4 Ways to Make Money in Adolescence

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4 Ways to Make Money in Adolescence
4 Ways to Make Money in Adolescence

It's hard to get money in adolescence, isn't it? Many positions, for example, cannot be given to adolescents, either because of the level of responsibility or because of the limited time available, after all, it is necessary to complete the studies. With a little persistence and creativity, it's still possible to get some bucks. Sell ​​things you no longer want, do some different services, take advantage of the internet and know how to use the money you already have at home. Read on to learn more!


Method 1 of 4: Selling Your Stuff

Make Money Fast Step 1

Step 1. Think about what you can sell

Selling items you no longer use is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get money. Take a look around the house to find things you don't mind selling for a buck. It's easier to make money by selling items that are in good condition and that might have some appeal (it's going to be pretty hard to sell a broken video game or a collection of tazos, for example). Things that can have good resale value:

  • Books.
  • Video game consoles and games.
  • CDs and disks.
  • DVDs.
  • Branded clothes in good condition.
  • Jewelry.
  • Cell phones.
  • Computers.
  • Tablets.
  • Musical instruments and equipment.
  • Bicycles.
  • Cans and bottles (recycling cooperatives pay good value for large quantities).
Make Money Fast Step 2

Step 2. Find the best way to sell the items

Some of the items can be sold to friends and acquaintances. Others, however, need to be advertised until potential buyers are found. Some options:

  • Virtual auction sites like eBay or Mercado Livre.
  • Sales ads on bulletin boards, local newspapers and Facebook groups.
  • Online resellers like OLX.
  • Street bazaars.
  • Used fairs.
  • Pawnshops.
  • Thrift stores and used bookstores (this option works for some items, such as clothes, cds and books, for example).
Sell ​​Something Step 3

Step 3. Set a price for the items

It's very difficult to place value on objects. If you are selling through an auction, the price can be determined by the highest bidder, but you can indicate the starting value of the bids. The best option is always to set a price.

  • Base the price on market demand. For example, if you are going to sell a cell phone that can be purchased for around R$300.00, your chances of success are greater if you offer the device for less than R$300.00.
  • Search the values ​​of similar objects on the internet to get an idea of ​​the price. For example, if the device you want to sell is found for R$ 280.00 to R$ 350.00 in online stores, choose a price within the range or below it.
  • If you really want to earn money, try selling the items for a price well below the normal price. If you advertise your cell phone for R$230.00, for example, you have more chances of success. Be careful not to drop the price too low and lose money.
Sell ​​Quality Items in a Garage Sale Step 1

Step 4. Let others sell things to you

Some online retailers offer values ​​in exchange for books, DVDs and electronic devices. The process is simple, just send the item and receive the money, but the amount received will be less than what you could receive if you sold the item on your own.

Prevent Teenage Pregnancy Step 1

Step 5. Rent the stuff you're not willing to sell

Some items may be in good demand but only needed for a short time. In these cases, the best option may be renting.

  • Tools, camping gear, video game consoles, DVDs and musical instruments are good options.
  • There are sites where you can advertise the rental of items, but they usually charge a small percentage of the profits.
  • You have to decide whether to charge a fixed amount for rent or whether to charge by the hour, day or week, for example.

Method 2 of 4: Working

Increase Your Income Step 11

Step 1. Think carefully about the possibility of getting some beaks

If you have time and permission from your parents, it is possible to do some sporadic work. While spouts usually don't involve long-term commitments, they can help you get a little extra bucks. If you're too young or don't have the time to take a full-time job, don't give up! It is still possible to profit.

Make Money Fast Step 17

Step 2. Think about the services you can offer for money

People need help with many different things; you don't have to have a lot of experience or talent to get some money doing odd jobs. Common tasks that may be suitable for teenagers include:

  • Taking care of children (try taking first aid courses to make your services more attractive).
  • Walking dogs.
  • Taking care of pets.
  • Watering and taking care of plants for people who are traveling.
  • Gardening (trimming grass, tending shrubs, cleaning gutters, etc.).
  • Shopping and chores for seniors.
  • Doing household chores for others (cleaning houses, washing dishes, etc.).
  • Wash cars.
  • Helping with home moves.
Make Money Fast Step 20

Step 3. Use your talents

If you have a special ability, profit from it. Use forms of expression, such as performances and creating works of art, to get a buck. For example:

  • Report on the street. Sing, play instruments or juggle on a busy street where you have permission.
  • Sing at weddings.
  • Perform at parties (filling animal-shaped balloons, performing magic tricks, etc.).
  • Make t-shirts.
  • Sell ​​sweets, juices, cakes, etc.
  • Create wooden objects (furniture, birdhouses, etc.).
  • Sell ​​your art (paintings, knitting, etc.) on the internet or at fairs.
Ask Someone to Be Your Study Buddy Step 5

Step 4. Sell the knowledge

If you know a lot about something that is in high demand, try to earn money by helping or teaching others.

  • If you know technology, offer to help troubleshoot other people's computers in exchange for payments.
  • If you are a good student, offer to help struggling classmates in exchange for payments.
  • If you're good at areas like swimming or music, offer to teach others.
  • It will be easier to get money if you can prove knowledge or skill. For example, to help other students, mention your high grades in the offer. If you want to teach music, for example, mention how long you have been studying or performing in the area.
Make Money Fast Step 3

Step 5. Set an amount to be charged for the items or services

Pricing can be based on market demand or your own values. When offering services, decide whether to charge by the "package" or by the hour.

For example, you can charge $100 to mow a yard of grass or $25.00 an hour. In the example, charging by the hour might be advantageous if you believe it will take more than four hours for the service

Start Making Money Blogging Step 23

Step 6. Advertise

People need to be aware of your offering and your services, right? Ask your parents or friends to publicize your work, make announcements on social networks or on bulletin boards at the condominium or school, for example. Make a list of the services you offer and share it.

Method 3 of 4: Making Money on the Internet

Make Money Fast Step 13

Step 1. Answer virtual surveys

Many companies use survey responses to find new ways to market products and services. The amounts paid per survey are usually quite low, but the volume of surveys can accumulate, resulting in a good payout.

  • Not all surveys can be answered by minors.
  • Beware of scams. Some sites ask you to pay or register credit cards to take surveys; don't fall for it.
Make Money Fast Step 12

Step 2. Earn money from apps

Some apps pay users to do things like scan barcodes in stores or answer surveys. Just like online surveys:

  • The amount received per task is low, but it can accumulate.
  • Some tasks may not be available to minors.
  • Beware of scams. Do not use apps that require a payment or registration of credit card information.
Start Making Money Blogging Step 11

Step 3. Set up a blog or a page on social media

It's hard to get money like that, but it's not impossible. For example, blog about books to earn money through ads on your page. If you have enough followers on your social media pages, companies can pay you to advertise their products and services on your profile. Some programs allow you to register to display ads on your site and get paid for it.

To make money like this, you need to have a large number of followers and visitors. To gain an audience, you need unique and interesting content

Method 4 of 4: Making Money Other Ways

Borrow Money from a Friend Step 1

Step 1. Borrow money

If you need money and have been unsuccessful with any of the above techniques, borrow money from family or friends. Let them know what the money will be used for and tell them how you plan to return the amount to increase your chances of success.

Obtain Money from Your Parents Step 8

Step 2. Ask a parent or guardian for money

It's not easy to ask for an allowance and your parents won't always agree. Increase your chances of success by being a good child and a good student. Offer to do chores around the house in exchange for the money.

Increase Your Income Step 5

Step 3. Turn your money into more money

If you already have a budget without a defined purpose, keep it in a save or invest. Savings, stocks, and mutual funds are good options whose interest can increase the value you already have. Know that such methods will "freeze" your money while it is invested.

  • Many investments present risks of loss. You have to be able to deal with negative results. Don't invest money if you know you will need it for something else.
  • Depending on your age and the type of investment you want, your parents will need to help you.
  • If your parents agree with the investment, ask them to help. For example, ask them to contribute $25.00 for every $100 you save. That way, every time you save $100, you'll have $125.00. Promise not to cash out for a long time to have more money when you reach adulthood.
  • Small savings can make a difference over time. Do your best not to spend all your money.


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