step 5. Comb your hair to get the knots out

Even if you don't want to do any special hairstyles, it's important to untangle the strands to keep them healthy. Use a comb or brush and go slowly. Take your time, without haste, to brush all your hair.

  • Did you notice that your locks are full of split ends and that a cut would look good? Make an appointment at the salon.
  • Brushing makes hair shinier.
Attractive Look (Girls) Step 6

Step 6. Trim your nails so they are clean

Use a hand and foot clipper when the nails go past the fingertips. Try leaving a white streak and then clean the dirt under your nails with a toothpick or soft brush.

  • If your cuticles are dry, rub in a cream or oil every night.
  • When trimming your nails, try to follow the natural curve of each nail rather than making a straight cut.
Attractive Look (Girls) Step 7

Step 7. If you want, shave regularly to remove hair

Only you decide how often and where you want to shave. It's not a necessity, but many women feel better when they're shaved. Women usually shave their legs and armpits, while some men like to shave. Use a shaving cream to protect your skin, as well as a very sharp razor.

  • The best time to shave with a razor is in the shower, as the heat from the shower opens the pores.
  • Avoid slicing in areas with open cuts and hives.
  • After a few uses, it's best to replace the blade with a new one.

Method 2 of 4: Choosing Clothes and Hairstyles

Attractive Look (Girls) Step 8

Step 1. Choose the clothes according to your body shape

There are bodies of different shapes, such as pear, apple, hourglass or rectangle. Find out which one is yours to make it easier to choose the pieces that most value your body, reducing the range of options and making your silhouette prettier.

  • For example, if you have a slim waist, wide hips, and a large bust, your body is hourglass-shaped. If you have a bigger top and thinner legs, the shape is like an apple.
  • A pear-shaped body goes well with colorful shirts and high-waisted pants, while a rectangular body goes with round-neck blouses and dresses.
Attractive Look (Girls) Step 9

Step 2. Choose clothes that increase your confidence

The ideal is to feel good with every detail of your look and with all the pieces you have in your wardrobe. Get rid of everything that no longer fits and instead buy clothes that you feel comfortable wearing to a meeting, event or night out. Avoid choosing something just because it's in fashion - just take home what you really like.

Attractive Look (Girls) Step 10

Step 3. Wear the right clothes for the occasion

The perfect outfit for an evening show is different from the ideal look for a work meeting. Choose pieces based on the event or activity to feel the best.

  • A cool look for college might include tight jeans, a floral tank top and funky sneakers.
  • For work, how about a shirt, twill pants and a belt?
  • Going out with friends? Wear a fitted dress or nice pants and a dark blouse.
Attractive Look (Girls) Step 11

Step 4. Use gel to make a different hairstyle

Use a gel or ointment to create a mohawk in short hair, leave the strands behind or define curls and waves. Apply the product sparingly so as not to leave the hair hard and with residues. If missing, just get a little more.

  • Buy the gel or ointment at pharmacies or cosmetic stores.
  • Use a comb to help with the hairstyle if you like.
Attractive Look (Girls) Step 12

Step 5. make waves or curls to leave the strands voluminous and flowing.

Use a curler to make waves of varying sizes, carefully winding each strand around the heated piece of equipment, holding it for a few seconds, then releasing. Leave the lock for a few seconds if you want light waves or wait longer if you prefer tighter curls.

Don't exceed ten seconds so you don't burn your strands

Attractive Look (Girls) Step 13

Step 6. straighten the hair if you want a touch of elegance.

Use a straightening board to drain the strands - just pull the flat iron along the length of the lock slowly after it has heated up. Is your natural hair already straight? In that case, use a blow dryer and a brush to achieve the same look.

Do not hold the flat iron in the same place for too long to avoid burning your hair

Attractive Look (Girls) Step 14

Step 7. Add hair accessories to emphasize your personal style

It can be a sash, belt loops, bows or even a hat. Choose accessories that match your look and show your creative side.

  • For example, wear a black tiara with a black and white dress or wear a butterfly barrette to show your love of nature.
  • Put on a hat to show you're stylish or a cap for a more casual occasion.

Method 3 of 4: Putting on makeup

Attractive Look (Girls) Step 15

Step 1. choose a base that matches your skin tone.

It is easier to choose the ideal base in a physical store, as there are several samples that are just for testing. After finding the right shade, apply the product with a brush or sponge, creating a light and even layer on the skin.

  • Use a primer before the foundation to prepare your skin for makeup.
  • Apply foundation to the lightest part of your wrist or jaw to make sure it's the right color.
Attractive Look (Girls) Step 16

Step 2. Cover pimples and blemishes with a concealer to get a natural look.

If you don't like plastering, but still want to cover small marks and pimples on your face, try using just a little concealer. There are several types of product, from liquids to sticks, as well as countless shades. Apply the concealer on the imperfections you want to hide, starting with a light layer and smudging it into the skin.

  • Liquid concealers usually come with an applicator brush, while sticks can be applied directly to the skin.
  • To find the right color, run one or two little dots on the lightest part of your wrist and see which is the best option.
Attractive Look (Girls) Step 17

Step 3. Apply eyelash mask or eyeliner to make your eyes stand out

Carefully draw a line close to the eyelashes with the chosen eyeliner. Apply mascara in a back-and-forth motion to better define your lashes and make them longer.

  • Many people only apply eyeliner to the upper lashes. The stroke can be thinner or thicker - you know.
  • Use an eyelash curler before applying mascara to curve your lashes.
  • Put a little eye shadow on your eyelids to add more depth and color to your eyes.
Attractive Look (Girls) Step 18

Step 4. Choose a lipstick or lip gloss to add color and shine to the lips.

Go to a pharmacy or cosmetics store to find a huge range of mouthwashes. Choose a beautiful color that matches your skin tone and apply the product evenly.

  • For example, those with fair skin look beautiful with a pink gloss, while darker skin looks great with redder tones.
  • A lip balm is a good choice to keep your lips hydrated.
  • Go to a cosmetics store and ask the seller for suggestions.
Attractive Look (Girls) Step 19

Step 5. Put on bronzer or blush to give your face some color

To apply bronzer, use a fat brush and apply the product to areas of the face that would be tanned by the sun, such as the top of the forehead, just below the cheekbones and on the bridge of the nose. The blush should be applied to the cheekbones. Start with a small amount, as it is easier to dose this way and spend more if necessary.

Remove excess powder from the brush before application. No need to exaggerate to create a beautiful effect

Attractive Look (Girls) Step 20

Step 6. fill in the eyebrows to make them fuller or darker.

Do you have very light fur or do you want to highlight the look a little more? Buy an eyebrow pencil. After choosing the ideal color, make small horizontal lines following the natural curve of the eyebrow. Be careful not to press the pencil too hard. If you need it, you can reinforce it later.

  • The short lines are more natural, as they look like fur.
  • Choose a pencil that is the same shade or one shade above your natural fur color.

Method 4 of 4: Radiating Confidence

Attractive Look (Girls) Step 21

Step 1. Always smile

A smile is a simple way to transform the energy you emanate to others. When you open a smile, you are more accessible and even feel happier. Try to do this more often to show that you are confident and friendly.

Giving a polite smile to people you interact with throughout the day, such as the cashier at the supermarket or the receptionist at the doctor's office, is a way of showing kindness

Attractive Look (Girls) Step 22

Step 2. Have good posture

The way you carry yourself says a lot about your self-esteem, so try to convey an image of confidence. Avoid looking at the ground while walking - look straight ahead. When you sit down, keep your back straight and shoulders relaxed and back.

Train at home to walk with good posture - don't drag your feet and don't get hunchbacked

Attractive Look (Girls) Step 23

Step 3. Avoid cultivating negative thoughts about yourself

Don't you put your “flaws” out of your head? This concern is reflected in the image he passes on to others. Try to focus on the aspects you love about yourself, whether in terms of appearance or personality, and let go of the negativity.

Praise yourself in front of the mirror

Attractive Look (Girls) Step 24

Step 4. Spend more time exercising to stay strong and healthy

How about doing a physical activity for 30 minutes every day? It can be a gym, a sport or even a simple walk. In addition to getting healthier and fitter, your body also produces endorphins, which increase your feeling of happiness and confidence.

  • Call a friend to give your motivation a boost.
  • Try volleyball, basketball, tennis or swimming.
Attractive Look (Girls) Step 25

Step 5. Have a sense of humor

You don't have to be cracking jokes all the time, but try to loosen up a bit and avoid taking everything too seriously. The ability to laugh at things that go wrong attracts others, who end up going on the same wavelength.

Make a person laugh, either with a joke or a simple funny comment, to ease the tension in the air and to be more attractive


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