How to Be Kawaii (with Pictures)

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How to Be Kawaii (with Pictures)
How to Be Kawaii (with Pictures)

Do you want to be graceful and unique? If the answer is yes, then kawaii is the perfect style for you. A term in vogue in popular culture, kawaii is a Japanese word ("可愛い" - pronounced "cauaí") that means "cute". Adherents of this urban tribe abuse the gaudy colors and prints of cartoon characters (such as Rilakkuma and Little Twin Stars) in order to create a lovable lifestyle and image. Kawaii is already popular among Japanese teenagers and is slowly taking over the world!


Part 1 of 2: Dressing up kawaii style

Look Kawaii Step 1

Step 1. Wear t-shirts with bold prints and pastel colors

Being kawaii is a personal process, but it's a good idea to have at least one extravagant piece in your look. Find a balance between comfort and style.

  • Printed shirts and sweatshirts can bring together the eccentric and the comfortable. You could wear an anime character-printed t-shirt or an animal-print sweatshirt. The classic sweatshirt with the giant panda bear face design is a great example of this.
  • Choose pastel shades. Kawaii usually offsets bold designs with muted colors: cream, light pink, lavender, light green, baby blue.
  • Modernize classic items with cute designs. For example: take a pair of All Stars creams and decorate them with designs of kittens or ice cream cones. If you customize your own clothes, you will have many unique pieces.
  • Wear adornments. The "little doll" look is an important part of the kawaii style. Wear blouses, dresses and socks with lots of ruffles and pleats.
Look Kawaii Step 2

Step 2. Follow kawaii blogs and make an inspiration panel

This style, like any other, is constantly changing. Unless you live in Japan, you won't see many kawaii people walking down the street, so the internet can help keep your wardrobe up to date.

  • For example, one of the current trends in Japanese kawaii is the combination of a high school girl's full skirt with oversized, pastel-colored sweatshirts.
  • Search the terms "kawaii" and "japanese fashion" on Tumblr to find current images. Follow the blogs that catch your attention and use them as inspiration to build looks with clothes you already own.
  • Assemble the inspiration panel on the internet. Sites like Pinterest or Polyvore allow users to follow trends and bookmark the best ideas they find.
Look Kawaii Step 3

Step 3. Choose clothing that is not too revealing

Although he prefers tighter clothes, kawaii likes to leave a lot to the viewer's imagination. There is a certain naive naivete about him. This style is about finding a balance between sensuality and purity.

For example, a short skirt could be paired with thigh-high socks, a long-sleeved shirt, and platform heels

Look Kawaii Step 4

Step 4. Make overlays

This is the key to kawaii fashion in all its aspects.

  • Combine subtle patterns with extravagant colors.
  • Wear eye-catching leggings under a ruffled skirt or dress.
  • A long-sleeved jacket can be used in conjunction with a sleeveless dress.
Look Kawaii Step 5

Step 5. Use kawaii accessories

Soft, fluffy objects are essential. Accessories in garish colors or adorned with chibi versions (ie, stylized, over-headed, more childlike and lovable representations of anime characters) are also very popular.

Always carry a Tamagotchi or a stuffed animal. The Tamagotchi can be attached to a bunch of keys or a necklace and the stuffed animal to the bag. There are stuffed animals with Velcro on the tips of their long legs, allowing the owner to tie them around the shoulder

Look Kawaii Step 6

Step 6. Have a bag with you at all times

This item not only serves to carry everything with practicality, but also to express your style.

  • Use a courier bag. A plain color template can be decorated with fabric buttons and stickers, or customized with textile ink. It has enough space to accommodate notebooks, notebooks, games etc.
  • Find a crossover bag. There are many models suitable for the kawaii style: those with huge fringes or bows, or in the shape of animals, clouds, etc.
  • Look for cheap, custom bags on Etsy and auction sites like eBay and Mercado Livre.
Look Kawaii Step 7

Step 7. Trust your possessions

The kawaii style also encompasses everyday items.

  • For example: using a simple plain-cover notebook and a common blue school pen would clash with your style.
  • Invest in a purse and fluffy stationery items, as well as a bentō (the traditional Japanese lunchbox). If there are no items like this for sale in local stores, it is possible to purchase them via the internet.
  • If you can't make these purchases on your own, ask for them as a birthday and Christmas gift.

Part 2 of 2: Creating kawaii hair and makeup

Look Kawaii Step 8

Step 1. Be moderate in your makeup base

Use a light, natural foundation. Avoid products that are too thick or artificial. Use as little blush as possible.

Look Kawaii Step 9

Step 2. Bring focus to eyes

The kawaii style values ​​big, round eyes. Put plenty of mascara on your upper and lower lashes.

  • If you wear eyeliner, stick to a narrow line next to your lashes - no kitty eyes.
  • Use light and colorful eyeshadow. Try a shade in a subtle shade of pink, green or blue. Avoid the smoky eye, which is sexier than kawaii.
  • Run a white or flesh-colored pencil along the inside edge of your eyelid to give your eyes a big, shiny look.
Look Kawaii Step 10

Step 3. Use nude lipsticks

Kawaii prioritizes pink and coral lipsticks over dark ones. Use lip gloss sparingly.

Look Kawaii Step 11

Step 4. The nails must always be painted and clean

A pink or light-colored nail polish would accentuate the innocence of your style. Dark or neon nail polishes have no place in kawaii.

Keep your nails short and rounded

Look Kawaii Step 12

Step 5. Wear perfume

He's the one who will add the finishing touch to your extravagant but reserved look. Give preference to sweet or floral fragrances, and always soft.

Just rub a little perfume on your wrists and neck

Look Kawaii Step 13

Step 6. Try a fringe haircut

The classic kawaii hairstyle is medium to long length and has a straight fringe.

If you don't want to cut with a bangs, you can use a fake bangs with a clip appliqué

Look Kawaii Step 14

Step 7. Think about the color

If you want to reach the pinnacle of kawaii, you should consider dyeing your hair in one of the colors that are popular with fans: light pink, lavender or platinum blonde.

Look Kawaii Step 15

Step 8. Wear hair accessories

They can help you stand out even more.

  • Look for unique hair bands or create your own by enhancing it with pompoms, hearts, stars, animal ears and glitter.
  • Or wear huge hair bows.
  • Divide your hair into pigtails and adorn it with barrettes to express your creativity.
Look Kawaii Step 16

Step 9. Always smile and laugh

That way you'll emphasize the innocent look you tried to create with your hair and makeup. Nothing is more kawaii than an adorable smile.

Try putting on the expression of a child who is genuinely amused at something


  • No matter how you dress, there will always be someone to make fun of you. Don't fret - no one is worth your peace. Just shrug and smile.
  • Unless you have a good reason to be sad, try to sound happy and optimistic. Kawaii adherents usually have this temperament.
  • You don't need to end every sentence with "desu" to be kawaii.

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