How to Dress Like a Rapper: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Dress Like a Rapper: 13 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Dress Like a Rapper: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

The style used by rap and hip hop singers varies a lot and it plays an important role in the artist's distinction. Famous rappers often buy their clothes from popular brands, but it's important to have a personal and individualized style. In addition to just following fashion, your look should represent who you are with the use of accessories, for example. Read on to find out what the biggest style trends are for male and female hip hop and rap fans.


Method 1 of 2: Rapper Style for Men

Dress Like a Rapper Step 1

Step 1. Buy loose shirts

One of the characteristics of the style is the comfort and size of the pieces used.

  • Basketball team jerseys from the NBA's Golden Years are good examples.
  • In addition, graphic-print t-shirts are used by designers such as Sean John and Wu Wear, famous in this field.
  • Polo shirts or baggy button-down shirts can also be worn without fear.
  • Baggy, colorful and hooded jackets are also popular in this style.
  • It is customary to wear these types of blouses inside the pants at the front and loose at the back, to show the belt buckle.
Dress Like a Rapper Step 2

Step 2. Wear baggy pants

However, they should not be so large that you cannot see your own shoes.

  • Leave your sneakers tongue exposed.
  • Pants from brands such as Kaos and Lab Phantom are good options.
  • If you go for denim pants and they are too big, use a belt to hold them in place – if the buckle is embellished with designs and stones, so much the better.
Dress Like a Rapper Step 3

Step 3. Wear a jacket

Many models are popular in rapper culture.

  • The starter jackets, very popular in the 90's, are great options to compose the classic hip hop style.
  • The leather pelle pelle coats became famous as the 50 Cent.
  • Camouflaged fatigue jackets also match the look and are worn by international rap artists such as DMX.
Dress Like a Rapper Step 4

Step 4. Buy a cap and a bandana

Tie the headband and wear the cap over it.

  • The flap can be front, back or to the side – it all depends on your personal style.
  • Ideally, the headband should be brightly colored and tied like a helmet, so that the cap fits you right.
  • Scarves are also popular in this style.
Dress Like a Rapper Step 5

Step 5. Wear costume jewelry

Both men and women can wear costume jewelry in the midst of rap and hip hop.

  • Wear large gold or silver chains, which are even more stylish with equally large cross pendants.
  • Choose gold, silver or stone rings for a flashy touch.
  • Tooth jewelry (called a grillz) is very popular with rappers; it is a cape made of metal, simulating teeth of gold or silver. The problem is that these parts are often very expensive.
  • If you don't have the money to cover all your teeth with a grillz, start by covering just one or two teeth – if you use two, you can even burn.
Dress Like a Rapper Step 6

Step 6. Wear large sunglasses, known as stunna

They are quite common among rappers.

  • The most popular are squares.
  • Some brands that sell good models are Adidas and Sean John.
  • Many of these models are colorful and have adornments to draw more attention.
Dress Like a Rapper Step 7

Step 7. Wear the right shoes

High-top sneakers and track boots are the most used types among artists of the genre.

  • Look for brands like Vlados, Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Jordan and Timberland, which are the ones that best represent the style.
  • High-top sneakers must have the tongue visible.
  • Keep your shoes clean so they're always shiny and flashy.

Method 2 of 2: Hip Hop Style for Women

Dress Like a Rapper Step 8

Step 1. Wear brightly colored shirts

There are many styles of shirt that can be worn by girls in the hip hop world.

  • T-shirts with vivid colors such as orange, light blue, gold, hot pink and light purple, and graphic prints are the most suitable.
  • Shirts with animal or irreverent prints are also a good idea, especially if they are brightly colored.
  • Female hip hop stars wear a lot of cropped tops, spaghetti straps and tighter shirts.
  • Whichever color you choose, it's important to match the pants and accessories with the shirt.
Dress Like a Rapper Step 9

Step 2. Wear a flashy jacket

In the female case, it doesn't matter if the jacket is tight or loose.

  • Skin-tight leather jackets make the head of female artists, usually in colors like gold or white, which attract the eye.
  • Denim jackets are also viable and stylish alternatives.
  • On the other hand, wide sports jackets can also be used by women, but they refer to the male style.
Dress Like a Rapper Step 10

Step 3. Choose your pants or skirts

Women's hip hop fashion is more versatile than men's, with many different styles of pants.

  • Tight jeans and leggings are the most popular types. There are also details, such as tears on the front or sides of the legs.
  • The sarouel pants, wide at the hips and tight at the ankles, are also part of the composition. They can be light colors, which match the top of the composition, or dark, such as black or camouflage print.
  • Adidas sports pants are a classic in this style.
  • Short denim skirts never go out of style and are always seen by artists like Eve and Nicki Minaj.
Dress Like a Rapper Step 11

Step 4. Wear accessories such as jewelry, hats and sunglasses

The feminine style in hip hop also uses embellishments.

  • A must-have accessory are the giant earrings.
  • Wear three or four necklaces at the same time, preferably shiny, with gemstones, rivets and pendants.
  • Even hats and sunglasses can (and should) have these flashy details; choose a vibrant, straight-brimmed cap that matches your shirt or pants.
  • Choose stunna glasses or any other eye-catching, colorful, ornate piece.
Dress Like a Rapper Step 12

Step 5. Wear the right shoes

Hip hop stars wear high-top sneakers and trail boots like men do, but still have the option of purchasing them in the high-heeled version.

  • In the case of sneakers, the upper must be high and the best brands are Jordans and Adidas, which have colorful and flashy models.
  • Boots, on the other hand, may be Timberland, the most popular brand in this style.
  • Hip hop girls wear very high heels and golden, chromatic and neon platforms.
  • Make a different hairstyle. Hip hop singers are very creative with the colors and haircuts they make.
  • Dye them some vivid color like pink, purple or blue.
  • Blond or platinum hair also draws attention and is part of the look of artists such as Tássia Reis, Nicki Minaj and Karol Conká.
  • You can use braided or straight hair with fringe as well.
Dress Like a Rapper Step 13

Step 6. Wear brightly colored makeup

In particular, the eyes and lips are noteworthy.

  • Use a matte lipstick in a neon color like purple or pink; bright red is also a good option.
  • Use a mascara that adds volume to your lashes. These products also come in different colors.
  • Use a thick eyeliner and a flashy eye shadow such as green, pink, blue, gold or silver.


  • If someone makes fun of your face for your style, let it go. Focus on your style and believe in yourself.
  • Take a look at magazines and websites about the world of rap and hip hop, both nationally and internationally.
  • Don't try to be something you're not. Be yourself, always!
  • Try to customize your style, don't just copy what's most popular.
  • Always wear clothes that you feel comfortable in and try not to overdo anything you try.


  • Some people take rap and hip hop very seriously, and even get beside themselves with the rules imposed by the genre and the streets. Go slow and act accordingly.
  • Dressing up as a rapper can also cause problems with gangs if you wear the wrong outfit in the wrong place. In other words, be careful with what you choose to wear and where you will go with your clothes.
  • Wearing this style of clothing may not be acceptable at your school.

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