3 Ways to Modify a NERF Weapon

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3 Ways to Modify a NERF Weapon
3 Ways to Modify a NERF Weapon

Nerf guns aren't just for kids anymore. Do-it-yourself adventurers have discovered a wide variety of mods and hacks that make Nerf Spring and Pressure Guns endlessly fun. While every Nerf weapon can be modified in a different way, learning the basic mechanics of the two main types of Nerfs will make it easier to explore and design your own mods (modifications). Learn the basics and start modifying these foam throwers.


Method 1 of 3: Getting Started

Modify the Nerf Gun Step 1

Step 1. Buy a good weapon for modification

There are many styles and models of Nerf weapons, but the base models are usually the best ones to modify as they are the most common. If you want to get started, buying a basic spring or pressure gun will be the cheapest option and will allow you more variations. You can tune a perfect sniper later. Start slowly and learn the two basic categories of Nerf weaponry:

  • Spring guns are activated by an internal spring that is compressed by sliding a plastic latch on the back of the gun between shots. This movement compresses the spring, which launches the foam dart. The Nerf Maverick is the spring gun that people modify the most.
  • Pressure guns work with the air pressure created by pumping the gun, just like some water guns. These weapons have great potential for increasing power and shooting accuracy with simple modifications. The basic pressure model is the Big Blast, although technically not made by Nerf.
Modify the Nerf Gun Step 2

Step 2. Gather the necessary tools for basic modifications

In fact, you don't have to work very hard to make simple modifications to the basic weapons, but you'll need a few tools in addition to the weapon itself. If you are under 15, it is a good idea to ask your parents for help in handling tools or making cuts that may be needed. To make the modifications described in the following sections, you will need:

  • a hand saw
  • A Philips screwdriver
  • sandpaper
  • Drill or file
  • Pliers
  • Spare parts if you want to upgrade
Modify the Nerf Gun Step 3

Step 3. Learn to make “stefans” The word Nerf is an acronym in English that means “non-expansive recreational foam”, which is basically made of polyurethane

Every weapon you buy at a store comes with a small amount of Nerf darts, but let's get serious. These little darts are easy to lose and very expensive to buy in stores. One of the best basic modifications to learn when you're starting out is how to make your own darts and save money. A general method has been developed by Nerf enthusiasts, and these darts are often called "stefans". There are several ways to make stefans, but here is the simplest one. You will need to complete the modifications described below to use them.

  • You will need a 15mm foam cylinder to cut the darts. These tubes can be found at any building store, supply store or on the internet. You'll notice the similarity (it's the same basic stuff as Nerf darts). Cylinders are usually rolled up. If this is the case, you must straighten them out before cutting the individual data. Most people do this by holding the cylinders taut with tape on a table or other flat surface for a day.
  • To give weight to darts, people generally use BB plastic balls or fishing weights. You will also need scissors and hot glue to make stefans.
  • Cut the foam into two-inch sections and make a small hole in one end to insert the BB or fishing weight. Use just a tip of hot glue and stick the weight, let it dry.
Modify the Nerf Gun Step 4

Step 4. Invent your own mods. Each has their own tricks and opinions about the best hacks and mods for Nerf weapons and likes different weapons

There is no “right” way to do it. The best way to learn is to take the gun apart and understand how it works, then you start to come up with your own ideas and test your modifications See some other articles on specific modifications below:

  • Take a homemade Nerf sniper sight
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Method 2 of 3: Modifying Spring Arms

Modify the Nerf Gun Step 5

Step 1. Remove all screws holding the gun

The first step in modifying a Spring Nerf is to open the weapon and examine the internal components. The gun consists of two plastic halves held together by Philips screws. Larger guns will have more bolts, but smaller handguns will only have three.

Remove the screws from your screwdriver and set them aside. Separate the two halves of the weapon to reveal the internal components. One of the halves should be just a shell, and all the parts should be attached to the other side

Modify the Nerf Gun Step 6

Step 2. Remove cylinder and unscrew cap

If you're modifying a Maverick (the easiest way to get started), the most common modification for beginners is to remove the air restrictions and barrel pins (which make it impossible to use stefans and decrease the power of each shot). To do this, you need to release the cylinder, where the darts are before being fired.

  • The cylinder holding the darts should release easily, without using too much force. Just hold it steady with one hand and remove it from the gun shell. Along with the cylinder there should be a small gray or beige plastic plate, which you must remove.
  • This plate is usually attached with an orange cap that you can remove using the tip of the screwdriver on the side or just your nail. Don't lose this cap, or you won't be able to reassemble the weapon.
Modify the Nerf Gun Step 7

Step 3. Remove air restrictions

At the end of each barrel there should be an orange plastic piece and a spring. Unscrew the cover, remove any screws if necessary and remove the plastic parts and springs. These pieces are used to restrict the airflow and slow down the darts, having no effect on the weapon's firing ability. Take them out and you can discard them.

Modify the Nerf Gun Step 8

Step 4. Remove the pins from the barrels

Nerf darts are hollow and fit on pins inside each barrel of the weapon. For a long time, this prevented people from using their own darts. Fortunately, you can just cut them out. Remove the barrel back cover with the pin from each cylinder and use pliers to cut them as close to the plastic base as possible.

  • If you want, you can sand what is left of the pin with sandpaper to make it more close and “clean”. It's not necessary, but it will get better.
  • Reassemble the cylinder by attaching the orange plastic cap to each cylinder and snapping back the cylinder chamber. You are ready to focus on the end plates.
Modify the Nerf Gun Step 9

Step 5. Remove the core from the end plates for the “Russian Roulette” modification

Remove the gray plastic plate at the end of the cylinder if you still can't find the arc-shaped plastic core on the side of it. This is used to prevent the cylinder from rotating freely, so you can rotate the chamber in the gun as if you were Jesse James. This modification won't make the weapon shoot any differently, but it gives a really cool effect.

  • If you want to complete this modification, sand the crumb with a file, or a drill with a file tip. Smooth as much as possible to make the plastic smooth so the camera doesn't bump into it. If it's not smooth, you won't be able to turn right. Ask for help and permission if you are using a powerful tool
  • Snap the end plates back to the gun and put the cylinder back. If you wanted to add something like 1.5 to 3.0 meters shooting distance and the ability to rotate the camera, you're done. Join the halves of the weapon.
Modify the Nerf Gun Step 10

Step 6. Improve the spring

If you want more power for your weapon, replace the spring with a stronger one. Examine the components of your weapon's firing device by removing the springs. It's a weak and cheap piece of metal, you can easily buy a better one by going to a hardware store. Take the spring with you to buy a new spring of the same thickness and length, but made of better quality material.

If you change the spring and it doesn't reach both ends of the weapon, you can add a few coins that fit your weapon to create the necessary tension

Modify the Nerf Gun Step 11

Step 7. Consider changing the barrel

Some mods obsessed with firepower like to remove the barrel from the gun and switch to a PVC barrel the same length as their stefans. Making a tighter seal and increasing spring pressure can make the darts go much farther and much faster.

  • If you want to do this, cut it off right where it finds the “body” of the weapon and discard it. Cut a 15mm PVC pipe to a length that matches the length of the barrel and use hot glue to carefully place it, pressing to complete the seal. It is best to glue around the outside to avoid glue bubbles inside.
  • If you like the look of the gun, don't do it. Swapped barrels look pretty crap, and while you'll gain some power, it will make your weapon a little ridiculous.

Method 3 of 3: Modifying Pressure Guns

Modify the Nerf Gun Step 12

Step 1. Remove all screws and expose entire components

Nerf doesn't actually make any pressure weapons, but people refer to all weapons that shoot foam darts as “Nerf Weapons”, so it's normal to modify these types of weapons in Nerf communities. These guns are typically fired by pumping five times to create air pressure, and then the gun can be fired. A plastic relief valve is included for safety reasons, preventing your weapon from exploding. You can plug in the valve and generate more power for your weapon, as long as you're careful.

Modify the Nerf Gun Step 13

Step 2. Remove air restrictions

If you want to remove air restrictions and barrel pins, do as described in the previous section. You can sand the inside of the end plates, discard the springs and air regulator from each cylinder, and reassemble it. You can also change the barrel if you want.

Modify the Nerf Gun Step 14

Step 3. Remove the pressure pump assembly

In a pressure gun like this, a bomb should easily go off in one piece. It should have a long fitting and a thicker chamber that fills with air, like a bicycle pump or ball. Unclip it, it shouldn't be screwed or anything like that after you open the gun.

Unscrew the back cover and remove the rod (pumping part) from the air chamber frame. It should have a tip with a small rubber seal around it, which creates friction and pumps air

Modify the Nerf Gun Step 15

Step 4. Plug the air exhaust valve with hot glue

At the end of the chamber where the air is pumped, there should be a small open exhaust valve, which is basically just a hole. It is used to let some air out if you are over-pumping the gun.

  • Use just a little hot glue over the hole, smoothing it out and ensuring it seals and covers the hole completely. Allow to dry completely before proceeding.
  • Note that the relief valve is included to prevent the plastic from breaking or bursting when you fill the chamber with pressure. We're talking toy plastic, not strong metal, so you risk breaking the gun irreparably if you plug in the valve. You can gain more shooting power, but only for a while before it breaks.
Modify the Nerf Gun Step 16

Step 5. Upgrade the seals

Another way to increase power is by removing the black rubber rings from the pump plunger and replacing them with thick rubber. This will create a stronger seal around the bomb, creating more pressure and more power with each shot. Again, if you have plugged the exhaust valve, this can create a lot of pressure on the plastic, so be careful and be gentle if you do.

  • Test the weapon and be careful when pumping. You'll probably only need to pump the gun once or twice to generate a lot of pressure. Don't start pumping the gun as if you were filling a mattress with air or the gun will break. Be very careful to avoid cracking the weapon or breaking it altogether.

    Modify the Nerf Gun Step 17


Make a laser sight with a laser pointer. Purchase a legal type of red laser or something similar. You can buy a pen that has a built-in laser, a key chain, or even just the light. Preferably the light will be 15, 6 cm or less. However, it's okay if it's longer


  • Never aim or fire the weapon at humans or animals.
  • Modifying a Nerf weapon can result in damage to the weapon.
  • The weapon can fire unintentionally and damage property or injure a person or animal.

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