How to Dress Like Jade West: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Dress Like Jade West: 10 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Dress Like Jade West: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

If you love the style of Jade West on the show Brilhante Victoria, maybe you came to this article wanting to learn how to create a unique look like hers, combining textures and fabrics. With a few specific pieces of clothing and a keen eye for fashion, it's possible to combine Jade's style with your own look. Come on?


Part 1 of 3: Creating your wardrobe

Dress Like Jade West Step 1

Step 1. Do an internet search

Look for images of the clothes used by Jade West on blogs, social networks and search engines. The character dresses simply, but with a very specific style, more focused on dark tones, combining femininity and the gothic side.

  • Notice how Jade combines a pair of worn jeans with a plaid shirt. Mixing the two styles with solid colors helps keep the focus on details: the blouse's large squares keep the look from being too flashy, while making the outfit look more fun. By keeping the shirt open, she also acquires a casual, youthful style. A black tank top underneath helps take the serious look out of the shirt.
  • Analyze how she uses the accessories. Jade usually chooses accessories with basic colors and applies the same shades to other items, such as belts, shoes and jewelry. To complete the look, it also maintains a similar tone to the nails. The accessories are visibly the final touch on the outfit and are carefully chosen. It should be noted that when it comes to matching accessories, less is more. If you're going to wear a big, flashy ring, choose a more disguised necklace.
  • Think carefully about possible inspirations for Jade's style. She often wears appliques, rivets and heavy boots, which clearly demonstrates an inspiration from the punk scene and motorcycle clubs.
Dress Like Jade West Step 2

Step 2. Stick to dark colors and cool tones in versatile pieces

When choosing the main pieces of your wardrobe, look for trendy items that can be adapted. When working on a tight budget, it's good to choose items that can be used in a variety of ways.

  • Skinny jeans with a few tears can be used as the focal point for a variety of outfits. Choose a dark model to be able to combine it with several other pieces.
  • Jade usually wears several leggings. A soft and comfortable model can be used and combined with many other pieces.
  • A tutu skirt with a few layers of tulle, worn over the leggings, can be a nice variation on the Jade West style.
  • Cotton shirts are a good option to add variety to your wardrobe without spending too much. Fill your drawers with dark, unpatterned T-shirts in colors like green, navy and gray, neutral tones that can be combined with any color.
Dress Like Jade West Step 3

Step 3. Buy some military-style boots

Jade West loves a combat look and, whenever possible, avoids fringes and bows, giving preference to military and motorcycle boots.

  • Search military goods stores to find the widest possible variety of boots. Give preference to models with a rounded toe and long shoelaces.
  • If you prefer something simpler and more feminine, look for high boots. Choose models with buckles and rivets to add dimension to the look, as well as a more personalized styling. Obviously, be careful not to overdo it and draw too much attention.
Dress Like Jade West Step 4

Step 4. Choose simple accessories

Since Jade always wears accessories, it's good to look for items that are versatile and can be easily combined. Give preference to silver and gold, as they go with everything.

  • In some episodes, Jade mixes several necklaces in metallic tones without drawing too much attention to them. A long necklace can be combined with shorter and tighter ones around the neck. Go all out and choose geometric pendants, stones and feathers!
  • Look for a few different bracelets. Jade tends to wear several bracelets at the same time. It's a good idea to buy a bundle of several slim models to combine them.
  • Wear simple earrings. Jade usually wears black and gray earrings, but you can go further by also using models with pearls and glasses. Big, baggy earrings can be cute, but they're also heavy: let your ears adjust to the weight with lighter models at first.
  • If you don't have pierced ears, try some pressure earrings. Another option, even less aggressive, are adhesive earrings.
  • Wear flashy rings. Look for models with large, dark stones or combine several thin rings on the same finger. Try out several different models to create a unique look.

Part 2 of 3: Matching patterns

Dress Like Jade West Step 5

Step 1. Put together a casual look with jeans and basic everyday t-shirts

You don't need to assemble yourself too much in everyday life, so go for basics. For an extra touch, wear a plaid shirt over the shirt and finish the look by putting the pants inside your boot.

  • In the absence of a shirt, change the basic shirt for a patterned one. Another option would be to wear a long top or a long sweater. If you think this stretches your torso too much, put on a thin belt.
  • Highlight the accessories. When going for a more casual look, pay more attention to accessories, matching necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, etc.
  • In colder times of the year, also use a scarf or scarf with dark tones.
Dress Like Jade West Step 6

Step 2. Go deep into the gothic look

Jade is not afraid to wear skirts over leggings: combine a solid colored skirt with colored leggings or vice versa. Finish the outfit with a neutral blouse.

  • When combining pants with a skirt, it is important not to overdo the accessories and opt for neutral colors on the upper body so as not to draw too much attention.
  • There's nothing cheesy about mixing skirts and boots! If it's comfortable, use it!
  • Remember to keep classy. Have you ever seen Jade with absurd cleavage or her belly out?
  • For a slightly modified look, tuck the shirt inside the skirt.
Dress Metal (Girls) Step 5

Step 3. Match a dress with an open shirt

Even when wearing spaghetti strap dresses, Jade usually covers her shoulders with a shirt. Try a few combinations at home and see if you can find something comfortable and stylish to wear. If the shirt doesn't match the dress, try on a sweater.

Another option to replace the shirt is a leather jacket. Military boots and a rivet jacket can help give that Jade that signature punk rock look

Part 3 of 3: Fixing hair and makeup

Dress Like Jade West Step 7

Step 1. Add some temporary hair color

So that you don't have to fight with your parents for wanting to dye your hair, you can try some tic tac appliqués, available in different colors and that can be put on and removed without difficulty. It's a great way to change your style without damaging your hair with chemical treatments. If you don't find an appliqué the desired length, cut it.

  • Try adding color near the face. Jade usually used appliqués on the contour of the face. If you feel this draws too much attention, start with appliqués on the back.
  • Be careful when using a flat iron or curling iron on the appliqués. Because they are cheap, they are usually synthetic and melt on heat.
Make Eyes Look Bigger Step 10

Step 2. Wear simple eye makeup

Jade's neutral yet eye-catching look matches any eye color. Obviously, be careful not to overdo the dark makeup, or you'll look like a panda. Don't be discouraged if you need to try it several times, as makeup has a lot to do with experimentation.

  • Apply a neutral eyeshadow all over the upper eyelid. Jade usually uses shades on the skin tone.
  • Try a thick eyeliner pencil. Use a pencil with a not too sharp point to outline the eye with a smooth line; in the beginning, it may be easier to use the pencil as you can and fix errors with a cotton swab. Apply a thin line to the lower eyelid and blend with the cotton swab.
  • When applying mascara, rotate the brush away from the face while moving it horizontally to cover the lashes well, leaving them with a natural look. If the hairs stick together, separate them with a cotton swab.
Get Pouty Lips Step 9

Step 3. Give your lips a soft color

Jade's style goes well with neutral and rosy lips. As regular lipsticks can be difficult to use, try colored lip balms and glitter. The protectors will leave the lips with a slightly matte look, with a touch of color added to its natural tone. The lip gloss, on the other hand, will make the boot quite eye-catching.

  • If you want to experiment with making your lips red like Jade, do some tests to see how the look matches your skin tone. Try a few different lipstick shades to see what works best for you.
  • To avoid staining your teeth with lipstick, pout and "kiss" a finger. Remove your finger from your mouth, keeping the shape of your lips. Then kiss a piece of paper towel. The finger will remove the lipstick from the inside of the lips, while the paper will remove excess lipstick, preventing it from staining the teeth.


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