4 Ways to Be a Kawaii Girl

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4 Ways to Be a Kawaii Girl
4 Ways to Be a Kawaii Girl

Kawaii is a Japanese lifestyle and fashion that has cuteness as its central point. The look is marked by pastel shades, fun and super feminine accessories, bows and cute characters. Start by choosing a kawaii outfit. Then complement it with cute accessories. The main thing is to be yourself and dress the way you want. Choose your favorite kawaii fashion elements and incorporate them into your wardrobe.


Method 1 of 4: Dressing up in a kawaii way

Step 1. Add pastel shades to your wardrobe

Pastel shades are a trademark of the kawaii world. Try incorporating them into your everyday looks. You can either immerse yourself in the look with a Lolita-style longuete dress or opt for something simpler and match a pastel colored T-shirt with your favorite skirt or jeans.

A floral print in pastel shades is also a great choice

Step 2. Invest in fluffy clothes with ruffles and pleats

You don't have to like pastels to be a kawaii girl. When shopping for clothes, bet on items that look like a little girl, such as socks with ruffles, lace, and flowing, pleated dresses. It is not prohibited to use black, but it might be a good idea to combine dark pieces with lighter colored pieces.

Lace is a very common element in kawaii clothing

Step 3. Create different looks with bib dresses

Bib dresses are sleeveless dresses worn over shirts. The lack of sleeves makes them great for the most diverse looks. It just depends on how you are feeling that day. If you have some bib in your closet, combine them with different shirts to create super-variety kawaii outfits. In addition to being versatile, the bib also have a childlike feel, which makes them a perfect match for the kawaii style.

  • Try, for example, putting on a blue bib dress over a rainbow shirt to create an exaggerated, multicolored effect. Next time you wear the dress, pair it with a light purple shirt for a sweeter, more relaxed look.
  • The common bib, in the monkey style, can be used in the same way, especially if they are in fluffy colors or prints.
Wear Ankle Boots Step 15

Step 4. Combine blouses with pleated skirts to add an extra layer of cuteness to the look

The pleated skirts have a collegiate feel that can make any outfit cuter. Bet on skirts from the knee up to accentuate the playfulness of the piece. Pleated skirts can be combined with almost any type of blouse.

  • Try wearing a blue plaid pleated skirt with a large light blue sweater, preferably with a print of some cute character.
  • Raise your skirt until it is at your natural waist to stretch your legs.

Step 5. Invest in flowing dresses at the knees

Again, think of a collegiate look. Bet, for example, on sailor-style dresses. Give preference to pieces that are tight on the torso and fluttering on the hips. The ideal is usually to wear dresses from the knee up to give a playful and fun look to the look.

The kawaii style also goes with some 50s-style dresses

Step 6. Look for cute outfits with character prints

Cute characters like Hello Kitty and other cartoon animals are essential for the kawaii look. Include shirts and dresses like characters in your wardrobe.

You can also invest in clothes with rainbow designs, cupcakes, unicorns and other cute figures

Step 7. Leave the rules aside and use what's on the tile

To be real kawaii is to create your own cute style. If you like something and find it kawaii, wear it at once! Do not be afraid to be happy!

Have the most fun when putting together your look

Be a Conservative Girl Step 8

Step 8. Dress confidently

There is no right weight or skin tone to be kawaii. The important thing is to always keep your head up and make being kawaii a way of life. Wear the best pieces you have in your closet and go around proud of your creation.

To make the look even more fun, use apps to add cute frames and stickers to your photos on social media

Method 2 of 4: Doing Hair and Makeup

Step 1. Color your hair in pastel shades

Pastel shades are super popular among kawaii girls. You can either dye your hair or invest in a pink, purple or sky blue wig, among many other options.

  • You can also use temporary products such as hair chalk. Just apply the shade to the hair in the morning.
  • Match the hair color with the outfit to add a special touch to the look.

Step 2. Bet on fun and childish hairstyles, such as pigtails

Being kawaii means always looking cute and innocent. So don't be afraid to play with your hair. Try dividing it into super tall pigtails or invest in a curly or wavy wig.

Have a good time! Tie your hair into side braids or tie it into a ponytail full of movement

Make Your Face Like Korean Girls Step 7

Step 3. Bet on a good lipstick, a pot of glitter and long eyelashes

In the case of lipstick, the ideal is, once again, to invest in pastel shades, such as lavender, light pink or peach. Choose a color that goes well with your clothes. You can also use mascara to lengthen your lashes and make your eyes bigger. Then dab some glitter on your arms or face, or simply toss it in the air and drop it into your soup.

  • You can also use false eyelashes if you prefer.
  • It's not a good idea to overdo makeup. After all, the goal of kawaii style is to look young and innocent. Use products that leave your face looking clean and natural. You just don't need to skimp on glitter, since it's also associated with childhood.
Improve Your Appearance Step 7

Step 4. Paint your nails in pastel shades or decorate them with cute stickers

It's very common for kawaii girls to wear long, accessory-filled false nails, but you don't need all that. Do what you think is best. The important thing is to keep your nails clean and well cared for. If you want, color them with pastel shades.

You can also use nail decals and stickers. After application, just apply a layer of clear enamel over the top

Method 3 of 4: Using kawaii accessories

Step 1. Bet on 3/4, lace or cute socks

Socks can be the difference when putting together a kawai look. 3/4 or 7/8 socks with fun prints look great with pleated skirts, for example. The same goes for short folded lace socks. A fishnet stocking can also be a great addition to the look, as can a colored or pastel leggings.

You can even put a pair of tights over fishnet tights

Step 2. Complement your look with cute shoes

Platform shoes are super popular among kawaii style adepts, especially boots. They can be used in a variety of colors, as long as they match the rest of the outfit. Sneakers and other children's shoes are also very common, as are shoes with stuffed animals attached.

  • Bright colors and pastel shades are always a good choice.
  • Converse-style sneakers also usually match the look.

Step 3. Add layers of bows to create a cute and fun look

Buy bows in different colors and styles that match your outfit and fasten them to your hair. Try tying each pigtail with a pink bow or fill a braid with little bows.

  • The bows don't have to be just in the hair. You can even tie them around your neck with a ribbon or clip them to your favorite clothes.
  • You can also put on hairpins and fun ticks in your hair. Use as many as you like!

Step 4. Don't skimp on cute accessories

Stuff your arms with pastel bead bracelets or bet on cute character rings. Bet on a fun necklace or choker to add a playful touch to your look. It's details like these that will separate your way of being kawaii from the rest.

Don't be afraid to use multiple accessories at the same time. There is no exaggeration in the kawaii style

Step 5. Add stuffed animals to the look to make it even cuter

There's nothing cuter than a very tiny stuffed animal. Clip stuffed animals to your dresses and shirts to create a fun and stylish look, or wear them as pendants. Just be careful that the colors don't get out of hand.

You can also wear hair bands with stuffed animals

Method 4 of 4: Acting in a kawaii way

Step 1. Smile and always be cheerful

The aim of kawaii style is to be as cute and playful as you can be. You may have to smile when you're not that happy, but the good news is that smiling usually makes you happier.

Try smiling at people you meet on the street. Most will smile back when they see you dressed so cute

Be a Conservative Girl Step 9

Step 2. Always be sweet and kind

To be a kawaii girl, it's important that you are a nice person. Avoid starting fights and laugh whenever you feel like it. Be kind even to those who are not kind to you, and strive to extend that care to everyone you meet.

That doesn't mean you should let others step on you! If someone makes you feel humiliated or insecure, leave the niceties aside. You don't have to be nice to those kind of people

Step 3. Always react in a warm and natural way

Don't pretend to be someone you're not when you're talking to others. Kawaii girls can cover their mouths when they laugh, but that doesn't mean they aren't authentic. If you find something cute or funny, don't be afraid to show your enthusiasm.

If a girl or boy asks if you like him, for example, and the answer is yes, say “yes” enthusiastically

Step 4. Avoid letting others spoil your fun

It's quite possible that some people say negative things about your look. Don't let yourself get down! Being kawaii means refusing to follow pre-established parameters of normality and charting your own path. Have fun and let the haters talk to themselves.

If someone says something mean about your look, remember that it says a lot more about the other person than it does about you. The important thing is that you are happy the way you are


  • Use cute emojis in your messages.
  • Collect kawaii objects such as key rings and stuffed animals.
  • Watch anime to better understand kawaii style.
  • Keep a positive attitude and try to smile more often.
  • Take a look around the internet to find stores that sell kawaii-style clothing and accessories. A good place to start your search is the Yoh Store page.

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