3 Ways to Be Enigmatic

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3 Ways to Be Enigmatic
3 Ways to Be Enigmatic

Riddles are really hard to decipher. To have a little more mystery and maintain the charm and magnetism of a Rodrigo Lombardi, you only need to know which aspects of his personality to emphasize or reduce and you will have an enigmatic personality when speaking and acting!


Method 1 of 3: Speaking cryptically

Be Enigmatic Step 1

Step 1. Speak only if it is relevant

Leave things unsaid if you want to cultivate an enigmatic and mysterious presence. Train yourself not to talk about yourself or what you think all the time, not out of shyness, but just because you enjoy being yourself. Speak when it's essential, you don't have to grab every opportunity to say something.

It's in our culture to confuse talking a lot with talking well, but pauses in the middle of a conversation have a unique power. Make room for reflection and silence in your dialogues, let the things said be absorbed; this helps to weigh your words and gives gravity to your presence. Sometimes we make more of an impact when we don't say something, instead of saying everything

Be Enigmatic Step 2

Step 2. Be devil's advocate

Enigmatic people are often unpredictable, with opinions that are sudden and seemingly contrary to what is being said. Don't go behind the crowd, look for new ways of looking at things and think creatively. Ask questions instead of agreeing to avoid conflict.

  • In a conversation with three friends, they agree that the X way is the best way to solve a problem. Even if you have the same opinion, be devil's advocate or keep your mouth shut. It doesn't make sense for one more person repeating what has already been said.
  • Ask lots of questions to make sure the decisions you make are the best ones. Clarify, specify and probe all ideas to get to the heart of the matter.
Be Enigmatic Step 3

Step 3. Take conversations in more serious directions

Amenities are commonplace. Ordinary people talk about the weather, problems at work, maternity or paternity, traffic, cost of living, etc. Enigmatic people prefer two-to-one dialogues on deeper issues. Learn to use your conversational skills creatively and tackle more complex subjects.

At a party where everyone is asking those typical questions to get to know each other, find whoever is willing to have a different chat and get started. Proceed with an unusual question or continue a topic; for example, if someone said they like a particular movie, instead of agreeing, ask why

Be Enigmatic Step 4

Step 4. Use unusual terms

Be creative and say things that would make people stop and stare, rather than things that just disappear into thin air. When someone asks how you are, if you say "okay" it will fade into memory – but if you say "I feel like a cat with a long tail in a room full of rocking chairs"; when someone asks how the football game went, you could say "Awful" or "Bad as acid in a wound." People will notice.

Be Enigmatic Step 5

Step 5. Acquire a genius vocabulary

Set aside time each day to learn words and use them in conversation. Using an accurate and clear vocabulary will help you stand out among ordinary speakers.

Method 2 of 3: Keeping Your Distance

Be Enigmatic Step 6

Step 1. Talk less about yourself

Social media has changed the way we interact, taking a lot out of the mystery. It can be difficult to change people's perception of us, so much so that they've "heard" about who we think we are. Don't get caught up in in-person or online conversations, be discerning in what you say to strangers and acquaintances, and be more open with those closest to you.

  • There is no need to go out and spread what you have done, your interests and tastes to everyone; when someone asks where you're going, be evasive: "I'll show up later".
  • Get location information and updates from your social networks like Twitter and Facebook. When online, stop calling yourself part of a country. Remove all personal information from your accounts.
Be Enigmatic Step 7

Step 2. Choose your friends wisely

Some people are open and trustworthy, winning people's hearts instantly. In turn, enigmatic people are very selective, as trust and respect are earned with time and experience, not in a day; others should strive to get closer to you.

  • Spend time with people individually rather than in large groups. The enigmatic attributes are difficult to emphasize among many people. Get to know people for who they are, not who they pretend to be in public situations.
  • To be cryptic, you should learn when to let your guard down and let people get close – it's not about being a hermit. Even the most enigmatic have loved ones they love and trust, only to a lesser extent than is normal in our culture.
Be Enigmatic Step 8

Step 3. Stay calm when under pressure

Enigmatic people manage to control their emotions and passions to appear centered, calm and impassive in front of others; this is not to say that you shouldn't have passions or emotions, but that you control them. Be phlegmatic.

Mysterious people don't need to martyr themselves. Go to the doctor if you experience physical, psychological or emotional pain. Stay healthy and you won't have to fake it. Take care of your body and your health to be strong in any situation

Be Enigmatic Step 9

Step 4. Live in the present

Where do enigmatic people come from? Nobody knows. Where do they go? Anywhere. Don't dwell on the past and don't wonder what the future will be like. Focus on living in the present, here and now. Be spontaneous and open to adjust and it will be as enigmatic as the world around you.

Talk to a close friend if you're dealing with a family breakup or death and move on. This is not something to discuss at work

Method 3 of 3: Having a Strong Personality

Be Enigmatic Step 10

Step 1. Exercise the gray matter

Challenging yourself intellectually provides an engagement with life, which makes us interesting and enigmatic to others. Don't spend hours playing video games, spend hours reading books; exit the chat and go write poetry. Devote yourself to intellectual endeavors and amaze the world with your intelligence.

Be Enigmatic Step 11

Step 2. Be gentle and easygoing

Enigmatic people are mysterious, but they are not mean, malicious or reckless. In fact, your strong presence should be reassuring when people notice that you don't gossip or let your friends down for anything.

  • Listen when people talk. Practice listening skills, pay real attention when they talk to you. We're almost always waiting for our turn to speak – get involved instead. It's surprising how strange this can seem to some people!
  • Remember people's names and try to have a good memory for the things they say. The enigmatics seem indifferent, and when you meet that person you met at the last party on a new occasion, the person will be blown away by your remembering who they are and what they said; maybe she's even ashamed for not remembering anything.
Be Enigmatic Step 12

Step 3. Have different hobbies and interests

Let go of your weirdness and go enjoy something strange and that makes people curious; find something that causes genuine pleasure because of its unique features, not because it's popular.

Start by collecting rare coins or creating crystals, or go camping in the forest every weekend to gather mushrooms. Photograph or learn Latin. Discover an obsession and go after it

Be Enigmatic Step 13

Step 4. Be versatile

wikiHow is a great place for you who want more puzzle in your life. Do you know how to sew? And how to change the car oil? Fine tune a mandolin? Do you know how to install vinyl flooring? Paddling a canoe? The more amazing knowledge and skills you have to show the world at the right time, the more you will stun people with your talents.

  • Do tricks with playing cards and never present it to anyone, just in case someone mentions it at a social event. They will be amazed when you come up with yet another ingenious trick out of nowhere!
  • Get a part-time job if you're young. Learning about the job market can help develop adult skills; real-world experiences will make you stand out from your peers.
Be Enigmatic Step 14

Step 5. Question authority

Enigmatic people are the voice of reason in the midst of chaos, known for their balanced temperament and thoughtful ideas. This often conflicts with the dominant thinking of the mass. Read about Rosa Parks, she is a good example. Those who are enigmatic and mysterious do not ask permission to do what they do, they use their own ability to walk and live. Think of characters like Sherlock Holmes, Batman, Clint Eastwood and Julia Child.

Look for those around you who are enigmatic. Bob Dylan and Miles Davis can be found on Wikipedia, but the people living in our communities like garbage collectors, waiters, teachers, street musicians are also enigmas. Look for and discover discreet leaders, not just those who speak on TV and in the newspaper. Find other types of examples


  • You'll have to be a little more than just enigmatic if your intention is to get a date. Work on your charm, charisma and consideration for others and look good too.
  • The exception to the rule would be comedian, actor and political activist Russell Brand, who manages to behave euphorically and give the impression of being intelligent and mysterious.
  • Don't confuse being enigmatic with others and being an enigma to yourself. Self-knowledge is vital to having a good life and is something you pursue forever. Don't be remiss with this personal aspect, read a lot, write your thoughts in a journal, be open to experiences, challenge your fears and things you don't understand, be always willing to learn.


  • Don't try to be something you're not. Never forget who you are.
  • Communicate and act with peaceful intent at all times. Violence is a sign of lack of self-control, something that would never reach an enigmatic person
  • Don't commit crimes. You know what the consequences are. This would never be recommended.

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