3 Ways to Know If You Are an Empath

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3 Ways to Know If You Are an Empath
3 Ways to Know If You Are an Empath

If you've searched this page - and have been looking at the subject for some time - chances are you're an empath and know that this article describes you. Empaths actually pick up on others' feelings, health, concerns, and most often have a second, third, or other psychic abilities such as telepathy. Read below and determine your potential as an empath. If half the examples seem to describe you, you're probably an empath. The same is true if you identify with a considerable part of the examples…


Method 1 of 3: Finding Signs You're an Empath

Know if You Are an Empath Step 1

Step 1. You read people's feelings effortlessly

Empaths know what a person is feeling, regardless of their physical expression.

The person may be smiling, but you know they are very anxious or depressed

Know if You Are an Empath Step 2

Step 2. People ask you for advice

Empaths often attract people for help. You, in turn, tend to help.

Unknown people can open up to you even at random times, such as in line at the supermarket

Know if You Are an Empath Step 3

Step 3. You want time alone

Empaths need time alone constantly.

This is not just a preference, but a necessity. You want to avoid being overwhelmed by others' emotional information

Know if You Are an Empath Step 4

Step 4. You know what to say, even if you haven't studied it very hard

Empaths have this trait since childhood.

Many people close to you often perceive that a child is an empath because of the way he or she acts. Sometimes at school you didn't have to study to get good grades on your exams

Know if You Are an Empath Step 5

Step 5. You feel strong emotional impacts everywhere

Empaths feel emotions as they walk down the street and pass complete strangers.

  • Do you know precisely when someone is in crisis, whether because of health or emotions?
  • If the answer is "yes", do you have a sense of what's wrong?
Know if You Are an Empath Step 6

Step 6. You feel you understand what animals want to express

Empaths absorb signals from people and animals, often equally.

  • Have you ever felt that a dog or cat was depressed? Happy? Nervous?
  • Can you help calm or relieve depression in a pet, even if it belongs to someone else?
Know if You Are an Empath Step 7

Step 7. Do you wake up startled by sudden and intense feelings, knowing they are not yours?

Know if You Are an Empath Step 8

Step 8. Do you feel emotional "ripples" in the world?

If there is a catastrophe that provokes a strong emotional response from masses of people, can you feel it? Candles?

Know if You Are an Empath Step 9

Step 9. You know who is calling without being near the phone or cell phone

Empaths can sense that someone is coming.

You can even tell others who is calling them and not think this is unusual

Method 2 of 3: Finding Ways to Survive and Thrive

Know if You Are an Empath Step 10

Step 1. Spend time outdoors, with plants, sun or moonlight

Does it get you energized and calm?

Know if You Are an Empath Step 11

Step 2. Avoid large groups of people when necessary

Empaths often sense a lot of emotional information everywhere. This burdens them.

Know if You Are an Empath Step 12

Step 3. Avoid watching television, especially news, as it is distracting rather than informative

You may even feel resentful of broadcasters, who seem to have no emotional ties to what's going on in our world

Know if You Are an Empath Step 13

Step 4. Beware of an empath's tendency to a vicious personality

Empaths often crave substances and routines.

  • While any compulsive behavior will work, empaths will often use mind-altering substances.
  • They can diminish your capacity for natural empathy.
  • Not all empaths like to be an empath. All empaths have times when they wish they didn't have this ability. Being like that makes parts of life more difficult. Drugs or alcohol can, for a time, help to minimize the deep thoughts and feelings of others.
Know if You Are an Empath Step 14

Step 5. Don't deny being different

The truth that sets you apart from others won't always feel like a gift. At times it may seem like a prison or a curse, but it is a gift.

Method 3 of 3: Using Draw Ability for Good

Know if You Are an Empath Step 15

Step 1. Avoid danger or let others know when you feel hostility

Hostility is a large, unmistakable emotional mass for an empath.

  • If you've felt this particular set of vibrations and saw that it means hostility or danger, it can be avoided or bypassed quite easily.
  • Even if others don't know you're an empath, in most groups it's easy to suggest taking one road or path in place of another, thus avoiding the threat.
Know if You Are an Empath Step 16

Step 2. Always knowing whether someone is telling the truth or not saves time and energy

This knowledge eliminates confusion and frustration in many aspects of life.

Know if You Are an Empath Step 17

Step 3. Empaths are good guardians of the Earth

Most empaths are intimately connected to the land and all living things.

Know if You Are an Empath Step 18

Step 4. Empathy, along with certain professional skills, can help many people

Empathy builds trust, helping your relationship with clients and co-workers.


  • Don't deny being different. The truth that sets you apart from others won't always seem like a gift.
  • Don't avoid being who and what you are. If you do, you'll just "charge up" and almost always feel "out of order," anxious, and overwhelmed.
  • If possible, find a spiritual or empath friend who can provide you with some feedback or advice. Being accepted and understood by someone helps you build your empath self.
  • Recharge your energy through meditation, spending time in nature, swimming or walking, being with animals, etc.
  • Read, read, read. There's a lot to learn from other empaths, their writing, sharing, etc.
  • Stay away from "emotional vampires". These are extremely emotionally needy people, even at the best of times. They will seek you out and drain you. It is extremely important to sever your ties with them.
  • Respect your gift, but use it only when you feel it's right to use it. You will know how to use it intuitively.
  • Being an empath can be very draining, especially when you don't know why you feel so different from others. Yet this is also a gift, as you help people and the world around you.
  • Empaths can often see other empaths in a group of people. Coffee bistros, New Age shops and outdoor places not frequented by most are good places to find another empath.


  • If you "slip" and accidentally say something out loud that wasn't appropriate, let it go. Just tell others that you have a knack for seeing things in people and don't think too much about it.
  • Remember not to take on everyone else's problems, even if you're tempted to do so.
  • If you feel the absolute need for peace and quiet, or being alone, or hugging a tree, trust your instincts. They will help you as well as help others.
  • The more skills you have to take care of yourself and your gift, the more people you'll be able to help with.
  • Don't feel isolated. Look for the company of people who understand you.
  • Empaths may have problems with drugs and alcohol because of the weight their abilities place on their lives. Get help quickly and devise other strategies to tackle your skills.

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