5 Ways to Dress Like a Skateboarder

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5 Ways to Dress Like a Skateboarder
5 Ways to Dress Like a Skateboarder

Skateboarding has become so popular that modern skateboarders wear all kinds of clothes. That said, there are a few different looks that are often associated with the sport's culture. Practitioners often wear certain types of shoes with casual t-shirts and tight pants. Depending on what kind of skater you want to be, your style will vary; however, always try to be original and use what suits you best.


Method 1 of 5: Choosing Between Style and Function

Dress Like a Skater Step 1

Step 1. Dress like a skateboarder because you like the look

Maybe you're not really a practitioner, but you really like the look. You can dress like one for the visual aspect of the thing, choosing clothes that make you look like a skateboarder without being a real one. People might call you a "poser", but if you really like the style, go for it. Be confident and don't let others' negativity affect you.

Dress Like a Skater Step 2

Step 2. Become a skateboarder

On the other hand, you might want to dress like a sport because you want to become one. In this case, the important thing is to practice first. To get along with other sportsmen and be accepted, you need to prove that you really know what you're doing and that you're serious about it. Become a good skater and let the style come later.

This step is important because practitioners of this sport are proud of who they are and generally don't care about who acts as a "poser" or "pays stick". It may sound harsh, but it's just the culture behind skateboarding. If you want to be part of it too, get to know the sport, be good at what you do and change your style gradually. If you go straight into skater fashion and try to do tricks and land on your face, you can be judged or ridiculed. To avoid this shame, trust your abilities and know what you're doing

Dress Like a Skater Step 3

Step 3. Choose what kind of skater you want to be

There are different types, and each has a style. Most like to feel comfortable, have enough flexibility in their clothes to maneuver and look good at the same time. Skaters tend to wear tighter or looser pants (some just wear straight jeans), sneakers with flat soles, t-shirts with prints or a little tight, and caps. If you are going to choose a specific look, you can follow the Methods below.

If you don't want to dress like a specific skater, but rather like a casual one, you can combine any of the styles in these categories to form your look. Casual skaters often wear skinny jeans, flat-soled shoes in bright or neutral colors, and slightly tighter T-shirts. You can wear a leather jacket and hat to look hipster, or wear a hat of your choice to keep yourself casual

Method 2 of 5: Learning the General Style

Dress Like a Skater Step 4

Step 1. Choose comfort

Being able to perform maneuvers means wearing practical clothing that doesn't limit movement or need to remain in top condition. Expect to twist them, tear them, fade them and even bleed on them. Although skaters tend to wear tighter pieces, they still need to allow for freedom of movement and flexibility. Before trying advanced maneuvers, try to wear what you're wearing so that you can perform them better.

Dress Like a Skater Step 5

Step 2. Wear flexible, flat-soled shoes with great grip

These are a common style element among skaters and will help keep you on the board. To increase authenticity, choose shoes made specifically for this sport. For example, some have extra seams to last longer. "DVS", "ÉS", "Fallen", "Supra", "Vans", "Circa", "DC", "Emerica's", "Converse", "Adio", "Etnies" and "Lakai" are good brands.

To mimic the practitioners' look, tear the shoes around the toes. However, if you're a real skater, they'll tear up pretty fast. Keep in mind that putting on a new pair of shoes with holes in them may not seem plausible. If you're just imitating the style, it's acceptable, but if you want to become or are a real sportsman, let the shoes rip over time to show that you've worked very hard to make them look like that

Dress Like a Skater Step 6

Step 3. Get to know the classic skateboard brands

"Element", "Baker", "Analog", "Quicksilver", "Volcom", "Vans" and "Billabong" are some examples. If you are shopping abroad, you can also try some snowboarding brands like "Burton" as many skaters from cold countries also practice this sport. It's not necessary to include these brands in all your looks, but they often have clothes that appeal to skaters because of their style and functionality. So if you're starting from scratch, it's good to check them out.

Some of the top rated skater clothing brands today are "Bianca Chandôn", "Dime", "Alltimers", "Supreme", "Antihero" and "Palace"

Dress Like a Skater Step 7

Step 4. Be casual

Don't spend a lot of money on new accessories and branded items when an old t-shirt and faded jeans fit. Skaters like to look neat, but in a way that shows they didn't try too hard. Try to put together stylish yet casual looks.

Don't just wear branded clothes; wear casual pieces too. T-shirts, shirts, hooded jackets and striped caps and t-shirts with the brand name or logo will do. Wear a hood or a cap on your head. If you wear a lot of designer clothes, it will look like you're trying too hard, which will categorize you as a "poser"

Method 3 of 5: Dressing Like A Punk Skateboarder

Dress Like a Skater Step 8

Step 1. Act accordingly

A punk skater relies heavily on his style to achieve the look, but he's also known for his attitude. To be one of them, you need to be confident, bold, provocative and able to defend your look. They are often known for their preference for punk or rock music, so consider going to concerts and discovering new music. While skating, you can also listen to music with headphones to show that you are part of the punk scene.

Dress Like a Skater Step 9

Step 2. Wear aggressively themed t-shirts

Strong colors like red and black and violent images like skulls or blood are classic skate-punk fashions. Punk band t-shirts are especially suitable for such a look. Punk skaters like to dictate their own fashion, so be creative and original with your clothes. Visit a thrift store to find cool vintage t-shirts.

Another alternative to shirts are tank tops. You'll need to be pretty confident to wear this piece, but some punk skaters wear tank tops to create a bold look that allows them to show off their tattoos

Dress Like a Skater Step 10

Step 3. Think about dyeing your hair

Punk skaters are known for their black and daring clothes and hair. If you really want their look, dye your hair black and mohawk it using gel or leave it long and over your eyes. You can also add some colored streaks to your hair if you really want to stand out.

Dress Like a Skater Step 11

Step 4. Wear tight jeans

Modern punk skaters tend to wear tighter jeans, usually a darker color like black. The pants you choose should have a certain elasticity in the fabric so that you can still perform tricks. Some followers of this style like to wear baggy shorts, usually black, so choose what's most comfortable for you and gives you more freedom to move around.

Dress Like a Skater Step 12

Step 5. Invest in skate shoes

Like most practitioners, punk skaters often use classic sneakers to practice the sport, with flat soles and good grip. These shoes usually come in many different colors, but it might be better to stick to neutrals like black or dark gray. For a more retro punk look, use All Stars.

Dress Like a Skater Step 13

Step 6. Use punk accessories

Punk skaters don't wear a lot of ornaments, but they like accessories with spikes, like belts. You can also wear an earring or two to be even more daring. These skaters love to stand out with their tattoos, so if you really want that look, consider wearing a tattooed sleeve or even getting a tattoo all over your arm.

Method 4 of 5: Dressing Like A Hip-Hop Skateboarder

Dress Like a Skater Step 14

Step 1. Wear branded clothes

DGK, Zoo York, Phat Farm, City Stars, Dunks, LRG and South Pole are some popular names in hip-hop clothing. This style emphasizes brands a little more than the others, which is why it's better to choose DCs or Nike SBs over other skate shoes. You can use the tags on shirts, hats or shoes.

Dress Like a Skater Step 15

Step 2. Dress up colored items

Unlike punk skaters, hip-hop skaters like to stand out with colorful clothes. You can wear a t-shirt, a pair of sneakers, or a brightly colored cap. Some wear a white T-shirt to look casual and put the color on their shoes, cap or other accessories.

Casual t-shirts are the best way to put this look together, as you should look cool and cool

Dress Like a Skater Step 16

Step 3. Choose a style of pants

Hip-hop skater pants vary a lot. Some wear skinny jeans that are looser around the waist, showing their underwear, while others wear looser pieces. You can choose either one to complement other parts of your style to achieve the hip-hop look. Whichever pants you choose, they should allow you to maneuver and move with ease.

Dress Like a Skater Step 17

Step 4. Wear a cap, especially under a hood

The cap is essential to complete a hip-hop skater look. You can find it in all styles and brands, so choose the one that best suits your look. You can wear it forwards or backwards and embellish it to make the outfit even more daring.

Dress Like a Skater Step 18

Step 5. Use accessories

Hip-hop skaters like to complement their style by putting on a long chain around their neck or sparkly earrings.

Method 5 of 5: Dressing Like A Hesh/Rasta Skater

Dress Like a Skater Step 19

Step 1. Dress for the role

A hesh or rasta skater is someone who generally acts like he doesn't care about anything. He tends to look more grungy and dirty and wears clothes that aren't always very clean because he wants to look like he hasn't tried hard and doesn't care if other people notice.

Dress Like a Skater Step 20

Step 2. Let the beard grow

Oftentimes, hesh skaters come to their dirtiest, grungiest look with an unshaven beard. Cultivate your beard and even consider getting dreadlocks or growing your hair. Whatever you do, don't push yourself too hard, or you'll go against what a hesh skater stands for.

Dress Like a Skater Step 21

Step 3. Wear a different style

Instead of looking like a normal skater wearing skinny jeans and a cap, try on cargo pants and a cap. Add some red, yellow and green to your look, as these are popular colors of Rastafarian culture.


  • Getting bruised elbows and knees and ripped jeans might sound cool, but don't do it on purpose, or you'll look like a poser. Think of these things as something you get from an ugly tumble.
  • Search skate brands and some skater brands on the internet so you can discover companies you've never heard of that have great products.
  • If you're still not sure what skaters wear or what look you want to achieve, take a look at the skaters around you. Don't copy their clothes but use them as inspiration for your own style.


  • If you want to dress like a skateboarder, don't look like a clone. It's not cool, and you're going to end up looking like a jackass. Don't be afraid to stand out. Looking the same as everyone else isn't going to make you a better skater.
  • Avoid taking your skateboard wherever you go. Walking around school holding one doesn't make you a skateboarder.
  • You don't need to buy skate brand jeans as they are quite expensive. Many practitioners wear regular jeans, but don't overdo the "Wrangler" ones. You are trying to look like a skateboarder, not a cowboy.

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