3 Ways to Be a Delicate Girl

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3 Ways to Be a Delicate Girl
3 Ways to Be a Delicate Girl

Being a petite girl can be a challenge, especially if you tend to be naturally more tomboyish. Perhaps you are wondering how to be more feminine and delicate, but without losing your essence. One of the ways to do this is to add women's clothing and accessories to your wardrobe. You can also act feminine by wearing makeup and maintaining good personal hygiene. Discover the latest trends in fashion and beauty and plan a girls' night out with your friends so you can have fun being delicate and feminine.


Method 1 of 3: Dressing in Women's Clothing

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Step 1. Adopt colors like pink, lilac and red

Choose clothes in shades of pink, purple and red. Light and light colors are considered feminine.

If you don't like pink very much, choose other colors like blue or pale yellow to look more feminine

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Step 2. Wear dresses and skirts

Look for waisted dresses to define your body. Use dresses and skirts in pencil or more fluid fabrics, for a more delicate look. Long skirts and dresses are also great options.

  • Compose the look of the dresses with structured pieces, such as a blazer or a leather jacket.
  • Wear long skirts with tighter blouses or a shirt for a very feminine look.
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Step 3. Buy pants that enhance your body

To be feminine and delicate, you don't just have to wear dresses and skirts. Invest in pants that add value to your waist and stretch your legs. Buy both tights and bellbottoms.

  • Avoid straight cut pants as they can look too masculine for a feminine look.
  • Look for pants in leather, velvet, linen and denim to create interesting and feminine looks.
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Step 4. Wear lace and velvet blouses

Lace and velvet are the most classic women's fabrics. Wear blouses that show your belly or have lace accents, plus sweaters and velvet shirts.

  • For a touch of femininity, look for pieces with velvet details or lace bows.
  • Blouses made with shiny fabrics, such as tulle and chiffon, are also great for a delicate look.
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Step 5. Try using heels

For a feminine look, invest in heels to lengthen your legs and look taller. Look for platform or internally supported heels so you don't feel uncomfortable.

  • If you're not in the habit of wearing heels, choose a low-heeled model first to get used to it.
  • Know that it is still possible to be feminine just by wearing sneakers. Sneakers with gemstone details, bows or prints can make the look more delicate.
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Step 6. Use a small or large wallet or purse

Choose a bag that is comfortable on your shoulder or in your hand. Invest in a more sophisticated wallet made from velvet, leather or corino. Use a large leather or cotton bag for a more relaxed and delicate look.

If you prefer to wear a backpack, choose one with feminine colors or details. Look for backpacks in pink, lilac, red or with gemstones, bows or floral prints

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Step 7. Wear jewelry and other accessories

You can wear minimalist pieces, such as a chain and a pendant or spot-of-light earrings, or you can wear large jewelry, such as a maxi necklace, large earrings or rings.

  • Try other accessories such as scarves. Look for scarves in light, feminine tones such as pink, blue or yellow.
  • Use other accessories such as berets and tiaras to create a delicate look. Preferably, choose the ones that have gemstones and ties.

Method 2 of 3: Creating a Delicate Look

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Step 1. Have fun with your makeup

Start with the basics like foundation, lip gloss and eyeshadow. Choose makeup according to your skin tone. Use only the amount you're comfortable with, because to be feminine and delicate you don't need to wear an absurd amount of makeup every day.

  • Watch online tutorials to learn how to apply makeup in different ways.
  • Ask friends for tips on how to use makeup.
  • Go to your local cosmetics store and try different foundations, after-tanning powders, blushes and eyeshadows. Ask the store's makeup artist to teach you how to apply makeup.
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Step 2. Pin your hair or braid it

Pin your hair in a high bun. Basically, you should make a small bun on top of your head, leaving a few loose strands along your face. Or, also, you can just put your hair in a ponytail on top of your head.

Braids are also a fun way to be more delicate. Make a recessed braid, a side braid, a herringbone braid, or a crown braid

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Step 3. Maintain good posture.

Sitting or standing, always keep your spine straight and your chin up. Throw your shoulders back and your chest forward. Avoid getting slouched or hunched over.

You can also try crossing your legs when sitting, or you can keep them together, especially if you're wearing a skirt or dress

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Step 4. Take care of your personal hygiene

Take care of your hair by washing and conditioning it regularly. Keep your nails manicured and paint them in the salon or at home. To always be scented, shower regularly and use a cologne or perfume with sweet or floral notes.

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Step 5. Take care of your face and hair

Do your eyebrows with a professional or at home. Remove the hairs on your upper lip at home or go to a hair removal studio.

  • You can also shave your legs and underarms. To shave at home, use a razor or sheets of warm wax.
  • If you are afraid to shave yourself, look for a beautician.

Method 3 of 3: Doing Girl Stuff

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Step 1. Update on the latest fashion and beauty trends

Read fashion magazines, websites and receive e-newsletters to find out about what's in fashion. Talk to your friends about what they're wearing and look for outfit ideas online. Follow role models and influencers on social media to learn more about beauty trends.

Being in touch with fashion and beauty trends can also help you to create your feminine look in a more modern way. Femininity and what is considered “feminine” in fashion continue to evolve and change, so be always up to date on trends

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Step 2. Follow blogs and magazines written by women

Search online for content created by women and for women. Follow the most popular online publications aimed at women. Subscribe to women's magazines. Learn about important topics and see how women are expressing themselves about politics, fashion, beauty and the arts.

Ask your friends what they are currently reading or following. See which publications your favorite celebrities like

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Step 3. Go shopping with your friends

Going to the mall or a local store to buy clothes can be fun. Invite your friends so you can enjoy the day together. Shopping is a great way to go out and have fun with friends.

Going shopping doesn't mean spending a lot of money or having a lot of money on hand. Try on the pieces, ask your friends for their opinion and look at the shop windows, so you'll enjoy the day together

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Step 4. Make it a girls' night out

Invite your closest friends to dinner or drinks at a restaurant or bar. Go out dancing at the coolest club of the moment or watch a band perform. See if there's a movie playing with a big female cast.

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