How to Dress Like Kylie Jenner: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Dress Like Kylie Jenner: 10 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Dress Like Kylie Jenner: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

Kylie Jenner, sister of Kendall Jenner (and stepsister to Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and Rob Kardashian) is an amazing role model when it comes to fashion and confidence. Her unique style is highly copied - at just 16, she has already launched a clothing collection with her sister and appeared on the cover of "Seventeen" magazine. With this guide, you'll be able to fit Kylie's bold choices into your own wardrobe!


Part 1 of 2: Rocking Kylie Style

Dress Like Kylie Jenner Step 1

Step 1. Look stylish in black and white

Whether you're looking at pictures taken by sneaky paparazzi or a pro on the red carpet, it's hard to find pictures of Kylie where she's not wearing black, white, or both! The combination of black and white matches almost any color and never goes out of style. What's not to like? Keep a selection of black and white pieces in your wardrobe and use them generously in your outfits to create an elegant and timeless look.

Dress Like Kylie Jenner Step 2

Step 2. Wear loose, flowing blouses

Kylie often chooses loose (and sometimes low-cut) shirts like the ones you'd find at Renner. Every now and then, Kylie opts for an exposed belly or tucks her blouse into high-waisted shorts. When it comes to blouses, Kylie's taste wanders through all the options. She's known for wearing oversized sweatshirts and vintage men's t-shirts, but when the occasion calls for it, she's also comfortable in a dazzling blazer or multicolored blouse.

  • Add some variety to your blouses. While Kylie is known for her signature baggy blouses, she has also been seen wearing halter tops and tank tops. Keep a few pieces that don't typically fit your style to spice up your wardrobe.
  • Kylie has already made her love for overalls clear. She was seen wearing them everywhere, along with a tight T-shirt and she even designed a denim jumpsuit for her collection.
Dress Like Kylie Jenner Step 3

Step 3. Cut your shorts and skirts

Kylie wears her shorts and skirts with a high waist and well above her knees. She is famous for wearing this summer look during part of the fall months. Combine cut-off shorts with a low-cut blouse and boots for a sexy cowgirl look that is Kylie's face!

  • Don't be afraid to show your legs, but stay within the limit! If it's too short, your pair of shorts will look like your underwear!
  • Kylie rocks out in worn jeans, her favorite material for shorts.
  • Sometimes Kylie combines super short shorts with a super long t-shirt. If you're daring (or if you just want to pretend you're sleepwalking), go for it!
Dress Like Kylie Jenner Step 4

Step 4. Select tight pants or leggings

Kylie usually wears her tight pants down to her calf. This is a bold choice for any outfit, but it's also surprisingly versatile! Depending on your other fashion choices, this style of pants can fit any situation, from a "club ready" look to a "job interview".

For example, when Kylie and her sister appeared on "The View", she paired dress pants with a wide-shouldered white blazer to create a mature, elegant look. However, to wear similar pants when going around, she is much more casual with a baggy black blouse

Dress Like Kylie Jenner Step 5

Step 5. Explore a range of dress options

Kylie is known for wearing tight, classic dresses, as well as larger, "flashy" pieces. There isn't just one gown for Kylie Jenner - she's very versatile when it comes to running dresses. Kylie shows a preference for black and white that has become her brand, although she doesn't find neon dresses strange. With her sister, she has even modeled voluminous and floral dresses, dresses embroidered with stones and others inspired by Cleopatra. Unleash your imagination when choosing your dresses!

Try it! Kylie's taste in dresses is varied - the only constant is that it's always changing

Dress Like Kylie Jenner Step 6

Step 6. Rock out with an awesome pair of shoes

The Jenner sisters are famous for wearing a wide variety of shoes depending on the occasion. On the red carpet, Kylie often wears closed shoes or even platform heels for a stylish look (and a few more inches too!). On the street or out with friends, Kylie wears stylish sandals, boots (cowboy style or refined leather), or skateboarder style sneakers (Vans, Converse, etc.).

  • When dressing for special occasions, Kylie sometimes combines abstract and flashy shoes with an outfit that would otherwise be too simple. The effect is incredible, but unless you're already a celebrity, it might not make sense to invest in experimental, high-fashion shoes that you'll only wear once.
  • Kylie's casual shoes can be found in a variety of designs and styles - from the jaguar-print low sneakers to the simple black skater shoes. Make it fun and functional - no matter how a pair of shoes looks, it won't be good unless you can walk around in it.

Part 2 of 2: Taking Your Style to the Next Level

Dress Like Kylie Jenner Step 7

Step 1. Use accessories

Your style choices don't have to stop with the clothes you wear. Here's a great chance to get creative - if you opt for Kylie's classic black and white look, just about any accessory color will match your outfit.

The Jenner sisters are particularly fond of large black leather bracelets and handbags. But for red-carpet events, they usually carry small, upscale wallets that match the color of the dress

Dress Like Kylie Jenner Step 8

Step 2. Make up

A good makeup can be the icing on the cake of a perfect outfit. We rarely see any of the Jenner sisters carrying on makeup, so remember the "less is more" motto when putting on your own makeup. Kylie likes minimal makeup with soft lighting around her eyes and glossy lip gloss. Every now and then, she'll opt for something bold with a bright red lipstick or a more closed one - if you want that 1940s pinup look, go for it!

When in doubt, take it easy when applying your makeup and bring everything with you - you can always use more later

Dress Like Kylie Jenner Step 9

Step 3. Get inspired by Kylie's Muses

It's no surprise that Kylie and Kendall's biggest fashion examples are their sisters! Kourtney, Kim and Khloe are international fashion icons in their own right - watch the show "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" or any of the shows that have been derived from it to absorb various ideas from the Jenner sisters and the Kardashians!

Warning - "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" started airing in 2007. Fashion trends have changed considerably since then - in the sisters' own words, the fashion choices in the first few episodes weren't always right. "Kylie would wear zebra-print leggings, light blue shorts, a light blue shirt and sneakers that reached [the knees]," Kendall told Kendall of Kylie's wardrobe at the beginning

Dress Like Kylie Jenner Step 10

Step 4. Add your own ringtone

Kylie and Kendall may be fashion icons at 16 and 17 years old respectively, but that doesn't mean their sense of style should override their own fashion instincts. For a truly unforgettable look, inject your personal creativity into your clothes. Try clothes and accessories the sisters "wouldn't wear." Remember to be yourself! It's okay to copy the looks of our favorite fashionistas, but it's also important to cultivate our own identities. Use common sense and don't take fashion too seriously - a girl is way more important than the clothes she wears!


  • Stay ahead of fashion as Kylie Jenner - don't get stuck trying to dress like everyone else!
  • Imitate Kylie's style as much as you like, but remember to be you!
  • Wear accessories! Wrap your purse and other personal items in your look.
  • Dress in a modern, fun, funny way, but don't go overboard!
  • Don't always cover black with your dresses.

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