How to Look and Act like Katherine Pierce

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How to Look and Act like Katherine Pierce
How to Look and Act like Katherine Pierce

This is a step-by-step guide to looking exactly like Katherine Pierce from the series “The Vampire Diaries”. Katherine has a strong personality, is authentic and has a lot of her own opinion.


Accentuate Your Tan Step 08

Step 1. Dye your hair

If you're blonde or have any hair color other than dark brown, then go to the hair salon of your choice to dye the strands - in the books, Katherine and Elena are blonde, so dye the strands blonde if you like look like the characters in literature. Let your hair grow to look like Katherine's and avoid using a hair dryer or flat iron, as these tools can damage the strands and cause split ends. Also give a break of at least one day between washes: if you wash your hair every day, you will remove the natural oil from it. If you wear bangs, pin them while letting your hair grow. If you want a quicker result, put extensions or extensions on your hair.

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Step 2. Create a healthy skin care routine

Katherine uses very natural makeup and takes good care of the skin, so clean, tone and moisturize your skin every morning and night. Exfoliate three times a week and mask once a week. Also moisturize your arms, legs, back, bust and hands so that the skin is very smooth overall. You will need extra time each morning and evening, but it will be worth it.

Look and Act Like Katherine Pierce Step 03

Step 3. Brush your teeth after breakfast and dinner

It's important to keep your teeth very white to be a "vampire", so go to the dentist once a year if you feel you need whitening and cleaning.

Look and Act Like Katherine Pierce Step 04

Step 4. Make your eyebrows well defined

Also, take the opportunity to shave the parts of your body you don't like to have hair on. Obviously, this step is optional and should only be done if you feel the need.

Accentuate Your Tan Step 11

Step 5. For makeup, buy a foundation a shade lighter than your natural skin color

Apply all over the face, blending the makeup well at the ends to give it a natural, blemish-free look. Then apply liquid eyeliner on the eyes, as close as possible to the lashes, which should be curled and highlighted with mascara. For lips, choose a mouth-colored lipstick or just a lip gloss. If you want to adopt a bolder look, make a thicker eyeliner and put red lipstick on your lips.

Look and Act Like Katherine Pierce Step 06

Step 6. Always be perfumed

Use an unscented deodorant to prevent excessive sweating. Then apply a perfume that leaves a nice, sensual smell in the air. If you're going out to buy a perfume, smell coffee beans (the stores usually make them available) when you try the fragrances so as not to confuse your sense of smell.

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Step 7. Katherine has a great sense of style

Buy some different colored blouses. Try them on to make sure they fit well and add value to your body. Then buy a leather jacket or two, black tights, and dark wash jeans. For shoes, choose high-heeled boots, which is what Katherine always wears. Over time, you'll get a better sense of Katherine's style and will be able to choose pieces that automatically refer to her. For formal events, choose a basic black dress with heels. When buying your own pieces, prefer dark colors.

Look and Act Like Katherine Pierce Step 08

Step 8. Fix your hair

Use a curler to create curly hair like Katherine's. To start, separate the locks at the top of the head and curl them away from the face. Then take the lower locks and repeat the process until all the hair is curled. Use the curling iron away from your face so you don't burn yourself. If you don't want to use a curling iron, try making curls with socks.

Be Convincing Step 06

Step 9. Make witty and sarcastic comments

You don't have to be serious all the time, unless you have to in some situation. Be sarcastic and don't be afraid to be a little bit mischievous: Katherine never tried to be nice to people.

Look and Act Like Katherine Pierce Step 10

Step 10. Put yourself first

If you really want something, don't be afraid to go after it. Plan to get everything you want, even if it means running over someone. Don't go around killing people like Katherine, but don't feel obligated to be nice to everyone. Also be careful what you say, as verbal threats can also lead to criminal prosecution.

Look and Act Like Katherine Pierce Step 11

Step 11. Don't be clumsy

Don't let anyone scare you and act like nothing is worth a surprise. Don't walk near the corners of the parts to avoid people scaring you and always be attentive, without appearing scared. You need to convey a powerful image, as if nothing can reach you.

Look and Act Like Katherine Pierce Step 12

Step 12. Only smile once in a while

It's not like Katherine to exhibit too many facial expressions, unless it's to give a sensual or nasty smile. Leave it to smile when you're up to something or flirting with a man. Be selective and flirt only with the handsome ones, playing games and physically approaching them. Make them curious about you, wondering if you're looking for something serious or just having fun.

Look and Act Like Katherine Pierce Step 13

Step 13. Be mysterious to everyone around you

Not mysterious in the sense of “I'm a weird, lonely person who goes to strange places and does things no one understands” but in the sense of never showing your true intentions and never being predictable. You cannot be an open book. Always be busy with something other than what you are currently doing. As if I wanted something.

Be Polite Step 09

Step 14. Focus

Demonstrate that you are constantly focused on something, even if you are not really focused.

Look and Act Like Katherine Pierce Step 15

Step 15. If you are involved with someone, be immature and playful

Giggle and make nasty jokes at the wrong times. Be immature but not childish.

Look and Act Like Katherine Pierce Step 16

Step 16. Don't have close friends

Do not give advice and show no interest if someone is seeking advice. You can be that mysterious and fun party girl, but without being close to anyone. This includes your family members, although it's good to have at least one friend you can trust and be your partner in crime.

Look and Act Like Katherine Pierce Step 17

Step 17. Focus

Katherine knows exactly what she wants and is not afraid to pursue her goals. So, think about what you most want and plan for it. Don't let your feelings get in the way. Know what's worth and what's not so you don't end up losing control.

Look and Act Like Katherine Pierce Step 18

Step 18. Give yourself priority

Katherine doesn't care about the feelings of others as long as she gets what she wants. She is capable of anything to get what she wants, including manipulating people, which is why she is often described as cruel and selfish.

Dress With Style Step 04

Step 19. Make your own rules

Katherine never does something just because someone told her to.

Look and Act Like Katherine Pierce Step 20

Step 20. Be fun and seductive

Katherine always finds a way to have fun. She is very beautiful and uses her beauty to get what she wants. For example, she is able to pretend that she likes someone or is in love just to get something from them. She loves attention and always wants to be highlighted.

Look and Act Like Katherine Pierce Step 21

Step 21. Be impatient

Katherine gets bored easily and loses her temper when something goes wrong. She sometimes acts impulsively, but she always knows how to turn things around.

Look and Act Like Katherine Pierce Step 22

Step 22. Be reserved

Never let others know what you're up to unless it's part of your plans. If someone asks something, just answer “you'll see” and walk away.

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Step 23. Don't be afraid to do what you think is right

No need to change your personality based on a fictional character. Just use it as a style inspiration!


  • Have fun and don't take it all too seriously.
  • Eat well and exercise. Weight doesn't matter, health does.:)
  • Find someone nearby to support you.
  • Don't be insecure.
  • Be sarcastic and have fun, but don't change anything about yourself.
  • Be authentic in your ideas and believe in yourself.
  • Don't destroy your family relationships. Not worth it.


  • Don't lose control when using profanity. Take it easy.
  • You will only lose friends if you act 100% like Katherine, being fake and rude. Be honest!
  • Don't hurt anyone.

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