How to Start a Group of Friends: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Start a Group of Friends: 10 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Start a Group of Friends: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

Imagine: you and your friends are walking down the halls of the school and everyone is staring at you; people want to see what the latest trends are (in you). At lunch, they stop to say hello and compliment you on your beautiful clothes. Do you want to have this glamorous life? Do not worry! Read this article and find out how to reach it.


Method 1 of 2: Appearance

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Step 1. Make your hair and face as beautiful as possible

  • Start with hair. Shampoo and condition it every other day. Using these products daily dries out the hair, leaving it frizzy. Use special items for your type of yarn: wavy, smooth, curly, dry, dyed, etc. Also use products that give hair shine, anti-frizz items, hairspray and the like. Attention: if your hair is shiny because it's oily (a different situation), wash it.
  • Your yarn needs to look beautiful every day. Try which products work best on your face and for your style. You might like sports, which calls for wearing a ponytail. But let's face it; to wear a hairstyle like this daily? Not! Try to make your group of friends have the same style as you to be even more popular. Also, if you have curly strands, straighten them from time to time (and vice versa, of course)! However, don't get used to using too many tools that damage your wires. Curl or "crumple" your hair! It will look beautiful and give you an attractive look if it works. If you're having trouble finding a hairstyle, look for videos on YouTube.
  • Use cute accessories to make your group even more attractive. Make sure the colors match your clothes, even if they have some differences. Your goal is to look pretty and well dressed, but without that "My mother chose my clothes and accessories" look. Never do that.

Step 2. The next stop is the face

Pimples are part of adolescence. Don't scratch them, squeeze them or anything like that… It will only make them redder! Wash your face every day and, if necessary, use the appropriate moisturizers and creams. Only you know what your skin needs; take care of her! To disguise pimples, find a foundation that is the same shade as your skin and rub it over your face. Red faces are not attractive! If you have a particularly nasty pimple and the only thing you can do is squeeze it, do it in a Friday. That way, your face will recover over the weekend. There are also products that fight this condition. Research more about them and ask adults to help buy them.

  • Make up. Never overdo. Make it natural, like you're not wearing anything on your face. A discreet lipstick, foundation, concealer, blush, eyeshadow and mascara are enough. Avoid getting your hand wrong in this process. Stay away from the "clown" look! Choose natural shades for your lips and mix the blush well on your cheekbones. Small, well-defined red circles are ridiculous. If your parents won't allow you to wear makeup, that's fine. The goal is to stay natural.
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Step 3. Take care of your body

You should always have a nice smell. Bathe daily and use a good soap. Also use lotions and creams. Put on some perfume. Or avoid having any specific smells.

You must have a "toned" body. Do movement activities! From running with friends every day to dancing or participating in competitive sports, you'll be burning a lot of calories and improving your physique. Work out every day for at least half an hour! Not only will you get fit, but you'll also feel confident and happy

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Step 4. Wear nice clothes every day

It can be helpful to use your week rule: don't wear the same garment at intervals shorter than two weeks. If you go to school and have to wear a uniform, customize your look by adding an accessory or jewelry. Don't be afraid to shop at lesser-known stores. If you find something attractive, consider purchasing it. People will admire your unique style. When they ask how you managed to have such a cool wardrobe, don't tell your secret. Say "I don't remember" or "In a store near an aunt's house." If you have to reveal something, be vague. You don't want everyone to copy your excellent style, do you?

Always be aware of trends. People will start to notice your style and will see in you a reference of attractive pieces. Read fashion magazines. The same goes for accessories. Always add items to all your clothes: wallets, jewelry, hats, scarves, belts, etc. However, don't overdo it! The same goes for shoes too. Spice up everything you wear and have at least three different pairs to wear throughout the week! Do not use one-brand products. Vary

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Step 5. Keep up with the news

Read magazines, newspapers and internet sites. Talk to your friends about what's happening in the world. Also, meet at least three new people each day, in and out of school, on social media. Make them trust you and you'll talk like there's no tomorrow!

Method 2 of 2: Forming Your Group

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Step 1. Form your group of friends

First, carry a small notepad with you where you can jot down information about possible members. Review the names and narrow them down. Make a list of pros and cons for each. Choose two or three of these people (your group should have between three and six members, including yourself). You should have an "alpha" member (the leader), a "beta" (the alpha's assistant, second-in-command, and best friend), one or two "support" people, and followers (members of your group respect without a shadow of a doubt).

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Step 2. Make friends with the girls in your group

Do everything together, from shopping to having a snack at school. Make sure you are always with them so that people see you as a group.

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Step 3. Have lots of inside jokes and secrets among yourselves to feel more like a group

Have pieces of clothing and accessories in common.

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Step 4. Don't let other people be with you on break

If you're at tables and they're all connected, put your stuff on nearby chairs to prevent others from approaching. Also, make sure the girls follow steps 1-6 to really be a set.

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Step 5. Walk in sync wherever you go

Tip: Make a copy of the same playlists on the girls' iPods and memorize them before going to school. Make sure your group always has fun; so people will envy you and you will be the most popular people at school.


  • You can make people believe you if you're sincere.
  • Make sure your "beta" is a kind person.
  • Shop in cool places.
  • Keep up-to-date through magazines, newspapers, etc.
  • Be aggressive, but don't overdo it.
  • Don't refer to your group as a "clue". This sounds far-fetched.
  • Subscribe to at least two magazines and go shopping at least once a month.
  • Create good autoresponders.


  • Never engage in dangerous/harmful behavior such as stealing, using drugs, smoking, consuming alcohol, graffiti, trying to eat less or deliberately make yourself vomit (which can lead to anorexia and/or bulimia, serious conditions that can kill) or self-mutilate to fit into a group or look cool in front of people's abs. These attitudes can make it look like you have nothing better to do with your time and people will feel sorry for you. If someone in your group does something like this, you should help them get assistance.
  • The ideal group has three or more girls close together. It's okay if one of them is your best friend and the rest are good friends; however, don't "rub" your proximity into people's faces.
  • Your "beta" should be the most reliable of all.
  • If you have old friends, don't leave them. The others will probably notice how you've treated them and will worry that you'll do the same to them. Also, these older friendships might get upset with you and react.
  • Be careful when choosing friends if you are the "alpha".
  • Remember that having a genuine personality and basing your self-worth on something other than looks will not give you a soulless existence. You won't be a "housewife", you won't have multiple children and the like if you don't want to.

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