How to Act Like a Korean Idol: 4 Steps

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How to Act Like a Korean Idol: 4 Steps
How to Act Like a Korean Idol: 4 Steps

Do you love Korean artists? Increasingly popular around the world, their lifestyle and actions make many people identify. Some characteristics of Korean Idols, as they are called in Brazil, can be cultivated or reinforced in their personality. Just don't stop being yourself!


Be a Kpop Trainee Step 2

Step 1. Keep in good shape

eat well, consult a nutritionist to improve your health, and always get ready. Don't forget to drink plenty of water and keep your spine straight.

Doing some exercises will also help you get in good shape

Be a Kpop Trainee Step 6

Step 2. Understand the style

Your clothing style is a big step towards acting like a K-idol. When they're not in MVs or at awards shows, artists tend to walk down the street in comfortable but very pretty clothes.

  • For girls, wearing short shorts and a blouse without showing the shoulders is a good idea. Korean women don't like to show their shoulders too much. It's a good idea to always wear a pair of sneakers. For boys to wear clothes considered Swag or "Tumblr" are very good).
  • There are also girls who like to be "Swag" and cool: wear black leggings, a black blouse, white or black sneakers and a white or black cap with rings on the brim and a Korean mask as accessories..
Make Your Face Like Korean Girls Step 7

Step 3. Take good care of your skin and hair

Koreans are very fond of taking care of their skin and hair. Keep your hair well hydrated and use different hairstyles. Try to keep the skin with as few imperfections as possible. Koreans, even with skin without imperfections, love to use more natural makeup, such as a small smoky outline at the tip. Most of them don't wear henna eyebrows. They use a pencil to make it look very natural.

Make Your Face Like Korean Girls Step 20

Step 4. Be yourself

Be an original person with your best features. To look like an Idol, you must have a lot of respect for people and be a little more reserved. Some small attitudes convey this feeling of reserve:

  • Laughing with your hand over your mouth;
  • Being ashamed of any question;
  • Speak softly and without voice oscillations;
  • Always keep your spine straight and walk with short but agile steps;
  • Always respect people.

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