How to Pretend to Be the L of Death Note (with Pictures)

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How to Pretend to Be the L of Death Note (with Pictures)
How to Pretend to Be the L of Death Note (with Pictures)

L is loved by Death Note fans all over the world! If you're one of these fans and want to be like him, here's what to do:


Emulate Death Note's L Step 1

Step 1. Keep your hair messy

L doesn't have very neat hair, like Light Yagami. Don't overdo it. Don't let your hair fall out. Let it go past your neck and paint it black (if possible).

Emulate Death Note's L Step 2

Step 2. Wear a simple, long-sleeved shirt

The shirt should be white, although any color will do. The shirt must not have anything designed or sewn on it. Nothing.

Emulate Death Note's L Step 3

Step 3. Wear jeans

Pants should be denim style and a faded blue. Keep them a little loose, but not too much! They shouldn't fall!

Emulate Death Note's L Step 4

Step 4. Don't wear shoes at home

Just wear a pair of white sneakers if you're going out. Don't wear socks either (he doesn't like socks).

Emulate Death Note's L Step 5

Step 5. Don't use anything else

This means no accessories! No watches, rings, bracelets or anything like that! In simpler words, faithfully follow the Steps above.

Emulate Death Note's L Step 6

Step 6. Make a note of everything

Whenever you are seated, start noticing different things happening around you. Your job requires this insight to detail.

Emulate Death Note's L Step 7

Step 7. When seated, remain bent over, with your finger in your mouth (do not suck your thumb:

just gnaw the nail). If someone asks you why you're sitting like this or doubts your awkwardness, tell them this is your way of doing things.

Emulate Death Note's L Step 8

Step 8. Always be eating something

You can eat sweets like chocolates and cakes. If you dare, you can shamelessly eat sugar cubes.

  • When eating strawberry cake (which seems to be your favorite dish), devour the dough first before dealing with the berry.
  • Drink sweetened coffee (adding milk is optional) often, but be careful with the amount of caffeine! Black tea is also acceptable, but add some sugar cubes.
Emulate Death Note's L Step 9

Step 9. If you have to pick something up, use your index and thumb fingers and position the object above your head

Books/Death Notes need to be held upside down.

Emulate Death Note's L Step 10

Step 10. Speak calmly but seriously

Do not raise your voice if something unexpected occurs.

Emulate Death Note's L Step 11

Step 11. When walking, remain in a squat, sloppy posture with your back bent

Emulate Death Note's L Step 12

Step 12. Move your feet while thinking about something

Put one foot on top of the other and keep rubbing them together.

Emulate Death Note's L Step 13

Step 13. Never say your real name

If someone asks your name, say "You can call me L".

Emulate Death Note's L Step 14

Step 14. You need to have dark circles

Your eyes have to roll as you think about something. You can darken your eyelids with makeup.

Emulate Death Note's L Step 15

Step 15. Have a laptop of your own and don't share it with anyone

When using it, sit in the same position as described above and, if possible, place it on the floor.

Be very reserved about your laptop; This means having a secure password and protecting the equipment from prying eyes

Emulate Death Note's L Step 16

Step 16. Have a very trustworthy partner who can help you at any time of the day

He will be called Watari. Your partner can be represented by an interested sibling.

Emulate Death Note's L Step 17

Step 17. Have a childlike, competitive personality and be able to make bold moves

L hates to lose, regardless of the size of the competition. Be very suspicious by nature.

Emulate Death Note's L Step 18

Step 18. Play with food

This could range from piling up sugar cubes, starches and eating the napkin along with the rice cake (he didn't want to get his hand dirty, maybe?). Be able to knot a cherry stem with your tongue.


  • If someone asks why you don't get fat, say "I burn calories with my neurons."
  • L seems to have a habit of stacking cookies on the table before eating them.
  • Ignore whoever insults you.
  • Eat cake. Very.
  • If you're drinking coffee, add extra sugar cubes to it with a small teaspoon or your hands!
  • The best L is yet to appear! Do everything like L and you'll end up being just like him. Your habits will become his.


  • Eating too much sweets is fattening. L can burn calories with your mind, but you can't.
  • You can be punished if you squat at school!
  • Food is for eating, not playing! Don't play with food in front of the parents or you will get a scolding.
  • Your appearance can make people think you are weird!
  • Dark circles may not look good on you!

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