How to Start an Indie Lifestyle (with Pictures)

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How to Start an Indie Lifestyle (with Pictures)
How to Start an Indie Lifestyle (with Pictures)

We've all seen those teenagers in band shirts, worn sneakers, and a kind of snarky humor. We see them with iPods listening to music by groups no one has ever heard of and we see them in cafes sipping a hot drink while reading literary classics. This article will show you the basics of starting an indie lifestyle.


Part 1 of 3: Getting into Style

Start an Indie Lifestyle Step 1

Step 1. Wear tight, worn jeans

This tip is for both women and men. Black jeans work for everyone. If the pants are worn or torn, it is even more characterized as part of an independent style.

Start an Indie Lifestyle Step 2

Step 2. Use plaid and striped prints

Don't be afraid of prints, but keep it simple. Horizontal stripes are basic, especially in the classic black and white combination. The striped shirt and plaid flannel shirt have always been part of the indie wardrobe.

  • Match the striped shirt with the plaid flannel shirt on top.
  • Make the look looser by folding the shirt sleeves.
Start an Indie Lifestyle Step 3

Step 3. Avoid going to the mall

Indie style means being independent, and if you want to be a unique person, you should avoid shopping. Shop at thrift stores and smaller stores to find unique pieces.

Start an Indie Lifestyle Step 4

Step 4. Find the ideal shoe

A common choice, for both men and women, is a pair of boots. We're not talking about those cowboy-style boots, we're talking about simple, leather-bound models with laces. Choose a black or brown pair and match any piece of clothing, from skinny jeans to a floral print dress.

  • For a more punk rock image, try a pair of boots.
  • For a more casual look, choose Converse or Toms-style sneakers.
Start an Indie Lifestyle Step 5

Step 5. Wear a scarf

Break into your grandparents' wardrobe to see what they keep there. Choose a long, loose scarf, tie it around your neck once or twice, and leave the ends loose.

Start an Indie Lifestyle Step 6

Step 6. Use vintage accessories

Find that unique piece at an antique store. Choose a metal chain with pendants. Wear leather and metal bracelets. These tips apply to both men and women.

Men can also complement a more formal look with suspenders and a bow tie

Start an Indie Lifestyle Step 7

Step 7. Wear leather jacket

The leather jacket is a piece that never goes out of style. It gives a touch of independence, sophistication and gives the impression of a rocker style. Choose a black jacket, and don't worry if it's a little frayed.

Start an Indie Lifestyle Step 8

Step 8. Choose trendy glasses

Glasses are capable of making a person stand out. They've gone from being a nerdy feature to a trendy accessory. Choose a large piece, with thick rings and a dark color.

  • Don't need glasses? Everything is fine. You can still wear glasses without lenses, just for the sake of style.
  • Choose a trendy pair of sunglasses. Opt for classic aviator style or something more daring. Some brands produce folding models, offering a perfect combination of style and boldness.
Start an Indie Lifestyle Step 9

Step 9. Let the facial hair grow

You can try on anything you like with facial hair. The mustache gives a hipster appearance. The only thing you won't want is a neatly trimmed beard.

  • Keep the beard long and pointed.
  • Try growing your mustache. Do wax to shape the hair if it is too big.
Start an Indie Lifestyle Step 10

Step 10. Get a tattoo

This is one of the most common ways to stand out and be original. Design your own tattoo, something that has a special meaning for you. Avoid choosing any image.

  • Think about the possibility of tattooing an animal associated with your personality.
  • Make your own design and ask the tattoo artist to reproduce it on your skin.
  • Choose a body part to make the tattoo visible. You don't want to leave your tattoo covered all the time. Try doing it on the arm or shoulder, to leave it exposed whenever you want.
  • You must be 18 years old or have a parental consent to get a tattoo. It is essential to be sober.

Part 2 of 3: Sticking to the Lifestyle

Start an Indie Lifestyle Step 11

Step 1. Start a new hobby

Do what you feel like. Avoid being just one more in the crowd. Part of the indie lifestyle is being creative. If you don't want to do what everyone else does, create your own path.

  • Sew. It's a great way to show your personality and style. Sewing will allow you to create unique pieces of clothing, showing all your style in the pieces.
  • Create a band. You may need to learn to play an instrument, but it's not essential. The band Bikini Kill was created by a poet who wanted to have a larger audience. To compose the band, members who had never played an instrument until then were called. Take initiative and start, then practice.
  • Create your own jewelry. This is a good way to spread your style and originality.
  • Create a zine. Zine is a small, independently produced magazine, created since copying machines made possible the dissemination of copyrighted works. This type of vehicle is usually full of rebellious ideas, countercultural texts, poetry, drawings and stories. Make multiple copies to distribute and try to build a fan base.
Start an Indie Lifestyle Step 12

Step 2. Join the urban exploration movement

Treat your city like a camp. Walk, explore, investigate. Enter places outside your comfort zone. Stay safe during the process and be careful not to get caught, but cross the “don't go over” boundaries and visit places no one else dares to go.

  • Explore tunnels.
  • Jump over the fence and have a picnic in a place ignored by everyone.
  • Enter abandoned buildings and warehouses.
Start an Indie Lifestyle Step 13

Step 3. Eat on the street

The wave of gourmet food trucks started on social networks promoted by the Kogi Korean BBQ food truck, from Los Angeles, and has been spreading around the world since then. It is now possible to find them in various cities and festivals. What better way to eat in a place that doesn't have an established address? Find a food truck near you.

Start an Indie Lifestyle Step 14

Step 4. Visit the cafes

Independent people do things themselves. They avoid being in the office, in a cubicle or in a library, prefer to work at a wooden table with a hot cup of coffee beside them or read a book in a good old coffee chair.

Start an Indie Lifestyle Step 15

Step 5. Ride a bike

Do not depend on the car or public transport, cycle around the city. Bicycles are an extension of our personality. Decorate yours with stickers and accessories such as baskets and bells.

Don't be afraid of having your style ruined by the helmet, you'll look smarter with it by keeping yourself safe

Start an Indie Lifestyle Step 16

Step 6. Be yourself

While all of the above suggestions fit into the indie lifestyle, the main element is independence. Be true to your individuality. Its essence is the greatest demonstration of the lifestyle.

  • Analyze yourself. Become aware and accept your strengths and shortcomings. It's important to know who you really are before joining a group.
  • Be authentic. Don't let your personality get swallowed up by social rules.
  • Stay informed. Read, find out about current events and always be willing to learn. You will develop new interests and become more global and unique.
  • Have your own opinion. Don't be influenced by a group. Express your opinions with respect.

Part 3 of 3: Creating a Soundtrack

Start an Indie Lifestyle Step 17

Step 1. Listen to indie rock bands

Music is an important part of the indie scene. This aspect of rock has the characteristic of expressing new ideas or sounds, and many great bands have already done that. Listen to some bands to find out which ones you most identify with.

Start an Indie Lifestyle Step 18

Step 2. Go to rock concerts

Show up and participate – that's how you become a part of the music. You will be surrounded by people who like the same things and you can enjoy it your way.

Find the most original songs by watching local bands performing and discovering that group that no one has ever heard of… yet

Start an Indie Lifestyle Step 19

Step 3. Wear band shirts

It's the perfect match for your tight jeans. The band t-shirts show their style and musical taste. It's a way of expressing not only style but also opinion.

You can find these shirts for sale at concerts, thrift stores and music stores

Start an Indie Lifestyle Step 20

Step 4. Buy a turntable

You can download the songs online, but it's much nicer to look for an album in antique stores. Like vintage clothing, finding a band's vinyl record is an indie trend.

  • You'll likely find other colleagues who share the same style by browsing the store for records. Chat with them about music to meet other bands.
  • You can listen to the disc at the store itself. Ask the dealer, or play the vinyl yourself if you have a turntable with headphones available.
  • Before buying, make sure there is no scratch on the disc.

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