Finding Good Hiding Places: 15 Steps

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Finding Good Hiding Places: 15 Steps
Finding Good Hiding Places: 15 Steps

Whether for fun, to surprise someone or to go unnoticed, knowing how to find good hiding places is a useful skill for anyone. If you think carefully when choosing a location and follow other stealth tips, you'll be able to activate your inner ninja in no time.


Part 1 of 3: How to choose a hideout

Find Good Hiding Spots Step 1

Step 1. Think about your goal

Are you playing hide and seek? Are you trying to scare someone? Do you want to go through a place without being noticed? The reason you are trying to hide and the rules you may need to follow should guide your choices at this time.

  • If you need to stay hidden in one place all the time, it's best to choose a spot with a lot of coverage and one that isn't the first idea of ​​the person looking.
  • If your goal is to surprise someone, you don't necessarily need to be well hidden. Just pick a spot where the person can't see you until you're close. When you're scared, you leave where you are and surprise her.
  • If you want to go unnoticed and can move around, it's best to take advantage of the lines of sight and mobility. Maximum coverage is less important in this case.
Find Good Hiding Spots Step 2

Step 2. Think like the person you are hiding from

Assess where you're going to hide from the perspective of the seeker. If the person was looking for you, where would they look? What would her line of sight be and what would her priorities be?

  • For example, if you are playing hide-and-seek, the person you are looking for will also actively think about hiding places. Therefore, try to avoid the most common places to hide, such as inside the closet or under the bed.
  • If you're trying to scare someone, you need to predict the path they're going to take and put yourself in their blind spot.
  • If you're looking to go unnoticed, think about the lines of sight the other person will have. Ideally, move in and out of these lines of sight as the person's gaze changes position.
Find Good Hiding Spots Step 3

Step 3. If you need to, find a location quickly

Ideally, take time to think about different hiding places and find the best among them. But if the person looking for you is nearby, or if you're playing hide-and-seek and the Seeker is near the end of the count, maybe you don't have time to waste. In that case, you will have to hurry.

Even if you're in a hurry, don't choose the most obvious hiding place. If it's too easy, surely the person looking for you will find the place

Find Good Hiding Spots Step 4

Step 4. Find hiding places

If you've got plenty of time, start picking out hiding places after assessing the territory, both from your perspective and that of whoever's looking. Don't forget the directions. The best places to be hidden are well covered and not obvious spots. To scare someone, you need to take advantage of the blind spots to take the initiative. To avoid being noticed, assess lines of sight and coverage and focus on movement.

  • Are there objects like doors, furniture like a sofa or soft objects you can hide behind?
  • Are there chairs, tables or shelves you can get under?
  • Are there items outside that can be covered, such as a doghouse, a tree, or a fence?
  • Can you hide on top of something? For example, standing on top of the toilet in a toilet cabin or in the space between the top of a closet and the ceiling?
  • Can you enjoy some optical illusion? For example, if you hide behind coats hanging with your booted feet at the base of the coats, it will look like the place only has stuff stored away.
Find Good Hiding Spots Step 5

Step 5. Hide aloft

Generally, the best hiding places are at the top. Looking up is the least natural eye movement for anyone looking for you. So it's a good idea to hide in high places.

Find Good Hiding Spots Step 6

Step 6. Hide inside something

Laundry boxes and baskets make great hiding places, as long as you don't have to move or change places. They're even better if they're not big enough to be obvious.

Find Good Hiding Spots Step 7

Step 7. Assess the hiding places

Which one is best suited for your goals? When someone is looking, that person is sure to check the most obvious places first, such as behind furniture or inside cabinets. If you want to go unnoticed, it's best to think about how easy it would be to move from one hiding place to another depending on the person looking to move. Remember your goals and priorities:

  • If you can't move, think about maximum coverage and originality.
  • To scare someone, think about blind spots and the ability to take the initiative to make a scare.
  • To avoid being noticed, try to expose yourself as little as possible to the most common sight lines and move around a lot.

Part 2 of 3: How to hide

Find Good Hiding Spots Step 8

Step 1. Go to the hideout

Be careful not to make noise or anything else that might give your direction away, especially if you are playing. If the other participants are also hiding, it's good not to let them see where you're going.

Watch out for the hinges, which can creak. You can try to hold back the creak when opening or closing a door

Find Good Hiding Spots Step 9

Step 2. Do not change the location

You need to make sure you don't leave any traces of your hiding place. Therefore, the chosen location needs to look intact. Everything should be in the same place it was before you hid.

Or you can change the place to distract the other person. For example, leave a mess on the other side of the room so that you can hide by the door and leave while the distraction is being investigated

Find Good Hiding Spots Step 10

Step 3. Enter the hideout

Now that you've taken care not to make any noise or leave any tracks, enter your chosen location. You can position yourself in an unconventional way to be in a different shape than normal. The human eye and brain are very sensitive to shapes, and breaking the "shape" expected of you is a useful way to avoid being noticed.

For example, when hiding under the bed and near dirty clothes, be in a fetal position

Find Good Hiding Spots Step 11

Step 4. Maximize your coverage

Whenever possible, try to increase your coverage without breaking the rule of not disturbing the environment. You can also use accessories to further change its shape.

Part 3 of 3: How to stay well hidden

Find Good Hiding Spots Step 12

Step 1. Stay calm

If you get nervous, your heart rate will increase, and the louder breathing can end up giving up your hiding place. Plus, you're more at risk of losing your cool and doing something silly that reveals your hiding place if you panic. Keep calm and calm.

Find Good Hiding Spots Step 13

Step 2. Be silent

Avoid coughing or sneezing as much as possible. If you can't hold back, try coughing or sneezing into your sleeve or a piece of clothing to muffle the sound. If you can, do not move or shift your body weight from one leg to the other.

You also need to put the phone on silent mode

Find Good Hiding Spots Step 14

Step 3. Don't surrender

If you're playing hide and seek, don't give in just because you think the other person has already found you. Sometimes you think the person has seen you, but it hasn't happened yet. This is even more true if you are camouflaged or have broken your shape with an awkward position or with extra coverage.

Find Good Hiding Spots Step 15

Step 4. Follow the plan

If you're trying to go unnoticed, going to a location the other person has already checked out is a great idea, as is leaving the area when the exit is out of the other person's line of sight. If you're trying to scare someone, take the initiative just before the point where the person would be able to see you.


  • If you need to hide in the closet, keep your back to the door. That way, your eyes won't be visible, and the person might think you're a bag or a pile of clothes.
  • If you don't have time or are desperate, hide in the most obvious place. Sometimes the hiding place is so obvious that the person doesn't even think to look there.
  • If you hide under a table, return the chair to its original position.
  • If you have time, hide at the bottom of a large laundry basket and throw the clothes at you.
  • If you need to hide in the closet, stay behind clothes or on the top shelf.
  • If you're playing a game where you can move around, you can hide in the place where someone hid before but was found. People don't usually look again in places they've already looked.
  • Don't hide with someone else, as they may end up giving you away.
  • The human eye only looks up as a last resort. That's why it's a good idea to hide in high places.
  • Leave the doors in their original open or closed positions.
  • Hide behind the door if you want to get past the person you're looking for. When she enters the place, sneak into the hallway.

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