3 Ways to Dress Like a Metalwoman

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3 Ways to Dress Like a Metalwoman
3 Ways to Dress Like a Metalwoman

Do you love the tough and dangerous style of metal? So you are not alone! With a metal girl style, you show all your boldness and unique personality. As complex as the style is, just know what to look for and where to start. Make use of leather, jeans and thumbtacks in clothes and accessories. In terms of hair and makeup, take a chance on the choices to get the look you want.


Method 1 of 3: Assembling a Look

Dress Metal (Girls) Step 1

Step 1. Wear black band shirts or blouses

The good thing about adopting the metal style is that it's easy to choose the top of the look. Band T-shirts and plain T-shirts are the first choice of many metal fans. Choose blouses from your favorite bands or go black.

  • You can also choose prints referring to the world of music in general, such as from a rock festival or a famous bar that plays live metal.
  • If you prefer a plain blouse, choose darker colors like black, burgundy, purple or navy. Occasionally wear a white T-shirt if you are going to wear a jacket over it.


customize your shirts for a personal touch. For example, you can make it shorter, make slits on the sides or cut the collar and create a new neckline. You can even open the back of the shirt and secure it with pins.

Dress Metal (Girls) Step 2

Step 2. Wear a leather jacket, military parka, or vest when you want to layer

It's common to wear layered clothing in this style. If it's cold, put on a leather or camouflage jacket. If it's warmer, how about a denim or leather vest?

  • To save a few bucks, look for a used jacket at a thrift store or on the internet. It is possible to find more affordable options in good condition.
  • Put on some custom buttons to make your jacket or vest special.
  • You don't always need to wear your coat, especially in summer.
Dress Metal (Girls) Step 3

Step 3. Choose ripped jeans, black pants or leather pants

Dark colors are the best option, but ripped jeans are also great. Prefer tighter or straight-cut models, as baggy pants are more common in the grunge style.

Make rips and holes to make jeans more interesting

Dress Metal (Girls) Step 4

Step 4. How about a denim, leather or plaid skirt to make a girly look?

If you want to give a more feminine touch to your look, the skirt is a good idea. Choose a short or thigh-length piece. Vary with pins and pins for a bold and different look.

Take the look to the next level by putting fishnets, pantyhose or leggings under your skirt. This trick is also good for warming up your legs on a colder day or showing less skin if your skirt is too short

Dress Metal (Girls) Step 5

Step 5. Combine ripped denim shorts with thick black tights for a warmer look

Destroyed jeans are always a cool choice. How about wearing shorts above mid-thigh and completing the look with pantyhose or leggings?

You don't need to wear ripped jeans if you don't want to. Shorts or common jeans, whether blue or black, match the style too


do not wear pantyhose if you prefer a simpler look or if the day is too hot.

Dress Metal (Girls) Step 6

Step 6. Wear boots, boots, All Star or spike heels

Nothing like a boot to characterize the metalhead look. Want something more casual? Then bet on an All Star or Vans sneaker. If you're in the mood for a more feminine touch, wear spike heels or flats with studs.

  • Choose shoes in a dark color such as black.
  • Forget sneakers with prints, which can leave a childish look.

Method 2 of 3: Choosing Accessories

Dress Metal (Girls) Step 7

Step 1. Cover your jacket and bag with buttons

Look for buttons with photos of your favorite bands, ironic phrases or other interests. Mix several different themes and sizes to create a unique look all yours. You can even put the buttons on the shirts if you want.

Find bottons on the internet, at concerts or stores that sell accessories from the world of rock

Dress Metal (Girls) Step 8

Step 2. Decorate your arms with leather wristbands and bracelets, chains or studs

Leather and thicker metal are almost mandatory. Even more if it's a wristband covered with studs or spikes. Wear a bracelet alone or wear several at the same time.

Some look options are: a leather wristband on each arm or a leather wristband, a studded wristband and a metal bracelet on the same arm

Dress Metal (Girls) Step 9

Step 3. Choose thick necklaces or neck chokers

The thick chains and leather chokers make for a perfect metal look. As with other accessories, the studs and spikes are a nice addition. Wear one or several necklaces.

If the necklace has a pendant, choose something heavy and metal, such as a large iron cross or pick

Dress Metal (Girls) Step 10

Step 4. Wear a studded leather belt

Place the belt around your waist or hip height. Another option is to put it over a shirt.

Play with the belts and put on more than one. Choose from different size options, such as a thick studded belt and a thin red leather belt

Dress Metal (Girls) Step 11

Step 5. Use a black studded or custom leather bag

If you want to take a bag, choose a black or military green leather item. Look for a bag with metal studs or customize yours the way you like it. Add bottons, glue thumbtacks or paint it.

For example, you can carry a green cross-back backpack at school or work and a black studded handbag at other times

Method 3 of 3: Fixing Hair and Makeup

Dress Metal (Girls) Step 12

Step 1. Leave the long strands loose if you want an easy option

Don't be too worried about your hairstyle, it's okay to have messy hair if you're a metal girl. Are the strands curly or frizzy? Leave them to the natural. If they are smooth, apply a little product to get more stripped waves.

In heavy metal style, hair is often wild and messy, like after head banging to your favorite music

Dress Metal (Girls) Step 13

Step 2. Choose a different or shaved style if you want to be daring

Ask the hairdresser to make a cut full of uneven or fringed ends to stand out from the crowd. Another idea is to shave one side of your hair. You can, for example, shave the left side of your head and leave the right side long and messy.

You can also add your personal touch to popular styles such as the mohawk


another way to make your look unique is to paint your highlights. How about making red or pink streaks? Paint the threads black? Bleach all of your hair?

Dress Metal (Girls) Step 14

Step 3. Use dark eyeshadows to make your makeup heavy

Some cool options for metalheads are grey, blue and purple. Layer shadows to make the look more dramatic. If you want, make a nice smokey.

  • Prefer dark colors, but be sure to use what matches your face.
  • Avoid very light or pastel shades unless they are combined with a dark color.
Dress Metal (Girls) Step 15

Step 4. Go for the black eyeliner in the upper and lower lashes.

Use liquid eyeliner, gel eyeliner or eye liner - whichever is easier for you. The first two make the look more dramatic, but the pencil can give a more raw and smudged touch. Make a thick line close to the lashes or apply several layers until you get the desired effect.

If you don't want to use eyeliner on your lower lashes, that's fine. The look is not impaired

Dress Metal (Girls) Step 16

Step 5. Put on some dark lipstick to look a bit goth

Use and abuse the burgundy, purple, plum and black lipstick. Apply two coats of product for solid coverage. If you like, use a lip pencil of the same color to outline the mouth.

You can skip this step if you're not a lot of lipstick


in general, it is best to be bold on the eyes or on the lips, not both at the same time. However, the style in question is rebellious, so it's okay to make an eye and a mouth.

Dress Metal (Girls) Step 17

Step 6. paint your nails with a dark nail polish to complete the look.

Use black, dark blue, purple or wine. Don't worry if the nail polish starts to peel. You are metalhead, after all, and you can afford to look a little carefree.

  • Bet on black, burgundy and teal enamel.
  • It's okay not to put on nail polish if you don't like it.


  • Try to customize your look as much as possible. Modify your clothes, make a mix of accessories and unexpected combinations.
  • Learn the subtle differences between different types of metal, punk, hard rock and grunge, as each has its own style.


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