How to Imitate Eminem's Style: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Imitate Eminem's Style: 13 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Imitate Eminem's Style: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

Many fans of rap star Eminem would like to emulate his style. The singer has a simple, understated fashion sense. With just a few caps and jackets, it's possible to dress like him easily. Eminem also has a very peculiar attitude. Get used to saying what you think, without worrying about what others think of you.


Part 1 of 3: Choosing the Attire

Emulate Eminem's Style Step 1

Step 1. Provide casual sweaters and jackets

That's the basis of Eminem's style. To dress like him, just go to the nearest shopping center and buy a few pairs of these pieces.

  • When he was popular, Eminem was a frequent wearer of dark and somewhat baggy jackets. Give preference to colors like dark green, dark blue, black or gray, and loose models.
  • Sweatshirts, also dark, are another iconic outfit for the rapper. You can choose between zipped or zipped hoodies, as long as they're dark and have a hood.
Emulate Eminem's Style Step 2

Step 2. Wear a leather jacket

That was another piece that accompanied or singer at the height of success. To look like him, add some leather jackets to the wardrobe.

  • Choose a loose, lightweight leather jacket like the ones Eminem wore.
  • As real leather is expensive, you can buy a good quality faux leather jacket, or buy a real leather jacket at a thrift store.
Emulate Eminem's Style Step 3

Step 3. Buy cargo shorts

Eminem is well known for wearing shorts like that on stage. Combine them with your sweatshirt or loose-fitting fabric or leather jacket, and you'll look just like him!

Give preference to dark colored shorts. Eminem tends to wear dark clothes, except for shirts

Emulate Eminem's Style Step 4

Step 4. Wear a simple white T-shirt under your clothes

That's the finishing touch to Eminem's style, who usually features a white T-shirt under baggy blouses and jackets. Wear t-shirts like this every day to imitate him.

Part 2 of 3: Accessories and Hairstyle

Emulate Eminem's Style Step 5

Step 1. Cut your hair like his

Shaved hair, which is a simple hairstyle to maintain, is one of Eminem's trademarks. Go to the hairdresser and ask for a very low shaved cut.

It is known that Eminem cuts his own hair at home. You can do that too, if you're not afraid

Emulate Eminem's Style Step 6

Step 2. Wear a big watch

The rapper is known for his big, clumsy watches. Buy a model like this and don't take it off your wrist anymore.

  • He once wore a white dial watch to the Grammys. See if you can buy one like that.
  • Most of his wristwatches are set with diamonds, which can be quite expensive. But there are cheap watches with fake diamonds.
Emulate Eminem's Style Step 7

Step 3. Buy baseball caps

Here's another iconic singer accessory that you should incorporate into your attire if you want to look like him.

  • Buy baseball caps with baseball team shields like Eminem's.
  • The cap offers more color freedom. If you like, you can even wear bright colors!
Emulate Eminem's Style Step 8

Step 4. Buy a dark wool hat

Over the course of his career, the star made several appearances wearing dark bonnets, which can be easily found in department stores, thrift stores and clothing stores. This is an essential element of Eminem's wardrobe.

A black hat, preferred by Eminem, is ideal

Emulate Eminem's Style Step 9

Step 5. Wear a necklace with a pendant

The gold pendant is another trademark of the singer, who loves to attach them to long chains. Together with the huge clock, you'll recreate Eminem's unmistakable look!

Part 3 of 3: Cultivating Personality

Emulate Eminem's Style Step 10

Step 1. Don't worry about what others think

Eminem has always gone his own way in life. Try to be authentic and not worry about what they think of you.

  • The fear of being judged is just in your head, as we live in a society that teaches us to seek the approval of others from an early age. But remember, people are more concerned about themselves than about you.
  • Don't try to control others' thoughts. Furthermore, it is impossible to know if someone really disapproves of us unless he tells us directly. The opinion of others is not your concern.
Emulate Eminem's Style Step 11

Step 2. Pursue your passions

Dedication is a trait that stands out in Eminem. If you want to be like him, dedicate your energies to what you think is important.

  • What are your passions? Would you like to be a writer? Singer? Actor? Pursue this passionately.
  • It also helps not to think about other people's opinions. Forget your insecurities and focus on your ambitions.
Emulate Eminem's Style Step 12

Step 3. Question what was taught to you

To think autonomously like Eminem, you have to question authority. Don't believe what you're told without first investigating whether it's true.

  • Make up your own opinions on any issues. When you hear news in the newspaper, do some in-depth research before deciding how you position yourself.
  • Learn to question what you are told. When someone says something is wrong, ask why. Try to discover the origin of social stigmas and which customs it is important to rebel against.
Emulate Eminem's Style Step 13

Step 4. Read comics

Eminem's lyrics overflow with references to superheroes. If you have the same repertoire as him, you can more easily imitate his attitude and style.

Eminem is a big fan of Marvel comics. Stop by the nearest comic book store and buy some books from this publisher, as well as anthologies that explain the origins and trajectories of the characters


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