How to Fight Like Batman (with Pictures)

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How to Fight Like Batman (with Pictures)
How to Fight Like Batman (with Pictures)

Despite being a fictional character, Bruce Wayne has spent years training and spent countless sums of money in his quest to master the martial arts. Listing all of the Dark Knight's capabilities would be exhausting; some comics claim that he has mastered every possible fighting style on the planet and that he can immobilize a person in 463 ways without killing him. To start imitating the Hooded Crusader fighting style, you'll need at least some proficiency in boxing, judo, and karate.


Part 1 of 4: Achieving the Dark Knight Mindset

Fight Like Batman Step 1

Step 1. Exercise willpower

Bruce Wayne exhibits almost inhuman levels of self-control and physical mastery through the overcomings he goes through in the comic book universe. During his training in the Himalayas, he meditated in the cold half-naked and controlled his body to the point of melting the ice on which he was sitting. Some exercises that can be used in willpower training:

  • Meditate.
  • Set and conquer deadlines.
  • Resist self-imposed temptations.
  • Develop to-do lists and complete them.
Fight Like Batman Step 2

Step 2. Develop strategic thinking

One of Batman's greatest combat skills is outsmarting his opponents. This is very noticeable in the battle against Richard Dragon, a martial artist with a physical level close to Batman and who was defeated effortlessly. To expand your strategic skills:

  • Play chess.
  • Play Go.
  • Study the great generals of humanity.
  • Participate in team sports.
  • Play board games.
  • Play Real Time Strategy games (known by the acronym in English RTS).
Fight Like Batman Step 3

Step 3. Study tactics

Strategy is the general plan, but tactics are the particular measures used in combat. The Bat exhibits a complete mastery of tactics in his career as a crime fighter. To train tactical skills:

  • Play chess.
  • Take a tactical response course.
  • Take part in a team sport.
  • Play paintball.
Fight Like Batman Step 4

Step 4. Be prepared for emergencies

Batman prepares for all possibilities and therefore is hardly surpassed. This is illustrated very clearly by the kryptonite he carries with him in case Superman turns against humanity.

Develop an emergency plan by thinking of all possible outcomes for a conflict. Think carefully about location, opponent, tools, and environmental factors. Plan now how you will use these items in your favor or how you will fight them when used against you

Fight Like Batman Step 5

Step 5. Master pain control by gaining maximum control over your body and mind

Even with Bane's spine broken, Batman was able to overcome the pain and train to restore his physical abilities. To master the pain:

  • Start with something that makes you comfortable, but don't go too far out of your comfort zone or do anything that might hurt you; the idea is to increase pain tolerance through exposure.
  • Increase your workout intensity over time to increase your tolerance.
  • Think of discomfort as a way to achieve your goals! Laugh in pain.
Fight Like Batman Step 6

Step 6. Be Stubborn

Batman became one of the greatest, if not the greatest, martial artist in the DC Comics comic book through the blind will power by which he achieved his goals. He does what he has to, within his code of honor, of course; to be like him, you have to do the same. For such:

  • Meditate and evaluate your goals often.
  • Develop and maintain a training regimen.
  • Test your skills against renowned masters and experts.
Fight Like Batman Step 7

Step 7. Stick to your code

Batman does not kill or use weapons because he has a firm personal code of ethics. A personal code of ethics is strictly yours: think about the principles that matter to you and identify the line between right and wrong to work as a guide to the formation of your code.

Part 2 of 4: Specializing in boxing

Fight Like Batman Step 8

Step 1. Strengthen reflexes

To move with Batman's speed and fight enemies with his violence, you need extremely agile reflexes. Use speed bag punching bags, reaction time training balls and ropes.

Fight Like Batman Step 9

Step 2. Learn to punch

There are four main types of punch in boxing: jab, cross, hook and uppercut. Believe me, Batman has mastered all the techniques below:

  • Jab: executed when you are weak with the dominant hand. The idea is to keep the opponent at bay. Twist the arm and wrist quickly before hitting the opponent.
  • Cross: A strike that uses the strongest hand with a slightly angled movement that moves through the body.
  • Hook: A side strike aimed at the body or head. Use it along with some combinations, but be on the lookout for counterattacks.
  • Uppercut: A straight hook to the opponent's head. Very effective in close attacks.
Fight Like Batman Step 10

Step 3. Work on moving your legs

Dexterity in your legs determines the ease with which you can dodge or attack, and is a decisive factor in balance. Bad balance can let your guard down and result in defeat. Batman would never allow that, right? Some tips:

  • Keep moving throughout the fight.
  • Never pass one leg in front of the other.
  • Put your weight on your toes and be ready to move.
Fight Like Batman Step 11

Step 4. Learn to block blows and absorb punches

Even the best of martial artists will take a punch from time to time. When facing an opponent who is too fast or too skilled, you should:

  • Block blows with limbs.
  • Stop the blow with a short, quick attack.
  • Tense your muscles before catching.
  • Keep your position.
  • Move with the movement of the blow.

Part 3 of 4: Knowing the Basics of Karate

Fight Like Batman Step 12

Step 1. Practice the basic poses

Bruce Wayne learned to fight karate from a master of the art in Korea, who made sure he knew all the basic poses well. To fight like the Dark Knight, master:

  • Natural position (shizentai-dachi;自然体立ち): Place one foot forward and angle the back foot 45°. The feet must be a reasonable distance apart to be able to walk.
  • Front position (zenkutsu-dachi;前屈立ち): Keep your feet at 45° angles to the approach line, keeping them at a reasonable distance so that you can walk.
Fight Like Batman Step 13

Step 2. Develop balance and physical coordination

Batman developed precise movement during training. Spend time training each of the learned positions considering their weaknesses and the body's center of gravity to improve balance.

Fight Like Batman Step 14

Step 3. Familiarize yourself with the basics

You have to reach maximum proficiency before saying you've reached Batman's level. To start training:

  • Straight punch: Take your back foot towards your opponent, rotating your hips and shoulders in the movement. Aim at a point beyond the opponent, punching through the space occupied by the opponent to hit him harder.
  • Open palm strike: bring the fingers together and keep them straight or slightly curved. Boost yourself with your back foot, aim past your opponent, and smack them across the space occupied by them with your palm.
Fight Like Batman Step 15

Step 4. Study karate philosophy

In his martial arts training, Batman also learned several philosophies, including Tao, energy manipulation, and the use of shadows to perform a sneak attack. To master karate, you need to know all the fighting principles, which include:

  • The balance between harmony and physiology. It is believed that harmony between heart, body and mind leads to overall control of the organism.
  • The refinement of the spirit, achieved through physical training. By exercising your mind and body to achieve martial excellence, you will strengthen your willpower and understand its limitations.
  • Respect and courtesy. Each match starts and ends with a respectful salute to the opponent. The term reigi (礼儀), in Japanese, is said to promote harmony and humility.

Part 4 of 4: Understanding Judo Principles

Fight Like Batman Step 16

Step 1. Buy a judogi

Appropriate attire for judo practice is essential for training and was used a lot by Batman in the comics. After putting on your judogi, you will be ready.

Fight Like Batman Step 17

Step 2. Learn to fall correctly

Judo throws can be brutal. The ability to face many opponents for extended periods, even after taking considerable damage, is proof that Batman is a master at this. There are several techniques that can be used to control the pain of being thrown, but the principle is:

Don't fight the opponent's strength. Move with it and allow the force to expand into the rolling motion. Relax your body and exhale as you reach the balance change point, when you can no longer resist and the throw is in progress

Fight Like Batman Step 18

Step 3. Practice the movements on the floor

Many judo matches are decided on the mat with strikes and techniques quite common to Batman such as choke and leg locks. Study with a suitable teacher at a qualified training center. Improper technique can cause injury.

Fight Like Batman Step 19

Step 4. Exercise the throws

Batman is an expert in throwing, after all, he is a professional judo fighter. Throws are dangerous when performed improperly, so practice them under the supervision of a professional. To perform the one-arm throw (ippon seoi nage; 一本 背負投):

  • Wait for the opponent to grab you from the front of the judogi.
  • Cover his hand with yours and keep it in place.
  • Place your free hand under your opponent's arm and hook it in his armpit.
  • Twist your body in the opposite direction while holding your opponent's hand.
  • Bend your knees slightly, but keep your balance.
  • Use your back as the central point of balance and bend your body forward, lifting your opponent with your arm under his armpit.
  • Lift the opponent onto his back and throw him.


  • Batman uses a defensive fighting style called Keysi, in which he blocks blows with the back of his arms and counterattacks with his elbows, forearms, and forehead. This is not recommended for those who don't have strong armor.
  • Batman has been trained in several martial arts, but relies heavily on the Keysi style, a synthesis of everything he's learned. The style is considered brutal, as is Krav Maga.
  • Batman often turns the environment into a weapon. Throwing an enemy's head against a surface is a guarantee that he will not rise.


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