How to Annoy People (with Pictures)

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How to Annoy People (with Pictures)
How to Annoy People (with Pictures)

There are endless ways to piss people off if you want to drive your teacher or younger brother crazy. If you're prepared to face the consequences, you can find creative, bizarre or extremely ridiculous ways to upset others. Sometimes, just humming nonstop or refusing to put the phone on silent can be very irritating. Start by reading Step 1 to learn how to irritate others.


Part 1 of 4: Annoying Strangers

Irritate People Step 1

Step 1. Speak out in public

Speaking too loudly is a guaranteed way to annoy other people in public virtually anywhere. You can talk loudly on the bus, on the plane or especially in a cafe while people are trying to get something done. It's especially annoying to be loud on the phone, acting as if no one is around. If you reveal personal information or just make very nasty comments, you are sure to upset the people around you.

If someone asks you to be quiet, nod vigorously and apologize, but then keep talking as loud as before

Irritate People Step 2

Step 2. Let your phone make annoying noises

Ah, the cell phone. Probably the most annoying device you have. If you're at work or at school or just having lunch in a cafe, leave it on, preferably with a really boring song as a ringtone. It can be something like forbidden funk or screaming heavy metal, so that when the cell phone rings, everyone is completely distracted. You can set this song as an alarm so it just sounds like someone is calling. Earn bonus points if it takes forever to find your phone so that everyone hears the entire ring tone or music.

It is also very annoying to set the cell phone to vibrate. You might think the vibration is similar to silent mode, but actually everyone can hear the device vibrate and will be annoyed by it, especially if you are in a particularly quiet place. This is perfect in the middle of a long text message exchange with a friend, as the cell phone will vibrate every few seconds

Irritate People Step 3

Step 3. Try talking to a stranger who is obviously busy

While you should avoid approaching someone who might attack or get too angry, if you really want to be a nuisance, you can try striking up a conversation with someone who is clearly busy, studying for an exam, writing on the computer, or just intently reading. Act as if you are completely oblivious and looking for someone to talk to. When the person gives monosyllabic answers, ignore them and try to continue the conversation.

  • You can say, "What are you reading? I hear this book is really bad" or make other offensive comments about what the person is doing to raise the bar.
  • Talk a lot about yourself. Make eye contact so the other person feels bad about ignoring you.
Irritate People Step 4

Step 4. Spread your stuff out and take up a lot of space

That's another way to be very irritating in public. Drop your books repeatedly, spill your coffee, or just act like a bumbling person who can't keep your stuff under control. The more you pour, the better. Make as much noise as possible so that people feel forced to stop what they are doing and look in your direction and maybe even help you. If you spill something or leave your stuff taking up other people's personal space, it will be even more irritating.

It's even more annoying if you don't apologize when that happens! Or if you apologize a lot more than necessary to make people feel sorry for you

Irritate People Step 5

Step 5. Face people

Staring at people is another guaranteed way to piss them off. Just pick a stranger and look at him for a long time. You can even leave your mouth open while staring at the person. When the person looks at you, scratch your head and keep looking. Act like you're trying to win a staring contest and try to avoid blinking for as long as possible. But be careful, choose someone who looks nice and won't be too mad about it. Remember, your goal is to piss the person off, not piss them off.

Irritate People Step 6

Step 6. Be nosy

Intruding on strangers' lives is another great way to piss people off. For example, you stand in line for coffee and overhear two women talking in low voices about their divorce or other personal matter. Get in the middle of the conversation and say, "I couldn't help but overhear…" and then give an annoying opinion about something you don't know. If you really want to be boring, you can even try to reason with people about the topic.

  • Act as if you're not being nosy and it's your right to meddle where you don't belong. 100% guaranteed irritation.
  • You can also be nosy and irritating by asking a stranger questions. You can say something like, "Do you know a good gynecologist around here?"
Irritate People Step 7

Step 7. Be amazed by all the technological devices you find

Act like you've just come back from the past. Show amazement at all the technology that comes along. If you see someone using a cell phone, you might say something like, "Oh my God, it's a cell phone? Like, can you really talk to anyone on this thing? Wow."

The important thing is not to get out of character. If people see you laughing, they'll be really pissed off. Otherwise, they run the risk of thinking you're a little crazy and not knowing how to act on you

Part 2 of 4: Annoying Your Friends

Irritate People Step 8

Step 1. Imitate everything your friend says and does

This is the perfect way to annoy your friends. If you want them to get tired quickly, try copying and imitating everything the friend says and does. You can be totally obvious and simply repeat everything your friend says word for word, or you can be a little more subtle and just copy their gestures and movements. The obvious path will be more annoying, but your friend will let go faster. If you imitate everything he does, it will take longer to get caught.

Act like a mirror. Do everything your friend does, but in reverse. If your friend asks you why you're doing this, act like you have no idea what he's talking about

Irritate People Step 9

Step 2. Complain all the time

Another great way to annoy your friends is to complain as much as you can. Everyone hates a whiner or a person who complains to pass the time. It's even better if you complain about completely useless things, like the weather or something you saw on TV, so that your problems don't seem so bad. Repeating the same complaint over and over is also very irritating.

It's better if you whine with an irritating expression on your face and a shrill, slurred voice. Make your own company as unpleasant as possible

Irritate People Step 10

Step 3. Talk about yourself nonstop

Narcissistic or simply self-obsessed people are extremely annoying. When you're with your friends, make sure you use the word "I" as much as you can and talk about your own problems and what you're doing as much as possible. When your friends try to talk about them, change the subject or suddenly say you need to go. This is going to be absolutely irritating.

  • It will be difficult to continue acting like this for a long time. Your friends will run away from you!
  • It's most effective if you tell long, boring stories about yourself without letting anyone interrupt you. If your friends have heard the story before, so much the better!
Irritate People Step 11

Step 4. Be a ferret

Another perfect way to annoy your friends is to promise you'll be somewhere and stick the show. It's best if you sound totally sincere, like you're absolutely determined to go to a movie or give your friend a ride to a party. So, at the last possible second, come up with a lame excuse not to go and keep your friend standing there waiting.

If you're really determined to be downright annoying, don't say anything until hours after you're due to make him wonder where the hell you are. Then give some dumb excuse like "Sorry! The game was great!"

Irritate People Step 12

Step 5. Invite yourself somewhere you are not welcome

Another way to be extremely annoying is to ask yourself out with your friends when they obviously want to spend time away from you. If you hear two of your friends talking about how much they need to catch up, ask what time you should show up. If your friend was talking about how much time she needs alone, ask if you can stop by her house. Act like you don't know you're not welcome.

If you see your friends whispering about something that is obviously serious, go over there and say, "What's up, guys?"

Irritate People Step 13

Step 6. Borrow things from your friends and don't return them

This habit is extremely annoying. Ask a friend if you can borrow her favorite sweater, her favorite book, or an earring that you think will look perfect with her outfit. Then promise to return and never do it. People will be angry and, to make matters worse, you may lose the object.

If your friend's things have sentimental value, losing them will be even more irritating

Irritate People Step 14

Step 7. Tell everyone your friends' secrets

One of the most annoying things you can do is let your friend's secrets get out. If your friend tells you something that is secret, you can try telling others. Obviously, use your common sense - if it's something really personal it's best not to, but if it's just a little embarrassing or silly then you can "accidentally" mention it in front of your other friends or even on your Facebook.

If you want to be really annoying, pretend you don't know anything when your friend complains. Say something like, "I thought everyone knew!" or: "I didn't know it was so serious. Wow!"

Part 3 of 4: Annoying Your Siblings

Irritate People Step 15

Step 1. Use your brother's things without permission

This is a guaranteed way to piss off your brother. If you have an older sister, get her clothes and accessories without borrowing. It's even more irritating to show up at school wearing her things without warning. You can also use your brother's video game or sports equipment and even take them to a friend's house. When your brother gets mad at you, act like you don't know you've done something wrong. Say something like, "Oops, sorry, I thought it was mine!"

  • If you want to be really annoying, when your brother brings home his favorite candy, eat as much as you can.
  • When you shower, try using your brother or sister's favorite shampoo.
  • Use the other person's hairbrush, trying to leave too many strands of your hair there.
Irritate People Step 16

Step 2. Keep teasing your brother when his friends are around

There is nothing a sibling hates more than being bothered by another sibling when his friends are at home. So if his friends are staying at your house or visiting, try to stick around as much as possible, tease your brother, make ridiculous comments, or ask if you can play too. If your brother keeps telling you to leave, find excuses to stick around, like pretending you're looking for something in the room he's in, humming loudly as you do.

You can also embarrass your brother by telling embarrassing stories or saying things like "Hey, where did you put your braces?" or, "I'm glad you finally made friends."

Irritate People Step 17

Step 3. Tell your parents everything he or she has done

Another classic way to piss off your sibling is to tell your parents all the wrong things he or she does. It could be something small, like not washing the dishes when he or she said they would. Do this as quickly as possible so that he feels he is constantly being watched by you. If you keep doing this, it's likely to piss off your parents too!

It's even better if you convince your brother to do something bad or even do it with him and then swear by saying, "It was all his idea!"

Irritate People Step 18

Step 4. Be as messy as possible

Siblings hate living with rowdy brothers or sisters, especially if they share a room. If you're lucky enough to share a room with your favorite brother or sister, leave your clothes all over the place and be so disorganized that it's hard for him to find his own things. You can also leave toothpaste in the sink, leave food lying around, or just do what you can to incite chaos.

Of course this can't go on for very long because your parents will send you out to clean, but it will be very annoying as long as you manage to act

Irritate People Step 19

Step 5. Claim until you get what you want

Nothing is more irritating than whining and acting like a big baby until you get what you want. If you really want to drive your brother crazy, the next time you want something, whether it's a piece of pizza or using your sister's computer, you should whine, complain or even cry until it's so annoying that you get what you want.

There is no age limit for doing this. Crying and complaining at 16 can be even more irritating because your brother will feel embarrassed by others

Irritate People Step 20

Step 6. Embarrass your brothers in front of their girlfriends

This is another great way to completely disrespect your brother's privacy and cause as much embarrassment as possible. The next time your brother's girlfriend visits, stick around, talk loudly and be irritating by making comments like, "I'm so glad you guys finally made a date. Remember when you were whining because no one wanted to go out with you?"

You can even sing "I'm dating" or ask when they're going to kiss. This will be especially annoying if they haven't already kissed

Part 4 of 4: Annoying Your Teachers

Irritate People Step 21

Step 1. Arrive late

Sometimes there is nothing more irritating to a teacher than arriving to class a minute or two late. It gets even more annoying if you apologize with a smirk on your face or just walk in looking relaxed and relaxed, like you don't care what the teacher thinks or like class is your last priority.

  • It can also be very annoying if you arrive just as the bell is ringing so the teacher can't complain.
  • If you keep going through your things and take a long time to get ready after being late, it will be even more irritating!
Irritate People Step 22

Step 2. Ask obvious questions

Another way to annoy your teacher is to ask questions that are so obvious they make it clear that you didn't pay attention to anything. If you're in an algebra class, ask something like, "What does X mean again?" or another question that makes the teacher have to go back to the beginning or just get annoyed because you weren't paying attention.

  • You can also expect to dig into some topic, acting as if you weren't paying attention. When class is almost over, ask a question that shows you didn't pay attention to anything. You can even say something like, "Sorry, I think I traveled!"
  • You can also ask silly or irrelevant questions like, "What was Dom Pedro I's hair color?"
Irritate People Step 23

Step 3. Be a know-it-all

Some teachers are very angry with students who pose as know-it-alls. Let's face it, your teacher is very likely to know more about the subject than you do. If you act like he's wrong, asking him to prove what he said or even looking up some of the class information on Wikipedia to show him how wrong he is, it's going to piss him off for sure.

It's also annoying if you try to quote a different teacher or your parents to show your teacher is wrong

Irritate People Step 24

Step 4. Sleep in the classroom

Teachers abhor it when their students sleep in the classroom. If you want to be really irritating, do it as much as you can. Extra points if you snore or make other students laugh. Sleeping in class won't help your grades, but it will definitely piss off your teachers. It will be more disturbing if you wake up in time to ask an obvious question.

Irritate People Step 25

Step 5. Distract other students

It's bad enough if you're determined to annoy yourself, but if you put other students into the equation it will be even more irritating to your teachers. Pass notes to other students, make stupid jokes or just talk to each other. Be so funny and goofy that others can't help but pay more attention to you than the teacher. This is exceptionally irritating, especially if you can get normally well-behaved students to start making a mess!

Show others a hilarious YouTube video.This can be annoying for a few seconds until your cell phone is confiscated

Irritate People Step 26

Step 6. Finish your exams too soon

Another way to irritate your teachers is to finish your exam too early to make other students nervous. Allow a reasonable amount of time for it to appear like you've answered everything quickly, but not so long that other people are almost ready. After "finish", say "Done!" or "How easy!" Turn in your test if you find it, toss your pencil on the table and put your feet up. Do what you can to upset and irritate and make other students nervous.

This will drive your teacher crazy, especially if he has spent a lot of time preparing students for the test


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