3 Ways to Be Indie

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3 Ways to Be Indie
3 Ways to Be Indie

Being “indie” is being unique, it's knowing how to build a representation of yourself that highlights your uniqueness. This means taking independent thought, guided by your own internal compass, rather than what you are told or imposed by others. Whether you want to wear a specific outfit or listen to predefined bands, “indie” is a culture and a way of thinking.If you want to embrace indie culture, read below for some useful tips for your choice.


Method 1 of 3: Seeking an Indie Attitude

Be Indie Step 1

Step 1. Don't care what people think

Why do we have to worry about gossip anyway? You only live once, so live with intensity, openly loving the things you enjoy. Wear the colors that indicate who you are, listen to the music that expresses your soul and freedom, and never pay attention to the envious eyes that surround you. Unfortunately, they're just upset that they can't enjoy life the way you do.

Be Indie Step 2

Step 2. Appreciate things new or forgotten

That's really at the heart of indie culture: it's about liking and appreciating things that are overlooked, or that deserve more love than they're getting. From enjoying the sound of small bands, or musicians unknown to the general public, to low-budget (but highly scripted) movies, being indie is knowing how to find the diamond in the raw material.

Be Indie Step 3

Step 3. Be independent

Like some movie directors and musicians you admire, approach life independently. Do the things that make you happy and don't be afraid to "stray from the norm." Color your hair in colors you like, even if it looks strange to other people. Wear comfortable clothes, even if they don't match. Have whatever hobby you want, even if it seems weird.

Be Indie Step 4

Step 4. Don't feel the need to have a “normal” relationship if you don't want to

No one should control who you should date, or even who you should and shouldn't kiss. These things are acts of what you think is Love (therefore acts that are part of your choices). So, regardless of what society would think, go out with more than one person at the same time if you want, as long as your other partners agree, and maintain your independence in whatever relationship or circumstance you find yourself.

Be Indie Step 5

Step 5. Express yourself freely

State your opinions. Position yourself without fear. Let your words express your individual personality and always take steps in your life so that you always express yourself in favor of what you believe. If it is extremely important to you that employees in your neighborhood receive fair treatment from their employers, volunteer with a worker's rights organization and fight for this cause. If you don't like something that is happening in your country, protest and work to make these problems visible and resolved in the next election.

Method 2 of 3: Diving Into Indie Culture

Be Indie Step 6

Step 1. Have a good taste

In mainstream culture, people tend to like things because everyone likes them, not because they're really good. In indie culture, people take the quality of everything they need and buy seriously. People can, of course, have different opinions about what is good, but you should always evaluate everything around you and consider the quality in the most different details. Always level up with respect to good music, food, clothing and everything else in your life. You only have to follow one standard: that of quality!

Be Indie Step 7

Step 2. Look for the timeless, not the ephemeral

The dominant culture tends to innovate too quickly, and most things that are popular will only be popular for a short period of time. Therefore, you should look for experiences and styles that have a timeless quality. That's why indie music tends to have a big influence from popular music and fashion generally from the 40s and 70s onwards.

Be Indie Step 8

Step 3. Immerse yourself in the music

Being indie means enjoying good music from independent labels. It wouldn't be difficult to write a list of well-known bands that you, even without being an indie, should already listen to. Even so, there are always new bands with new independent sounds. Being indie is being open to new things, different from the “same”.

  • Do some research. There are many online services, such as Pandora and Grooveshark, that will allow you to put in the name of an artist you admire and, from there, seek recommendations for you about new artists to listen to. Try new things and find new bands!
  • Turn your local record store upside down if it still exists. Choosing through discographies is the easiest way to find out how our predecessors enjoyed their music even before we were born. If you're lucky enough to still have a local record store, frequent it whenever you can.

    Be Indie Step 08Bullet02
  • Talk to your friends and family about music. The best way to learn about artists you might like is to talk to other people who also love music. Being indie is also about exchanging new ideas and sharing trends. When you find a band you like, share it with your friends!
  • Get involved in your local music scene. No matter where you are, there are always people who play music in your area. This is one of the main features of indie music and a great way to get involved in your community. If you play, find people to make a good drumming! There is no better way to participate in indie culture than to make good music, free and independently.

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  • Don't worry if your tastes are indie enough. This would break the main rule of being indie: which is precisely not to follow fads. Hear what you love, whether you're indie or not: that's being indie. There will never be a list of indie nominations that can tell you what's good and what's not, as this is the work of your conscience, not the bearers of this culture!
Be Indie Step 9

Step 4. Get on the do-it-yourself wave

Part of being a member of this culture is demonstrating your ability, through your skills, to do things on your own.

  • Take your interests and hobbies to the next step. Like to eat? Learn to cook! Do you like woolen clothes? Learn to knit! Do you really use your smartphone? Learn how to develop apps for him! In today's world, information is always available: its potential will be limitless.
  • Don't be afraid to be creative. Independent labels have always been known for new types of music, which increasingly push the limits of what is possible. Push limits with your creative efforts too!
  • Involve your friends in your projects. You can complete more ambitious projects when you have the right help! Build a community garden or volunteer for a worthy cause. Being indie is also about doing things in community. There are many organizations you can get involved with locally, that's for sure.
Be Indie Step 10

Step 5. Constantly expose yourself to new things

New movies, from new directors, new books (or older, neglected ones), new music, or a new look… Always be open to new things. Even philosophies and ideas. Indie culture is a way of life where we find things to love that are often forgotten, lost, or not fully appreciated.

Method 3 of 3: Indie attire

Be Indie Step 11

Step 1. Express yourself with your wardrobe

Imagine yourself as a blank canvas, and the clothes you wear will be your Art. What would you like to say to people? Through your clothing, find your “own voice” and be proud to “speak”! This is being indie.

  • Look for vintage clothing you like. Older cuts and prints are often lost in time, until someone believes it's worth bringing them back!
  • Don't be afraid to wear something that might seem a little crazy. Being indie is being you! If you think a certain outfit will look good, give it a try.
Be Indie Step 12

Step 2. Stay away from big brands and stores

Your local thrift store can handle your needs. In addition to saving money and helping the planet through recycling, you'll find treasures you'd never see at the mall.

Be Indie Step 13

Step 3. Make your own accessories

Jewelry, watches, hats, scarves: they are all true forms of expression. Search for these treasures on your travels, but don't forget you can always do it yourself! Your accessories should be similar to your personality, in addition to bringing some meaning.

Be Indie Step 14

Step 4. Choose, if you like, a more natural clothing option

Minimize makeup and wear casual clothing (preferably organically made). Comb your hair well enough, and don't iron it all out! Just don't forget the style. Naturalness can also be a stylish resource!


  • Be humble. It's not just by having an independent life that you are more than anyone else.
  • Recycle. In addition to being an economic activity and good for the environment, it will make you a super nice person and committed to life. Modify or donate your old clothes. Make crafts from recyclable materials (don't forget that garbage can be raw material), and always think of new ways to use items that would simply go to the trash can.
  • Being indie is being you. Only that.
  • Increase your knowledge, whenever you can, about subjects and other topics that interest you.
  • Use an indie person as a role model, friend or family member, but allow yourself to have your own personal essence! You can't really be indie if you're basically a spoof of someone or a gossip.
  • Be smart! Always look for affordable items on sale sites such as Mercado Livre.
  • Think about the things you buy and where they come from. Spend money in your local economy with companies that employ sustainable business practices. If you don't know the business practices of your favorite company, find out more about them.
  • Say what you want, but have an independent and guided opinion.

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