How to Be a Fairy (with Pictures)

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How to Be a Fairy (with Pictures)
How to Be a Fairy (with Pictures)

Fairies are creatures surrounded by magic and mysticism. They are distinguished by unparalleled beauty and mischievous yet generous nature. Each one is unique, endowed with a unique personality, talents and style, although there are certain characteristics common to all - the love for nature, the connection with animals and the desire to help those in need. Read this article to learn how to present yourself, behave and feel like a real fairy, and maybe enter their world!


Part 1 of 4: Finding Your Own Identity

Become to Fairy Step 1

Step 1. Find out what kind of fairy you want to be

They fall into many types, each endowed with unique personalities, talents and styles. It is impossible to become one without first contemplating these issues. Choose a personality category similar to your own, which will ease the transition process. Do a survey, look for questionnaires on the subject on the internet, and see which one you identify with the most.

  • Will you be an earth fairy, lover of trees, flowers, plants and the creatures of the woods? Who wears earthy clothes and lives in gardens?
  • Or is it a water fairy, who, intimate with the aquatic world, lives close to rivers, lakes, streams - if possible, always with her feet in the water?
  • Is she a fire fairy, fascinated by heat and light, a stubborn advocate of all causes that seem right to her, no matter how grand or irrelevant?
  • An air fairy, always wanting to be outdoors and with her hair in the wind? Owner of a vaporous personality that allows her to fly with the flow of events?
  • Maybe a dream fairy? Someone in touch with your mystical side, able to inspire sweet dreams in friends and loved ones?
  • Or a musical fairy, always able to find rhythm and melody in the most unusual places - the singing of birds perched in the trees, the breeze that makes the wind chimes tinkle?
  • Perhaps a fairy of light, who, in love with the sun, has an inner glow more intense than that of ten thousand stars?
  • Or still a dark fairy, a mysterious individual who prefers to wander at night and dwell on the darkest spheres of sorcery?
Become to Fairy Step 2

Step 2. Choose your name

For example: Golden Light, Victoria Regia, Dryad, Zephyra. A fairy's name usually reflects her personality and her talents. For example, an earth fairy will be called Gaia or Magnolia; one of Fire, Igneous or Phoenix; one of water, Marina or Sapphire.

  • You can choose the name or use one of the countless fairy name generators available out there.
  • Once the name has been chosen, it is advisable to keep it a secret or to reveal it only to trustworthy people. Legend has it that a fairy's true name can be used to control her or force her to use magic against her will. Keep your new name discreet.
Become to Fairy Step 3

Step 3. Make your fairy powder

What would a fairy be without her glittering dust? The appearance of the fairy dust, like the name, should be unique and reflect your personality and abilities. Buy some glitter to make the foundation and, for it to be a real magician, add some other ingredients to it. Always have it with you to make it clear how much it is needed and special to you.

  • Buy fine glitter, not coarse, which in no way reflects the lightness of fairies. Choose a color well aligned with your element. For example: green goes well with an earth fairy; blue, with one of water; black, with a somber; purple, with a dream fairy; pink, with a musical; yellow, with one of light; white, with one of the air; and red or orange, with one of fire. Incorporate a drop of an essence - do not overdo it so as not to coagulate the glitter - that has a pleasant smell.
  • Then make additions compatible with your element. For the earth element, dry flowers and leaves. For water, shells and sand. For fire, flint, wood or charcoal. For air, cotton small feathers; for music, bells.
  • Shake to mix all the ingredients and place the fairy powder in a small jar that you can use as a pendant. That way, you'll have it on hand whenever you need it. Or pour it into a pot (which you can decorate however you like) and store it somewhere safe, like your bedroom, for when you want to leave tracks or trails.
Become to Fairy Step 4

Step 4. Find your fairy signature

The nature of this signature is quite different from the one we use to take care of human affairs. It is a real object that represents the peculiarities of each of these beings.

  • For example, if your talent is gardening, your signature might be a small dried violet. If you have a taste for water, it could be pearls and shells. If it's an aerial fairy, too bad. Do you understand? A small object to represent your personality and, at the same time, your element.
  • Leave your signature whenever you achieve or complete something. If you've finished taking care of the garden, leave your signature (the little violet, according to our example) near it. Or, when you bake a batch of cookies, leave your iconic object next to it so everyone knows who made it.
  • Beautify the signatures by sprinkling them with your fairy powder.

Part 2 of 4: Creating a Fairy Look

Become to Fairy Step 5

Step 1. Wear clothing compatible with your element

A brief guide: A water fairy's attire resembles the ripples of lakes and oceans, a fire fairy tends to wear tight pieces. Air fairies are known for their long, transparent, flowing pieces. Those from the land wear jeans and other heavy fabrics, t-shirts, sturdy pieces to get dirty outdoors.

  • Anyone who wants to make their own costume can go to a supply store and choose fabrics with prints related to the mystical world. The type of fabric can also vary greatly: velvet, tulle, microtulle, iridescent and holographic cloths, etc. Visit thrift stores looking for pieces you can customize.
  • Provide long, flowing clothes that bring to mind the translucent wings of these magical creatures.
  • To make a skirt, provide a sash of fabric or an elastic that fits your waist. Sew it to one or several pieces of tulle or microtulle (the length of which will depend on the size of your legs). Make several layers of fabric so that the piece is not transparent.
  • To dress the skirt, tie the fabric strip or, if you used elastic, sew a Velcro or button fastening to the back. Customize it by sewing flower petals, stars, or other fabric themes to the tulle outer layer.
  • Anyone who understands sewing can make their own blouses. Otherwise, buy a Renaissance smock (which you can dye if you like) or a light, flowing blouse.
Become to Fairy Step 6

Step 2. Have long, healthy hair. Everyone associates fairies with long, fabulous hair that revolves with every movement, with hair care being a priority. Color doesn't matter - be yourself! The important thing is that the hair is in good condition: keep it hydrated by using conditioner, drinking plenty of water and periodically treating it with a homemade hair mask.

  • The style doesn't vary that much. Many fairies wear their hair long, as close to their waist as possible, and loose so that it can flow freely down their backs. However, you can deviate from this as much as you like and use a cutie cut, for example.
  • Curl or create discreet curls in your hair to frame your face. This can be done with curlers, flat irons, curlers or hairpins. For a more spontaneous look, curl your hair.
  • But having fully-fitting, flawless hair shouldn't be a concern for the fairy, who has more important matters to attend to! By the way, it's common to see them with their hair full of sticks and dry leaves that they got on outdoor adventures!
Become to Fairy Step 7

Step 3. Have a glowing skin

A fairy's skin is flawless and glowing - remember to take care of yours too. Wash your face no more or less than twice a day. Use an illuminating moisturizer. Buy an over-the-counter skin cream to treat pimples and blemishes. Eat fruits and vegetables, and drink six to eight glasses of water a day. It is in this regard, too, that your magical powers will come in handy! Meditation will help your skin to reveal the luminosity of your soul.

  • As for makeup, use an illuminating foundation or powder, which gives the skin a healthy glow. Outline the cheekbones and under the eyebrow bone with an illuminator. And if you want to shine, apply some glitter eyeshadow on your cheeks!
  • Highlight your attributes with a light pink lip gloss, a little mascara (only on the upper lashes) and an eye shadow whose color matches your clothes and your element.
Become to Fairy Step 8

Step 4. Choose the right accessories

Since for fairies, as we've mentioned, appearance is secondary, don't overdo it. That's not to say you can't do a little bit here and there to finish off the look and feel like a genuine fairy!

  • Everyone knows that fairies fly with wings as delicate as a butterfly. Buy it at a costume store or make your own pair of wings using wire and colorful tights. Read this article to learn how to make them at home. Don't use them all the time - the wings are often hidden when the fairy uses her "grown up" form so as not to attract attention among normal humans. Being without your wings will be no problem.
  • Making a fairy diadem, if you want one, is simple: glue some plastic butterflies or artificial flowers to a hair band. Or do a nice hairstyle and put hairpins or barrettes decorated with artificial leaves in your hair. Another option, if you want to bet on a simpler look and connected to nature, is to wear a wreath.
  • Not every fairy uses a magic wand, but this is the main means by which they channel their magic, especially dream and dark fairies. You can buy or make your own wand - for that, use a dry stick you find in the garden or a long, thin plastic rod. Decorate the end of it with a ribbon or other objects you find interesting. Use the imagination!
  • Most fairies are hundreds of years old, as the passage of time is different for magical creatures. Thus, the jewelry they wear is also very old. Look for jewelry and costume jewelry at thrift stores and antique shops, especially bracelets and medallions. Any piece with huge stones, preferably in colors alluding to its element, also goes very well. For example: dream fairies use moonstones; aquatic, pearls; fire fairies, rubies; those of the earth, jade; so on.
Become to Fairy Step 9

Step 5. Find a unique fragrance

Each fairy leaves in the air a characteristic aroma that evokes its ruling element. You can simply buy a perfume with these characteristics, but the ideal is to make it yourself.

  • The first alternative is to buy a perfumery kit, which contains several essences that can be combined to create a unique scent just like you. The second is to mix, in a spray bottle, water and essential oils, sold in health food markets. Add a little glitter to the fragrance to make it slightly sparkling.
  • The aromas most reminiscent of fairies are floral (especially jasmine, lavender, chamomile, rose and geranium), fruity (lemon, grapefruit and tangerine), fiery (cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom and cloves) and earth (vetiver, cedar and eucalyptus).
  • It doesn't hurt to reinforce: the smell needs to be compatible with its element. If you are an earth fairy, give priority to floral, herbal and fruity scents. If it is aquatic, to those who refer to the beach and the rain. Burning or spicy aromas, if it is fire; or to cotton, aerial or mountainous, if it is from the air.

Part 3 of 4: Cultivating a fairy's habits

Become to Fairy Step 10

Step 1. Smile a lot

Cheerful and vivacious creatures, fairies have faces lit up with a breezy expression. Always try to smile - it can be a generous smile, a mischievous laugh or just a pleasant expression, of someone who is lost in dreams.

You don't have to go around smiling for nothing, but try, at least when interacting with other humans, to smile while transmitting a wise, mysterious air

Become to Fairy Step 11

Step 2. Do good deeds

The taste for pranks and mischief does not prevent them from having a heart of gold and ready to help anyone in need. You can fill your day with good deeds in a number of ways: washing the dishes at home, volunteering to keep elderly people in nursing homes, etc.

Fairy good deeds, it is important to remember, are performed anonymously - for the sake of others, not recognition. Your reward will be knowing you've brightened someone's day

Become to Fairy Step 12

Step 3. Spend more time away from home. Every fairy, whether it's fire, water, dream or darkness, has a strong connection to Earth and the forces of nature. That way, they stay outdoors as much as they can, feeling the grass under their feet and the wind in their hair.

You, like the fairy that you are, must also share this connection and spend endless hours playing in nature, enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of the earth. Get in tune with her picking wild flowers, climbing trees and imitating birds

Become to Fairy Step 13

Step 4. Sing, dance and learn a musical instrument

Every fairy (above all musical ones) has an instinct for music and dance. Music, for her, is present everywhere: in the chirping of a bird, in the spouting of a spring, in the breath of the wind through the trees, in the crackling of flames. With a sweet, high-pitched voice, she chants ancient chants and mantras; with delicate feet, she dances to the rhythm of drums inaudible to humans.

Metal or wooden flutes, harp, tambourine, bells, and Irish tambourine are the musical instruments most commonly associated with fairies. Learn them to become one

Become to Fairy Step 14

Step 5. Take care of the animals

The connection to nature goes hand in hand with a love for the creatures of the forest and meadows, with whom the fairy has such a deep understanding that she can understand their emotions with a clarity far beyond human capabilities. Birds, deer, rabbits, frogs, squirrels and mice are fairy friends - protect them as best you can!

  • Leave a carrot or a lettuce leaf in the fields to help hares or any injured bird that needs to regain energy. Do what you can to demonstrate your concern for nature.
  • On the other hand, fairies are not so fond of cats, who tend to chase and hunt them when they are in their tiny natural form. This is, of course, explained by cats being loyal to witches, not fairies.
Become to Fairy Step 15

Step 6. Eat natural foods

These beings draw sustenance from nature and appreciate everything that originates from it, which is reflected in food choices: they prefer fruits, berries, raw vegetables and oilseeds to the foods of humans. Due to the connection they feel with animals, they abstain from meat and are quite often vegetarians.

Despite the healthy and natural diet, they have a weakness for homemade confectionery, and love to devour cookies, breads and cakes - especially those with vanilla, nutmeg or cinnamon. Man

Part 4 of 4: Composing a fairy-friendly environment

Become to Fairy Step 16

Step 1. Make your bedroom decor reflect your personality

Start with the bedroom to transform your home into a real fairy dwelling. Decorate it with the colors of your element. Install dream catchers and wind chimes on it; arrange fairy statues on the desk, the world-creator, and the window sill. Place a canopy on the bed for protection while sleeping. Store your fairy dust securely on a high shelf or locked drawer.

Become to Fairy Step 17

Step 2. Grow the right flowers, plants and herbs in the garden

Some are more fond of fairies than others, and having them around would turn your garden into a true sanctuary.

Edible plants (such as rosemary, mint, licorice), aromatic shrubs (lavender and eucalyptus) and brightly colored flowers that attract butterflies and hummingbirds (honeysuckle, marigold, dandelion, petunia, sunflower and foxglove) can make the your garden a magical place

Become to Fairy Step 18

Step 3. Make the environment inviting for other fairies

Everyone knows that fairies love each other's company. Once you have adopted their lifestyle, invite others to visit!

  • Planting the aforementioned flowers, filling the house with the aroma of homemade bread and cookies in the oven, blowing soap bubbles (which fairies love), and installing fairy houses and shelters in the backyard are some ways to attract your sisters' presence.
  • The most important thing, however, is to behave like a real fairy in everyday life - being generous, connecting with nature and opening your heart. Do this, and other fairies, sensing the presence of a sweet spirit, will soon show up.


  • Not being able to fly doesn't make you any less mystical and magical. Anyone who truly feels like a fairy is able to sense, when in the world of normal humans, strange phenomena - that cold that sometimes runs up your spine. This feeling indicates that something is watching her. Likewise, fairies are able to hear the laughter and music of benign creatures that animate the winds.
  • Every fairy must spread peace and love. Keep your head on straight. Don't let yourself be discouraged by someone else's attitudes. Always be happy!
  • You can be any kind of fairy you want - be creative and compose your own style. Don't be limited by preconceived notions.
  • You can choose multiple governing elements. If you don't identify with any of the ones presented here, create your own and invent a style compatible with it.
  • Don't worry about not being able to fly. Not every fairy is capable of doing this - there are all kinds of fairies, each with a different ability.
  • There are more types of fairies than listed here. If you want to be an amalgamation of many different elements, like a combination of earth and water, nothing will stop you. The only limit is the fervor of your imagination!
  • It's possible to choose abilities that are unusual to your natural element, but don't go overboard.
  • Life can be shaped according to the fairy's wishes, so use your spells wisely.

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