4 Ways to Be an Engaging Girl

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4 Ways to Be an Engaging Girl
4 Ways to Be an Engaging Girl

Being a glamorous girl might seem like a somewhat elusive goal, but know it's perfectly possible! Everyone has their own interpretation of what it is to be engaging, so there is no ready-made formula for defining what you need to do to take on this personality trait. What you can do, however, is show the world your best traits and start letting loose in social circumstances. Also, it's important to work on your self-confidence, as this is one of the most important qualities a girl needs to shine from the inside out.


Method 1 of 4: Creating an Attractive Look

Be a Hot Girl Step 1

Step 1. choose parts that make you feel charming.

When you feel good about what you're wearing, people are attracted to the confidence you convey. Take a look at the pieces in your wardrobe and try them on. Just stick with those clothes that make you feel fabulous. The same premise goes for shopping: just take home what makes you feel absolutely amazing.

Nobody needs to wear expensive or low-cut clothes to draw attention, the important thing is that you feel wonderful


the color red is known to be an enveloping and seductive hue. Other vibrant colors also fulfill this attention-grabbing role well.

Be a Hot Girl Step 2

Step 2. Leave some parts of the body exposed, but don't overdo it

Revealing some body parts with a nice cleavage, a cropped blouse or an above-the-knee skirt is sexy and leaves room for others' imagination. Very revealing pieces, on the other hand, can make people create a negative perception of you. To make the look daring, but without being vulgar, just choose a more low-cut or shorter piece.

An example is wearing a V-neck blouse combined with a knee-length pencil skirt, a short blouse with a long skirt, or a miniskirt with a more composed blouse

Be a Hot Girl Step 3

Step 3. Wear high heels to create a seductive silhouette

You don't need to wear high-heeled shoes all the time, but these types of shoes help give your look a boost. The heel changes the curvature of your spine, and it makes your butt and breasts naturally stand out. What's more, you'll feel so powerful as you walk, people will find you even more fascinating.

  • Shoes in the same skin tone help to elongate the silhouette, creating the impression of longer legs.
  • If you don't know how to walk in high heels, train at home to gradually get used to it.
Be a Hot Girl Step 4

Step 4. Show your best

You might think that the most engaging people are 100% perfect, but that's far from true, simply because no one is perfect. What they do is highlight their main characteristics, creating in others the impression that they are impeccable. Stand in front of the mirror and analyze what you like most about yourself. Start stressing your strengths instead of worrying about your flaws.

Are your eyes the attributes you like most about the face? So, dare your makeup to draw people's attention to them. Or, if you like your legs shapely, wear clothes that enhance them

Be a Hot Girl Step 5

Step 5. wear makeup to bring out the beauty of your face.

No one needs makeup to be attractive, but well-done makeup will undoubtedly help to accentuate anyone's natural beauty. Watch online tutorials to learn or improve some techniques.

  • Learn how to make a smoky eye, contour and lighten your face, or ways to make red lipstick last longer.
  • If you want to enhance your eyes, choose a more subtle tone for your lips. Likewise, to rock your red or burgundy lipstick, use more natural eye tones.
  • It's okay if you don't feel like wearing makeup or don't know how to apply it, you don't need it to be a charming girl. Taking on your natural beauty is enough to put all the spotlight on you.
Be a Hot Girl Step 6

Step 6. Choose a haircut that matches your face type

A dazzling hair will make you even more beautiful, and the secret to that is choosing the ideal cut, noting the shape of your face and the texture of the hair. Look for inspiration online or ask your hairdresser for a suggestion.

Don't forget to ask about the best way to care for your hair and strictly follow the tips


instead of trying to turn your hair into something it's not, let go of chemicals and take on your natural strands.

Be a Hot Girl Step 7

Step 7. Maintain good posture

Walking or sitting with a straight spine is a way to convey confidence and show elegance. Put your shoulders back, keep your head up and keep your eyes safe.

Avoid hunching your shoulders or staring at the ground when walking

Be a Hot Girl Step 8

Step 8. Attract eyes with your smile and your joy

An upbeat laugh is sure to make people look at you. And not only that: when you smile, your whole face lights up, and that in a natural magnetism that makes everyone want to get closer. Save no smiles for anyone and let the laughter run wild at a happy or amusing situation.

  • Smile in the mirror to practice some facial expressions.
  • Fun people are a magnet. Everyone will want to get closer to you when they see your contagious joy.

Method 2 of 4: Showing Your Personality

Be a Hot Girl Step 9

Step 1. Look people in the eye

Making eye contact creates an instant connection. When you're surrounded by people, look briefly into each person's eyes, then look away. During the conversation, try to hold your gaze longer to make the other feel valued.

  • Look away from time to time so as not to make the person feel embarrassed.
  • If you don't feel comfortable making eye contact, start staring at yourself in the mirror or experiment with someone in the family to practice.
Be a Hot Girl Step 10

Step 2. Adopt a positive attitude

The happier you are, and the better your optimism about life, the more people will want to be by your side. Try to create a positive perspective on everything, even when things aren't going so well. It may be difficult at first to assume this posture, but with time it will get easier.

  • Let's say you caught heavy rain on your way to work. Instead of victimizing yourself by saying that your day has started badly or that you are unlucky, how about thinking on the positive side of rain, as the benefits that water will bring to drought-stricken regions?
  • Everyone has a hard time. Don't torture yourself if you can't get out of the depressed vibe, but do your best to get back to thinking about good things.
Be a Hot Girl Step 11

Step 3. Chat

Being a sociable girl will make people see you as confident and attractive. At first, socializing may seem complicated, but all you need to do is reach out and exchange some nice words in casual chat.

  • With time, everything gets easier. Don't be intimidated if you can't do well at first.
  • Make conversations with trivial things, like "Is this your first time here?" or “Where do you know Matthew from?”.


during an event, if you stop to chat with a lot of people as you walk around the venue, people will see how popular and in demand you are.

Be a Hot Girl Step 12

Step 4. Share your passions

A passionate person is enthusiastic about talking about something they love, and that enthusiasm attracts the attention of others. What do you really love? It could be music, some sport, volunteer work, books or anything else. No matter what it is, the important thing is to show your excitement about the subject.

Say something like “The music runs through my veins and changes me. I'm currently dedicating myself to guitar lessons because I dream of performing for the public”

Be a Hot Girl Step 13

Step 5. Create an aura of mystery

Instead of revealing everything about yourself, be a little mysterious to pique people's curiosity. Provide just enough information to get them interested in learning more about you. Some details, however, do not need to be disclosed.

Let's assume that you like to write poetry and are in the habit of posting it on a blog. You can even say that you like writing a lot and that several things inspire you, but when asked about the situation that led you to create a certain poem, say something like “It's a personal matter” or “I don't like to share details of the my private life”

Be a Hot Girl Step 14

Step 6. Don't be afraid to show your intelligence

Everyone likes to be around smart, well-articulated people. Get a lot of information about the subjects that interest you through the news, newspapers and documentaries. During a conversation, share your opinion without fear.

You can talk about current affairs or about a specific topic

Method 3 of 4: Taking Care of Your Body and Looks

Be a Hot Girl Step 15

Step 1. Eat well

Don't worry about standard of beauty, because everyone, regardless of weight or body type, can cultivate a good look. Focus on good nutrition for strength, energy and healthy skin. Prefer fresh foods, lean proteins and complex carbohydrates, and avoid processed foods and sugar.

Don't go on crazy diets by restricting calories completely, because your body needs proper nutrition to stay healthy

Be a Hot Girl Step 16

Step 2. Exercise

Exercising your body for at least 30 minutes a day, five to seven days a week, is essential to maintaining a healthy routine. Choose your favorite activity to make the practice more enjoyable. Some suggestions:

  • Play a recreational sport;
  • Take a dance class;
  • Go hiking or walk around the block from your house;
  • Practice swimming;
  • Run with a friend or your dog.
Be a Hot Girl Step 17

Step 3. Sleep for seven to nine hours a night

Resting at night is crucial for waking up with energy and energy, as well as leaving your skin healthy and looking more relaxed. For a good night's sleep, sleep comfortably: turn on the air conditioning, if it's too hot, or the heater, during winter. Take your favorite pillow and blanket and find the most comfortable position. An hour or two before your bedtime do some pleasurable activity such as reading a book or taking a warm bath.

Try to sleep and wake up at the same time each day to maintain an organized routine

Did you know?

Teenagers need eight to ten hours of sleep a night to be able to fully rest.

Be a Hot Girl Step 18

Step 4. Take care of your skin

The most attractive girls are the ones with shiny skin. Wash your face twice a day with a soap appropriate for your skin type and use a facial moisturizer. Don't forget to apply a moisturizer all over your body too, as doing so will always keep your skin soft.

Shave your legs and underarms regularly to remove hair, but this step is not crucial to keeping your appearance good

Be a Hot Girl Step 19

Step 5. Keep your nails well groomed

Feet and hands must always be clean and nails trimmed. Get a manicure every one or two weeks or, if you prefer, do this care yourself at home.

Your nails don't need to be painted for you to feel beautiful, the important thing is that they are clean. After sawing them, apply a colorless base or a light enamel

Be a Hot Girl Step 20

Step 6. Take care of your teeth

If the smile is the calling card, for a girl to be even more beautiful, having a white, clean and healthy set of teeth is essential. Always brush your teeth and floss after meals or after eating any food. Visit the dentist regularly.

  • If your teeth are yellow, use whitening tapes, but be sure to consult a professional first. In the office, in addition to being more efficient, the whitening treatment is directly monitored by the dentist.
  • Orthodontic braces, whether traditional or invisible, can help you solve your dental problems. Don't worry if you can't afford this kind of treatment, a crooked tooth is sometimes a charm!

Method 4 of 4: Taking a Confident Posture

Be a Hot Girl Step 21

Step 1. Stop worrying about what people think of you

The only opinion that really matters is yours. Don't let anyone else dictate how you should act in certain situations or how you should feel about yourself. Focus your energy on what you love, and things will happen naturally.

Don't compare yourself to others, especially based on social networks. What girls show on Instagram doesn't always match reality, so it's unfair to want to compare your life to what you see on your mobile screen. The only acceptable comparison is between your present self and your past self

Be a Hot Girl Step 22

Step 2. Run for your goals

Being dynamic and always full of things to do makes you look even more interesting. Look at what makes you happy and what you want most in life to create a plan and make things happen. Be honest with people about your plans and goals in getting what you want.

Your goal is to be a doctor and you are also passionate about dogs? Start volunteering to help people in need or volunteer to help at an animal shelter

Be a Hot Girl Step 23

Step 3. Focus on your strengths

Everyone has weaknesses, but don't get carried away by them, try to show your best. Self-knowledge helps a person to recognize their greatest abilities, as well as the points that need to be worked on. It is through this observation and knowledge that you will have the confidence to be an increasingly self-assured girl.

Don't be afraid to show your qualities! Are you CDF? Does anyone feel better after a conversation? Are you a talented writer? Celebrate what you do good

Be a Hot Girl Step 24

Step 4. Make people come to you

When you beg someone's attention, you convey a less secure and attractive image. On the other hand, when people are chasing you, the image you convey is that you are a highly cool girl and that everyone wants to be around. If you're into someone, flirt fearlessly to make the guy aware of your interest, but don't run after him. The effort must be fifty-fifty.

If you flirt with a guy, for example, you can even take the first step and give him your phone number, but after that, let him take the initiative to call or text you


  • Showcase qualities, both yours and other people's. Don't put anyone down, and that includes you.
  • If you find that a certain style doesn't suit your personality, change without fear!

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