How to Be a Real Girl: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Be a Real Girl: 11 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Be a Real Girl: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

Would you like to be a respectable girl? Read below how to be one in just a few steps. You can do them no matter where you come from or what school you go to.


Step 1. Take care of what you have

There is no reason to be distressed by the fact that she is not a little taller or that she has green eyes instead of the blue ones she wanted. You need to work with what you have.

  • Washing once a day is essential. Your face needs to be washed and moisturized once in the morning and then again at night before bed. Bathe frequently and remember to shave your legs and armpits. Prepare a washcloth, a body towel, and a floor towel. Make sure you arrange the towel on the floor, keep the other one close by, and leave the washcloth in the shower, taking all three when you're done.

    Get Rid of Acne Using Mint Leaves Step 10
  • Your nails must be well done. You cannot bite or have peeled nails.

    Create a Marble Nail Effect Using Water Step 1
  • Your hair must be neat and healthy; you shouldn't paint it weird colors. If you decide to do this, never let the roots show their natural color. Whatever your style, it has to be neat, clean, and appropriate for the occasion (eg, tying your hair in a garter for going to the gym is more comfortable, but an updo would be more appropriate for something formal). You don't need to curl or brush your hair, but if you want, you can. It's important to wash it regularly or it will get oily, which is not good!

    Straighten Your Hair With Volume Intro
  • Makeup should look natural on a daily basis. A moisturizer based looks great if you have fair skin. A clear mineral powder foundation is recommended if your skin is full of blemishes. A concealer in your skin color will help hide unsightly blemishes, but don't fall into the "the more the better" trap, because that's not true; looking like a clown doesn't come close to being a respectable girl. Heavy eye makeup should only be used at night events, in this case, combined with red lipstick or other bright colors. However, you should not wear red lipstick with heavy makeup; need to choose one or the other.

    Apply Concealer Step 9
  • Choose your perfume carefully; a refined and light essence should be used in everyday life and something stronger for going out at night, but remember never to use something that doesn't give you confidence to go out.

    Be a Proper Young Lady Step 1Bullet5
  • Eyebrows are very expressive, along with your face, and should be well made. However, taking too much is not necessary or recommended. Your teeth are also very important and often overlooked; be sure to brush and floss them at least twice a day. Using mouthwash is very effective too.

    Give Yourself a Full Face Make Over Step 21
  • If you have sensitive skin, you should use sunscreen to keep it looking beautiful. Tanning is not only bad, it is also ugly when it starts to peel.

    Give Yourself a Full Face Make Over Step 14
  • For those who have dark skin and tan easily, be careful: those dull bikini marks are as bad as sunburn and should be avoided.
Appear Thinner Without Losing Weight Step 5

Step 2. Choose clothes that look good on you

They can be of different colors, textures or brands, as long as they look stunning on you. Wear appropriate clothing for the occasion. Don't wear anything that isn't clean or tidy, doesn't match what you're wearing, or is excessively studded. When shopping for clothes, look for quality. You need to have your own style. Don't wear clothes because they are popular or to fit into a social context.

Step 3. Remember that knowledge is power

A respectable young woman has to read a lot. Jane Austen, George Orwell, Shakespeare, Brontë, Dickens, Oscar Wilde, Henry James, Virginia Woolf, and Machado de Assis are all great examples of what to read. Some classics are pretty boring, but you should read them. There are websites with texts about these books, so even if you don't understand them now, eventually you will.

  • Try to read at least two different newspapers a day; knowing what is happening in the world around you from various points of view is critical.

    Develop Poise Step 3
  • Acquire a great musical and artistic knowledge, especially musical. Don't just limit yourself to what your local radio plays. Be adventurous and look around. Listen to classical and renaissance music as they are both historically and culturally rich.

    Span Large Intervals on a Piano Step 3
  • If you are still in school, remember that studies are very important. Study what you like and what you're good at as much as possible, but always do your best in all subjects and try to be interested in them. Above all, don't pretend to know something you don't know. The truth will appear in the most embarrassing way possible.

    Reach Your Dreams Step 4
Improve Self Confidence Step 2

Step 4. Keep to your principles

You must have a code of conduct that you follow at all times. Don't stay out late, don't stick your foot in the jackfruit and always be polite.

Span Large Intervals on a Piano Intro

Step 5. Have a hobby, such as a sport or an instrument

This will help you become a more interesting and talented person. Having a passion is very attractive to others. This shows that you are not lazy, that you strive to improve, and that you are diligent.

Be a Proper Young Lady Step 6

Step 6. Help young children and the elderly

The benefits of your help, not only from a personal perspective, are very uplifting and also help to develop compassion for all kinds of people. Volunteer work helps to understand others, acquire skills and make a difference.

Smile Like You Mean It Step 2

Step 7. Pay attention to what you say

Try to pronounce vowels and consonants; don't speak slang or bad words. Try to avoid using abbreviated words whose meaning you don't know. Stop and think for half a second about what you're going to say, and don't speak too quickly or too slowly.

Deal With a Hard Life Step 2

Step 8. Be polite

Your socializing skills are vitally important to becoming a charming, respectable girl. Greet people with a smile, a firm (confident) handshake, or a kiss, if the situation is appropriate. If you bump into someone, apologize, and if someone bumps into you, accept their apology. Keep in touch with people, confirm your presence at events in advance, reply to letters and emails received if necessary. Don't date just for dating and don't show off your exploits for all to see. Don't lower your level for the sake of others. Be yourself. Ask people how they are doing and let them talk a little about them. People love to talk about themselves. Listen to what others say, even if you're not interested at all. You're going to have to learn to pay attention. Learning to conduct a conversation is very important, but once you get it right, you'll save yourself from a lot of boring/strange conversations. "Please" and "Thank you" are very important and increasingly forgotten in this world. Stay away from conversations about politics, religion and money, and you'll be fine.

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Step 9. Be healthy

Being healthy will give you a glow that beauty products can't. You should sleep at least 8 hours a night or more if possible. Exercise, eat healthy and eat fruits and vegetables every day. Drink lots of water as this works wonders for your skin. Don't smoke, because that's neither sexy nor beautiful; it's sick, an ugly habit. Don't drink excessively. Stay away from alcoholic beverages or drinks. Do check-ups to make absolutely sure you are as healthy as possible.

Not to Be Shy at a New School Step 4

Step 10. Respect yourself so that others respect you

Not to Be Shy at a New School Step 3

Step 11. Don't be afraid to say nice things to people

You never know what they'll say back.


  • Never stop studying/growing.
  • Help the family.
  • Be organized.
  • Listen carefully.
  • Don't use profanity.
  • Never stop loving yourself.
  • Listen carefully before speaking.
  • Value the opinion of others.
  • Respect your elders.
  • Speak correctly.
  • Close your legs and cover your cleavage, otherwise you'll look vulgar.
  • Speak clearly and correctly.
  • Follow the rules.
  • Never date without your parents' permission.

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