How to Act Like Sasuke (with Pictures)

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How to Act Like Sasuke (with Pictures)
How to Act Like Sasuke (with Pictures)

So, you've finished cosplaying Sasuke Uchiha, and even got the perfect wig, but how do you go about acting like the character? The only member of the Uchiha clan, he is serious, vengeful and one of the most popular characters in "Naruto" for good reason. If you want to learn to imitate him well, learning about his behavior and looks can help you do that.


Part 1 of 3: Behaving like Sasuke

Act Like Sasuke Step 1

Step 1. Stay cool and be haughty

Sasuke is calm, cold, indifferent, cruel, cynical, a bit sarcastic and a bit arrogant. In other words, he acts with a legal superiority that comes from his confidence and his power. If you want to act like him, you're going to need to express that sense of superiority.

In general, when people approach you, don't mind them, even if they're your best friend or someone you have a romantic interest in. They are so far below you in terms of skill and knowledge that you must act as if you were bored by their presence

Act Like Sasuke Step 2

Step 2. Always be restless

Sasuke wants to prove something and always seems to be dealing with some inferiority complex. He is unwilling to recognize when someone is stronger than he is and obsesses when it becomes clear that he is going to be outdone.

  • Begin to cultivate a frown and serious demeanor. Take long contemplative walks like Sasuke does. Scowl as you walk.
  • Try to stop laughing at jokes and nonsense. Sasuke is terribly serious all the time, making it important that you focus on the gravity of life and more important things. No time for jokes!
Act Like Sasuke Step 3

Step 3. Be smart

You are smart and you know it. Show people you're smarter than they are. Sasuke is regarded as a genius, even by the standards of the Uchiha clan, so adept at battle, excelling at everything he does and encountering few obstacles in more challenging tasks. Try to learn everything easily and be the best in the class.

Study a lot, especially serious subjects like history and literature. Study the great works and commit yourself to being a warrior monk, capable of quoting poetry at hand and fighting with equal dexterity

Act Like Sasuke Step 4

Step 4. Be quiet

Sasuke rarely speaks, but when he does he tries to be succinct and to the point. Keep your mouth shut sometimes and you'll see that it will. If you are unlikely to speak up, when you do, make sure you cut to the chase and be serious, and you will soon gain a reputation as someone who deserves to be heard.

When actually speaking, do so clearly and confidently, pausing between sentences for more effect. You must not appear uncertain when to speak. Just say what you think and think what you say. Don't stop in the middle and lower your voice. Confidence shows that you really have conviction in what you say

Act Like Sasuke Step 5

Step 5. Depend on yourself

Difficult challenges, easy tasks, big goals: whatever you're dealing with, try to do it yourself without asking others for help. Sasuke sees help as a sign of weakness and really wants to be seen as a leader, as someone to be trusted, who is capable. He doesn't take orders easily, a sign of independence.

Don't look to other people to reaffirm your ego and self-confidence. Sasuke's favorite word is "power" (力, chikara). So try to win him at every obstacle you face. Find your inner light and inner strength and use them as your source of confidence rather than the opinions of others. Please yourself

Part 2 of 3: Looking like Sasuke

Act Like Sasuke Step 6

Step 1. Perfect Sasuke's famous death gaze

If his relaxed face is a frown, the deadly stare lets you know when he's being intense. It's basically a frown with a thousand percent more intensity. Learning to do a good deadly look is essential for any cosplay or Sasuke impersonator.

You frown and arch your eyebrows dramatically to frown, then open your eyes and stare very intently, as if you're trying to blow a hole in the wall with your relentless willpower

Act Like Sasuke Step 7

Step 2. Use blue and black

Sasuke usually wears clothes of that color, usually loose and comfortable pieces that allow a whole range of movement. Ninja clothes, in other words. If you want to set up a Sasuke-worthy wardrobe, a loose blue tunic with a V-neck would make a perfect top, while baggy pajama pants in dark blue would match perfectly. A rope belt and a bandana would complete the look.

Act Like Sasuke Step 8

Step 3. Arrange the hair with the back spiky

Sasuke has classic manga hair, with long emo bangs and spiky back. Let your hair grow a little, if it's short, so you have more to work with, and practice spiking it with mousse or hairspray. It will take a considerable amount of product to make it look like the one designed for Sasuke.

If you want a more tame version, leave your hair short behind and let the bangs grow out, separating them on both sides of the face. Sometimes called "emo hair", this look is most associated with manga

Act Like Sasuke Step 9

Step 4. Take care of your skin.

Pale and penetrating, Sasuke's face is like a piece of marble. Try to minimize your exposure to the sun and maintain healthy skin with moisturizer and acne soap, if necessary, to help reduce blemishes.

Act Like Sasuke Step 10

Step 5. Get in shape.

Increase your tolerance, endurance and energy level with aerobic exercise. Even in his battered state, nearly blind and visibly exhausted from his fight with Danzou, Sasuke still had the energy to fight Kakashi, stop and disarm Sakura and then pair his Chidori with Naruto's Rasengan. Getting in shape to fight is essential for a Sasuke cosplay.

Yoga, aerobic exercise and strength training are all excellent ways to get in shape to make a Sasuke. Try to find a full-body cross-fit to do a few times a week to achieve a healthy weight and boost your energy. These exercises combine strength training with aerobic exercise, helping to build muscle, burn fat and improve your cardiovascular health

Part 3 of 3: Taking the next step

Act Like Sasuke Step 11

Step 1. Learn to speak Japanese. Do you want to take your Sasuke further? Learn some Japanese. Even learning a few phrases of Sasuke's language will put you on a level above imitators and cosplayers, as well as opening up new ways to explore the world of "Naruto". Who knows what can happen if you get fluent!

Act Like Sasuke Step 12

Step 2. Study a martial art

Learning to defend yourself with them helps you be more disciplined, more centered and connected to your body. Martial arts are less about fighting and more about learning about kinetics, movement and fluidity. Whether you want to study karate, ninjutsu or tae-kwon-do, doing a basic martial arts study will make you more like Sasuke.

The seriousness and meditation present in martial arts can also center you and improve your Sasuke cosplay in terms of attitude

Act Like Sasuke Step 13

Step 3. Study swordplay

Sasuke is a skilled, lethal and versatile swordsman who has powerful strikes with an equally impressive speed and precision behind them. Learning to use a sword and studying the art of moving with a blade can be an intense experience and way of studying.

Sword handling is a skill that requires a lifetime of practice and dedication. You won't master it in an afternoon, and playing with sharp swords around is a good way to seriously injure yourself. Study in a professional environment and never use a blade if you don't know what you're doing

Act Like Sasuke Step 14

Step 4. Practice being ambidextrous

While it's hard to become fully ambidextrous if you're not born that way, you can improve your ability to use both your hands and feet with a lot of practice. Practice the physical side and be versatile with both your dominant and weaker side. Although Sasuke is more right handed, so to speak, he uses his Chidori with his left hand, which makes him unpredictable. Practice writing with both hands to see if your "weak" hand can get as skilled as your "strong" one.

Act Like Sasuke Step 15

Step 5. Eat light, healthy foods

Sasuke is often seen eating healthy stuff. Her favorite foods are rice dumplings, tuna and tomatoes, while her least favorite foods are soy beans and anything sweet. If you love sweets, try changing this to lighter foods. Snack on some carrot sticks instead of candy, or try sushi for dinner instead of a hamburger. Think light food.

Act Like Sasuke Step 16

Step 6. Talk like Sasuke

Learning some of his quotes and statements is a good way to make sure everyone knows who you are representing. Lower your voice, wear your deadly gaze and speak one of the following sentences:

  • "My name is Sasuke Uchiha. I hate a lot of things and I don't particularly like anything. What I have is not a dream, because I'm going to make it come true. I'm going to restore my clan and kill a certain someone."
  • "If you think I'm just a silly child ruled by your emotions, that's fine. To follow Itachi's path would be childish, the whisper of fools who don't know what hate is. If anyone else tries to ridicule the way I live, I'll slaughter everyone who matters to them. And then maybe they'll understand what it's like to taste… a little bit of my hatred."
  • "It's true that you were special… However… I'm even more special than you."
  • "With my hatred… I will turn the illusion into reality!"
  • "I'm on a path you can't follow…"
  • "I closed my eyes a long time ago… My only goal is in the dark."


  • Disliking your brother is optional, but don't try to kill him.
  • Be mysterious and sarcastic as it's a guaranteed way to get rid of a lot of people.
  • Sasuke is a proficient strategist and, during fights, he easily watches his opponents and accurately sees through their abilities while remaining calm.
  • It may be quiet, but it's not boring. You are used to being the center of attention, no matter who is following you.
  • He often fights with his "rival", but that doesn't mean you should go around picking fights for no reason.
  • Go everywhere alone and sneak out when people aren't looking. Sasuke is a quiet loner, so you must be like that too.
  • Do your best to copy his behavior. Practice your posture and facial expressions.
  • Try not to be too eager to do something. It's never a good thing to give that impression.
  • Find a rival, someone who is almost on the same level as you. Work even harder to overcome it, but don't show it. Pretend it's all easy for you.


  • Girls and boys can end up being attracted to you. Fights can occur! Act like you don't care, like it happens all the time.
  • Don't literally abandon your friends, family, or hometown; you will regret it. Also, never affiliate with the wrong people (like Sasuke did with Orochimaru) as you could end up trapped, hurt or killed.
  • You can have friends, but acting like Sasuke can make some people hate you. Be patient.
  • You shouldn't act like Sasuke right away; this should take a few months. Otherwise, people might think you're a "poser" or something.
  • Sasuke is a fictional character and does things that can be harmful to him. You can act like him, but don't do stupid things like walk on water like he tries to do.

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