4 Ways to Act Like a Vampire

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4 Ways to Act Like a Vampire
4 Ways to Act Like a Vampire

It doesn't matter if you're going to a costume party, a role-playing event or just want to try out a new fashion – put on some dark makeup and improvise! There are several ways to play a vampire and it all depends on the character that will inspire you. To act like a vampire, you need to learn about your character, do the right makeup and put on some dark clothes to finish.


Method 1 of 4: Dressing Like a Vampire

Act Like a Vampire Step 1

Step 1. Put on black clothes with red accents

Vampires like dark clothes, but always with some red accents. Marceline, queen of the vampires, wears red boots and a gray blouse with skintight pants.

  • Vampire clothing is usually dark (often black) with a splash of color (usually red, white or gray).
  • Dye your hair black.
  • Wear bold red boots.
  • Wear a gray blouse and something warmer on top if it's cold.
  • If you are going to participate in a character costume event, check with the organization if there are rules for costumes.
Act Like a Vampire Step 2

Step 2. Choose a retro style

If your goal is to look like an old-time vampire character like Count Dracula, look for images of traditional vampire clothing. As the Victorian Era exerts a great deal of influence on these characters, you will likely have to wear dark, traditional pieces such as suits (in the case of men).

  • If you're going to dress like a vampire, look for a cape, vest, and possibly a suit.
  • If you plan to dress up like a vampire, look for an elegant dress, belt and a bodice or cape.
Act Like a Vampire Step 3

Step 3. Try the burlesque style

You can combine burlesque art with vampire style. For example, model Heidi Klum once wore a spider web cape with a bloody heart on her bodice for Halloween. To make this look, you'll need red lipstick, black eyeliner, high heels and red nails. If you want to do your best, wear a spider's web cape and red boots!

Vampire outfits are generally sexy, so you can adopt a burlesque look

Act Like a Vampire Step 4

Step 4. Place vampire teeth

To really look like a vampire, you'll need sharp canines! It's pretty easy to find them in costume and party supply stores. Even a real store must have it. Apply makeup first and then put on your teeth.

Act Like a Vampire Step 5

Step 5. If you want to look like Count Dracula, wear a cape

Covers are very traditional pieces of clothing, especially for vampires. It's easier to find them in costume stores, especially around Halloween or Carnival, but it's also possible to buy them online.

  • An alternative to capes is to wear long overcoats or coats.
  • If you want to enhance the look, also put bat or spider brooches on clothes.

Method 2 of 4: Applying Vampire Makeup

Act Like a Vampire Step 6

Step 1. Apply a white foundation

With a brush or sponge, spread white foundation over the skin. Pull your hair back so it doesn't get dirty. Spread foundation well over face, ears and neck.

Apply golden eyeshadow under the eyes

Act Like a Vampire Step 7

Step 2. Outline your eyebrows and make them more angular

Use a white pencil to erase the ends of the eyebrow. Cover the part where they curve over the eyes, then take a beveled or fine-tipped brush and draw vampire eyebrows over them with brown or black pigment.

Act Like a Vampire Step 8

Step 3. Paint a widow's beak on the forehead, below the hairline

You can use eyeliner, eye pencil or other black pigment. This will make your eyebrows stand out even more.

Act Like a Vampire Step 9

Step 4. Apply red eyeliner to the eyelids

With a beveled brush, apply red eyeliner over the eyelids, concentrating on the edges, where you can pull out a kitty line if you want to make it stand out. Finish by applying a black mascara.

  • Wear enough makeup to look mysterious, but not so much that it looks like you've lost a fight.
  • While some vampires like to wear black eyeshadow, others prefer more neutral tones.
  • If you like, also apply sparkling green eyeshadow at the corners of your eyes.
Act Like a Vampire Step 10

Step 5. Make your mouth very red

Crimson or red lips are important as they imply that you have just eaten fresh blood. Choose your favorite red lipstick, preferably one that has a more closed tone and apply to your lips.

Girls can wear red or purple lipstick, while boys can wear red paint or fake blood

Act Like a Vampire Step 11

Step 6. Paint tears running from eyes

Apply a black pigment with the help of a fine brush and make lines as if forming a spider's web. Take some red paint and draw some tears on the lines.

Act Like a Vampire Step 12

Step 7. Paint drops of blood running from the mouth

To show that you've just taken another victim, paint some blood running out of your mouth. Use your beveled brush or some other fine, red makeup.

You can also use fake blood for this

Method 3 of 4: Impersonating a Vampire Character

Act Like a Vampire Step 13

Step 1. See which vampire you want to play

If you're participating in an event, chances are your character is already defined, but if the event is more open, choose a character. If you're not sure which vampire to play, read some books or watch vampire movies for inspiration, like:

  • Read “The Vampire” by John William Polidori.
  • Read “Dracula” by Bram Stoker.
  • Read “Twilight” by Stephenie Meyer.
  • Read "Vampire Chronicles" by Anne Rice.
  • Watch a TV series about vampires, such as "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "Angel" or "Diaries of a Vampire".
  • Watch vampire movies like "Nosferato", "Interview with the Vampire", "Lost Boys", "Blade", "Vampires by John Carpenter" or "Drink in Hell".
Act Like a Vampire Step 14

Step 2. Play dirty as a vampire and clean as a player

During the character event or roleplaying game, you should always have a reason to advance against another player. However, play fair and don't cheat. That said, have fun with your character and include some unfair or cruel things like killing another character or drinking their blood.

Act Like a Vampire Step 15

Step 3. Highlight your character's narcissism

Vampires are usually pretty self-centered and selfish. To highlight this characteristic, walk with an air of authority, with your shoulders back and your head held high.

  • Be interested in talking only about yourself.
  • Show enthusiasm only in the speeches themselves. When another person speaks, adopt an expression of boredom and disdain.
  • When someone you don't like is talking, look disgusted and look away.
Act Like a Vampire Step 16

Step 4. Know your character

So you'll be able to quickly respond to other characters. You can improvise and have even more fun!

  • For example, your character probably has an instant healing ability. Vampires can come very close to dying before being quickly resurrected by taking a few drops of blood.
  • Try to speak in a deeper voice. As shown in the movies, vampires often have a deep voice.

Method 4 of 4: Acting Like a Vampire

Act Like a Vampire Step 17

Step 1. Work your piercing gaze

If you want to be inspired by films like “Dracula”, it's important to work on the look. To achieve this effect, develop a gaze that can sustain for as long as possible – preferably longer than a normal human would.

Don't be surprised if people think you're “in the moon world” instead of appearing perceptive. That look is hard to do at first, so it's very easy to look like you're lost in thought

Act Like a Vampire Step 18

Step 2. Work your aversion to sunlight

If someone opens the curtains or has to leave the house, hiss and throw your cloak over your face. Say you are photosensitive and prone to getting sunburned.

Vampires are never completely comfortable during the day. However, when night falls, they relax and feel fearless again. You must be the lord (or the lady) of the night

Act Like a Vampire Step 19

Step 3. Keep it serious

Vampires aren't known for being lively and fun. They are serious and contemplative, with no time for trifles. As seen in the movies, they are reclusive, quiet, grim and discreet beings.

Vampires don't laugh. If you have to laugh, give a dark laugh or a grunt


  • Study famous vampires from literature, television and film. The most respected vampires have emerged from literature, television, and historical accounts.
  • Research the stories and legends behind vampires. Read storybooks and research data on “real” cases. In history, there are many cases of people who engaged in criminal rituals or exhibited abnormal behavior and spread fear in communities.


  • Don't go around biting people. This is offensive, dangerous and means you're already taking things too far.
  • Don't go around killing people to get their blood. Really.
  • If your school or work environment does not allow the use of heavy makeup, leave it to wear at night, at parties or on the weekend.
  • This article teaches you how to play or pretend to be a vampire. We do not recommend creating vampire cults, using blood, encouraging crime or perverted acts.
  • Avoid picking fights because of your "vampire beliefs". Be mature.
  • Always remove makeup before bed as your skin needs to breathe.
  • Some people who consider themselves vampires drink human blood and call themselves "bloodthirs." They say they only drink clean blood, from adults who have consented to the collection. The reality is that drinking anyone's blood is unhygienic and is also very dangerous to health. You can get diseases like HIV and AIDS. Also, depending on how you obtained the blood, you are likely to face criminal prosecution or admission to a psychiatric clinic.
  • Avoid spreading rumors about people who suck blood, cut throats, etc. This is harassment and can damage other people's reputations.

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