How to Act Like an Elf (with Pictures)

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How to Act Like an Elf (with Pictures)
How to Act Like an Elf (with Pictures)

Are you a Tolkien reader? Salvatore? Warcraft player? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, chances are you already know what elves are and have some interest in them. The purpose of this article is to take a look at how elven habits (food, lifestyle, personality) are portrayed in books and movies.


Part 1 of 3: Recreating an Elf's Appearance

Be Like an Elf Step 1

Step 1. Choose what kind of elf you want to be

Since its origins, which date back to the pre-Christian era, until the present day, the elves were subdivided into numerous types: forest elves, dark, neutral, noble, traditional, among others.

Act Like an Elf Step 2

Step 2. Develop the right physical appearance

They are not always considered taller than humans: only in The Lord of the Rings are they represented that way. According to popular legends, they are somewhere between 1.50 m and 1.80 m. Despite being slender and athletic, they are not very muscular.

Step 3. Let your hair grow back

Long locks are the first thing that comes to mind when we think of elves, but if you have short hair, that's fine. Most of the time (except when you're in combat!), wear it loose and flowing, or with some gypsy hairstyle. It can be straight, curly or braided, but it is important that the hair is always clean and shiny.

Step 4. Take care of hygiene

Your nails should always be impeccably clean. It is up to you to cover them with a transparent base or a natural colored enamel.

Act Like an Elf Step 4

Step 5. Wear comfortable clothes

The clothes you feel good about are probably the best ones. Elves are very confident people, and that's how you must feel if you want to be one of them. There are no inappropriate colors, but it's a good idea to avoid neon and tie-dye or crazy prints. Your goal is to look like an elf, not a hippie. So don't go wrong, get inspired by bohemian fashion: long ruffled skirts, short skirts in neutral colors, suede boots (high or low), embroidered moccasins, oxford shoes, leather belts with vintage buckles, embroidered pockets, purses gypsies, gladiator sandals, slippers. In addition, going barefoot is also a perfectly reasonable option, but try to do it only at home. Go to school wearing suitable shoes.

Be Like an Elf Step 3

Step 6. Choose clothes and accessories according to the type of elf you are

  • Forest elves: use browns and greens. A flower in her hair would be an interesting touch. Wear long or medium skirts and even dresses in the colors mentioned above. Wear your hair to the side, leaving a loose strand over your face, and if you can, smear a little glitter on your hair, which creates a beautiful, dreamlike effect. Paint your nails green and wear makeup in earth tones, which will go great with your outfits. Boys can make up too! Makeup is an art form, not limited to a single sex.

    Be Like an Elf Step 3Bullet1
  • Dark Elves: Use sinister colors - red, purple and, of course, black. Certainly, the first dark elf that comes to the reader's mind is Skyrim, right? Get inspired by it: provide a dark wool scarf, black boots, brown jacket and a purple long-sleeved shirt. Use simple makeup, just a little eyeliner and maybe a little powder to darken your face. Paint your nails purple. As for your hair, tie it in a ponytail or wear it loose and straight.

    Be Like an Elf Step 3Bullet2
  • Common Elves: Avoid bright colors such as shocking pink, yellow and the like, and prioritize salmon and orange. Salmon can actually be an excellent color for nail polish, depending on your style. As for the hair, it's simple: get inspired by Tauriel - wear it loose, thrown back; with a small braid close to the face, only on one side, and secured with a clasp. Guys can wear the same hairstyle - and even makeup if they want.

    Be Like an Elf Step 3Bullet3
  • Noble Elves: Wear pants or shorts over brown jeans and a brown jacket. Adorn the face with a light, illuminating powder to reproduce the pale look, and finish off the makeup with a lipstick, eyeshadow, and nail polish that match the same shade of light pink. Make a crown of braids: Braid the hair at both temples, bring the braids together behind your head, and tie them together. Finish off the hairstyle with a small pink feather. Guys can wear the same hairstyle - and even makeup if they want.

    Be Like an Elf Step 3Bullet4
Act Like an Elf Step 9

Step 7. Choose some strange accessory:

feathers in her hair, a ring with a tree engraving… anyway, something that intrigues people.

Part 2 of 3: Moving like an elf

Act Like an Elf Step 1

Step 1. Walk properly

Every movement of an elf is deliberate and executed with elegance, grace and minimal noise. Anyone who wants to be an elf must first learn to be less noisy.

Part 3 of 3: Behaving like an elf

Be Like an Elf Step 2

Step 1. Choose a secret name different from the one you use to transit the world of men

Ellette and Elden are popular names among common elves; Moriel and Morian, among forest elves; Fae, among the dark elves.

Act Like an Elf Step 3

Step 2. Discipline yourself

Be quieter, mature, wise, convincing, slightly eccentric, eclectic. Contemplate deep philosophical questions. Everything that comes out of an elf's mouth comes from a sensible thought, well articulated and in which he believes with all his heart. Very devoted to nature, elves have a keen eye for the truth inherent in all things. They tend to remain neutral in conflicts, but they never hesitate to fight for what is fair! Changing one's personality is difficult (and there's rarely a good reason to want to); therefore, if you are the talkative type, you can become a valley elf, like the inhabitants of Rivendell that Tolkien described in The Hobbit.

Act Like an Elf Step 5

Step 3. At school, be withdrawn and mysterious

Don't talk too much about yourself as it is important that your identity is not revealed.

Be Like an Elf Step 6

Step 4. Feign curiosity about the human world

When you see a toy robot, affect interest - you are an elf after all. These things are not seen every day where you came from.

Be Like an Elf Step 7

Step 5. Write a journal

Record your life as if you were an elf, narrating tribal assemblies and other imagined situations, as well as your impressions of human customs and speech.

Act Like an Elf Step 6

Step 6. Write about the things humans do

When someone tries to read what you're writing over your shoulder, make a note: "Humans are very nosy." Just make general statements, not targeting anyone specific - you don't want to get into trouble!

Step 7. Have a good sense of humor

If someone says, for example, "Look, it's raining!", he replies with a joke: "I've met so many witches in my life, but I always forget to ask if they use flying wheels on rainy days." If people laugh, smile - don't laugh along with them.

Be Like an Elf Step 5

Step 8. Form a tribe

Show this article to your closest friends and form your elven tribe with them.

Be Like an Elf Step 4

Step 9. Paint the walls and decorate your room with emblematic colors of your elven type

It would be a good idea to draw some pictures of trees or vines on the walls, or perhaps hang a bow or sword (toy!) on them. Leave an elven wreath exposed on a shelf.


  • Wear clothes in colors that refer to the four elements.
  • The elves are a northern European folk civilization that inhabits nooks and crannies inaccessible to ordinary humans. They are depicted as forest creatures, similar to humans but smaller in stature, and they look eternally young.
  • For Halloween, wear a complete costume!
  • Be helpful to others; behave with extravagance and intelligence.
  • In Skyrim, The Lord of the Rings, and books and video games of the genre, elves are always represented as lovers of music and singing. Learn to play the guitar, ukulele or harp, and study singing. Enthusiastically discuss music at social events.


  • People are likely to react with disapproval to your elven attire.
  • Those close to you may not understand why you identify with this lifestyle and why it is so important to you.

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