How to Talk to an Emo Kid: 6 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Talk to an Emo Kid: 6 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Talk to an Emo Kid: 6 Steps (with Pictures)

Have you been admiring an Emo boy from afar for some time and would finally like to talk to him? Talking to an Emo Boy is different from talking to an ordinary boy, as you've probably noticed. So if you're having a hard time figuring out how to take the first step, this article is for you. Read …


Talk to Emo Boys Step 1

Step 1. Give the boy some space

Don't rush things by getting close to him and starting to flirt the first chance you get to talk to the guy. Unless you're really lucky, that kind of attitude will likely annoy/scare/numb the kid a lot. So try to give him a little space -- don't stare at him too much, don't try to start conversations too headlong, etc. Be calm, patient, and wait for him to feel at ease, so he won't be frightened by your attitude.

Talk to Emo Boys Step 2

Step 2. Find out what your interests are

You don't need an in-depth study of a boy's personality to find out what he likes and what his interests are. Some ways to find this out would be:

  • Look at your clothes. T-shirts with band names or pictures on them can be a great way to find out what the kid's interests are, so keep your eyes peeled.
  • Try taking a look at your stuff. Don't become an inconvenient person by snooping around in other people's things, but try to catch a glimpse of the contents of his backpack, purse, or whatever object he's wearing. It's very unlikely he's wearing a purse, maybe a backpack, briefcase or something like that. But getting to know what's inside the boy's backpack can also help you get an idea of ​​what the boy's interests are.
  • Watch your friends. It might help even more if you meet the boy's friends. They may have the same interests; you can pay attention to what they do together - whether they listen to music, whether they like to talk about a specific band, etc.
Talk to Emo Boys Step 3

Step 3. Do a little research on the emo sub-genre

If you know a little - or a lot - about the Emo sub-genre, you'll be more likely to enjoy a good conversation with the boy and, who knows, maybe even impress him. So, look for more information about the Emo universe. Try to find some bands that are really Emo and listen to some songs so that you can at least get to know the bands he is likely to like.

Talk to Emo Boys Step 4

Step 4. Find the right moment

Don't try to chat to start flirting if he's busy, introspective, or if you notice he doesn't seem receptive and isn't responding to conversational attempts. Yes, it might be a little different than talking to a boy who isn't an Emo, but use your common sense to figure out when the best time will be to talk to him; even if you have to wait until you get to know him better before you decide to flirt. If he is in trouble or seems to be angry, avoid talking to him - you will likely get negative results. But if he appears to be normal, very relaxed and not busy, gather your courage and try your luck talking to him to see what happens. Although he may be different from the other boys you're used to talking to, he's just a boy and you won't have a problem talking to him. Try to "study the terrain" to better know where you are standing and don't be afraid to learn.

Talk to Emo Boys Step 5

Step 5. Don't talk about silly things

If you don't normally talk to boys a lot, talking nonsense about yourself -- or about him -- can end up scaring or irritating the boy. You don't want to scare him now that you've made it this far. Try to keep the conversation short and smooth. Talk about something he can contribute too -- as this will make the conversation much better and more enjoyable.

Talk to Emo Boys Step 6

Step 6. Praise him

Everyone likes a compliment, so if you want to please him, give him a compliment. As you probably know, praising an Emo is a little different. But here are some basic things you can tell him.

  • "Did you get this shirt at a concert? It's really beautiful."
  • "I like yours (clothing/accessory item)! Where did you get it?"
  • "Your hair is amazing/fantastic."
  • "I like the color of your skinny jeans"


  • Try to start and maintain a good conversation using praise.
  • Don't humiliate him or be a nuisance in front of him.
  • Try to be yourself, because it will be incredibly difficult to maintain a false personality for a long time, when you get to know the boy better, he will find out that you were faking it and it won't help.
  • Don't try to act like an emo if you're not an Emo - there's no one person with more ability than an emo to say you're creating a false personality.
  • Don't act like you're a super trendy person as this will piss you off. Most Emo Guys don't like girls who think they are.
  • As stated earlier, be yourself.
  • don't stare at him
  • Don't be fooled, because sometimes, if he's been acting aloof most of the time, most likely he doesn't trust people and is just trying to protect himself.


  • He might start laughing at you if you seem to be trying to start something he's not interested in, that is, if you go overboard in your effort to start and maintain a conversation. Be yourself and don't stoop just to get to know someone, because if you create a false personality to try to impress them, you could end up disillusioned.
  • Make sure he doesn't have a girlfriend or likes some other girl - if you try to flirt and he's interested in another girl, he'll reject her.
  • Emo boys are emotional, sensitive and sentimental, so be careful when choosing your words when talking to them so as not to hurt them or hurt their feelings.

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