3 Ways to Contact Nickelodeon

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3 Ways to Contact Nickelodeon
3 Ways to Contact Nickelodeon

Have you ever wanted to get in touch with people who make amazing shows like SpongeBob SquarePants, Sam & Cat, The Fairly OddParents and Avatar: The Legend of Aang? If you answered yes then wait no longer! It's pretty easy to contact Nickelodeon, whether it's through your computer, phone, or sending a letter in the traditional style. There are many options available, so don't wait: do it today!


Method 1 of 3: Contacting Nickelodeon Online

Contact Nickelodeon Step 1

Step 1. Use the "Write to Nick" page

The quickest and simplest way to get in touch with Nick is usually through their website. For common, everyday questions (such as if you want to know when you can watch your favorite shows), use the "Write Nick" feature on the site. In this section, you just need to provide your first name and write your question or comment - it's super easy!

To visit the "Write to Nick" page, simply search for "Write to Nick" in your favorite search engine, or use the "Write to Nick" option from the MyNick page on the main Nickelodeon website (www. nick.com)

Contact Nickelodeon Step 2

Step 2. Visit Nickelodeon's "Contact Us" page

Another way to send your questions and concerns to Nickelodeon is to use Nick UK's official "Contact Us" page. This page is aimed at UK Nick viewers, but you may be able to find answers to almost any general Nick-related question; so don't be afraid to try!

  • To visit the "Contact Us" page, search for "Nick Contact Us" in your favorite search engine, or click the "Contact Us" button at the bottom of the Nickelodeon UK website (http:// www.nick.co.uk).
  • To find this page, visit the Nickelodeon main website.
Contact Nickelodeon Step 3

Step 3. Consider visiting the "Help" page to find common questions

If you want to ask Nickelodeon something simple, chances are, that question has already been asked by someone else! Check out Nick's official UK Help page to find a list of frequently asked questions (and their answers). However, keep in mind that this section only has an English version. If your question is on the list, you won't even have to waste time writing to Nick - just read the answer!

To visit the Help page, click on the "Help" button at the bottom of the main site of the UK Nickelodeon website (http://www.nick.co.uk)

Contact Nickelodeon Step 4

Step 4. For press inquiries, use Nickelodeon's press contacts

If you are a journalist or member of the press who is contacting Nickelodeon about more serious matters, use the official press or public relations contact instead of the site's regular means of contact. These contacts will ensure that your question or concern is addressed by a Nick representative in a timely manner - if you use one of the forms we've referenced above, you may need to wait some time before your serious request is filtered through thousands of less important ones..

There are many official Nickelodeon press contacts - in fact, so many that they can't even be mentioned here. To find a complete list, visit the press page in the Nickelodeon section of the Viacom website

Contact Nickelodeon Step 5

Step 5. For important questions/business, please use Viacom's email address

For serious questions, such as legal issues, business requests and other matters, it is usually best to contact Viacom, Nickelodeon's parent company, which has direct control over the broadcaster's business operations. There are several ways to do this online, and we'll describe them below:

  • Use the official contact form on Viacom.com.
  • Contact the official corporate blog at [email protected]
  • Contact Viacom through your social media accounts (Twitter: @viacom, Facebook: "Viacom")

Method 2 of 3: Contacting Nickelodeon by Phone

Contact Nickelodeon Step 6

Step 1. Use the phone 1-212-846-2543 to contact the corporate offices in New York

Calling Nickelodeon directly isn't about using just a phone number option - the network has regional offices around the world, each with its own phone number. However, Nickelodeon is headquartered in New York, so this office number is best suited to address a variety of global issues and concerns.

If you are calling from a country other than the United States, be sure to add your country's international calling codes before dialing the number we provide. For example, people in Australia must type "0011" before continuing with "1-212…"

Contact Nickelodeon Step 7

Step 2. Use regional office phones to address local issues

As noted above, Nickelodeon has several smaller regional offices in addition to its headquarters in New York. They may be better suited to local issues and issues than the New York headquarters, so it might be better to use these numbers, especially if you live near one of these offices. Three phone numbers for Nickelodeon's most important regional offices are listed below:

  • Florida: 1-407-363-8500
  • California: 1-818-736-3000
  • London: 1-732-779-8353
  • São Paulo: 11–3866-1730
Contact Nickelodeon Step 8

Step 3. Use press contact numbers for matters of this nature

If you are a journalist or member of the press, use the contacts intended for the press and PR rather than calling Nickelodeon's offices. The mission of these professionals is to help ensure that your question or concern is answered as quickly as possible; therefore, they are generally a far better option for confirming facts, company information, and other matters than any office.

As mentioned above, Nickelodeon has too many press contacts to list here. To find a complete list of phones, use the Press page, as mentioned above in the online queries

Method 3 of 3: Contacting Nickelodeon via Mail

Contact Nickelodeon Step 9

Step 1. Use the address of the company's headquarters in New York

Just as there is no single phone contact on Nickelodeon, there is also no single address for sending letters - all Nickelodeon offices around the world have a different physical address, which complicates things a bit. However, in this case Nickelodeon's New York headquarters is a great place to start handling general requests. The New York office is located at:

  • New York Office

    1515 Broadway, 44th Floor

    New York, NY 10036

Contact Nickelodeon Step 10

Step 2. Use the Burbank studio address

Nickelodeon cartoons are not written, filmed or animated in corporate offices in New York. In fact, most of the work needed to create a great show on Nick is done at Nickelodeon Studios in California. So if you have specific questions about how programs are developed and produced, it's a good idea to send your letter to this address. Nickelodeon Studios is located at:

  • Nickelodeon Studios

    231 W Olive Ave

    Burbank, CA 91502

Contact Nickelodeon Step 11

Step 3. Use the addresses of regional offices around the world

As mentioned above, Nickelodeon has several regional offices around the world. Viacom, the broadcaster's headquarters, has even more offices. Contacting any of these offices by mail is a viable option to get your questions answered, but it is important to keep in mind that some offices may not be able to answer questions that relate to matters outside their regional "jurisdiction". See some important regional offices:

  • United Kingdom:

    Nickelodeon UK Limited

    17 - 29 Hawley Crescent, Camden

    London NW1 8TT.

  • Australia:


    GPO Box 4371

    Sydney NSW


  • Northern Europe

    Viacom International Media Networks Northern Europe

    Stralauer Allee 6, 10245

    Berlin, Germany

  • Requests in Spanish

    Viacom Media International

    Tour of Recoletos 33



  • Brazil

    Avenida Francisco Matarazzo, 1700

    Sao Paulo-SP

    CEP: 05001-100


  • Be yourself on the phone!; Don't pretend to be someone you're not.
  • Nickelodeon does not typically allow people to audition for roles through direct orders. If you're an actor, a much better idea is to turn to talent agencies or modeling agencies to get an audition.

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