How to Dress Like a Goth (with Pictures)

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How to Dress Like a Goth (with Pictures)
How to Dress Like a Goth (with Pictures)

Gothic won the world back in the 1990s, and since then it has never shown signs of losing steam. Thousands of people around the globe are so deeply committed to Gothic fashion that it has come to represent a way of life. To enter the gothic circuit, you first have to master the fundamentals of this popular style.


Part 1 of 3: Choosing the right clothes

Dress Goth Step 1

Step 1. Buy lots of black and basic parts

This color is the basis of the Gothic style. Gradually transform it into the main color of your wardrobe. On your first shopping trip, invest in plain black socks, pants, t-shirts and skirts - you won't be able to put together any looks if you don't have the essentials.

  • T-shirts are the best starting point for your new wardrobe: they're cheap, easy to find, and come in a variety of styles. If you want a more feminine style, buy loose shirts, which you can combine with tights or fishnets, boots and jewelry.
  • Obviously, you don't have to wear black all the time if you don't want to. Adding other colors such as red, grey, white, purple, blue or pink can bring some variety.
Dress Goth Step 2

Step 2. Accumulate worn-out clothes

Worn and even torn blouses and pants are very common in the goth community. Look for denim pants and shorts with tears in the legs or blouses that are frayed at the waist or torn at the torso.

Your pair of worn pants can be worn in combination with a black t-shirt, combat boots and studded bracelets

Dress Goth Step 3

Step 3. Have fun with prints

Occult-related themes are ubiquitous in the Gothic world: prioritize pieces with designs of pentagrams, moons, stars, skulls or crosses.

Wear an informal dress printed with the phases of the moon, a pair of long black socks and black platform sneakers. Complement them with moon and stars shaped jewelry and black lipstick

Dress Goth Step 4

Step 4. Look for chess items

One of the most popular types of prints in the gothic world, plaid can be applied to coats, blouses, pants and more.

  • Red, blue, purple, gray or black checkered pieces will be great additions to your look.
  • A plaid skirt or pants can be a great complement to a black blouse.
  • If you prefer, you can also superimpose a plaid flannel piece over your favorite blouse or dress, long socks and boots.
Dress Goth Step 5

Step 5. Buy black or dark colored polos

Great option for both sexes, the polo shirt can be found in the most varied styles: in solid colors, printed and even in color block - although the latter should be used very sparingly. Limit yourself to models that are dark or in shades of black, with only subtle details in neutral colors or white. This piece goes well with jeans and black skirts of all lengths.

Dress Goth Step 6

Step 6. wear a corset when you want to be more elegant.

It is an essential element of women's Gothic fashion. It's flexible enough to be used for both formal and casual occasions, and can be purchased in all sizes and styles. The corset can be combined with a simple dress, with a blouse and skirt set, and even jeans, in addition to creating an incredible effect when overlaid on a formal dress, a lace blouse or a ruffled skirt.

Dress Goth Step 7

Step 7. Buy black leather goods

Widely used in Gothic fashion, leather is a very versatile material: it can be used in the production of jackets, pants, shorts, skirts. There are pieces in worn or common leather.

  • A leather jacket goes well with a T-shirt and jeans, or a dress. Finish the look with a pair of boots.
  • And leather pants go well with a cotton T-shirt and a pair of platform sneakers.

Part 2 of 3: Choosing accessories

Dress Goth Step 8

Step 1. Wear dark hats

Here's another common element of gothic clothing, perfect for winter or those days when your hair wakes up wild. The best part is that it comes in countless styles!

  • The bonnets go well with goth fashion. Using and customizing them is very simple. Customize them with patches of skulls or hexagrams or brooches from your favorite bands.
  • The bowler hat, a great alternative for those looking for retro, can be used combined with a shirt and pants, or with a fluffy dress.
  • The wide-brimmed hats create that witch look that fits so well in the gothic aesthetic. They can be worn with your favorite dress, skirt and blouse, and even a t-shirt and jeans.
Dress Goth Step 9

Step 2. Purchase pentagram jewelry

This is a symbol found in many Gothic articles. Many people use them as talismans in necklaces, earrings and even bracelets.

Pentagram jewelry goes with any style: a choker with a pentagram pendant goes great with a black dress, tights and platform sneakers

Dress Goth Step 10

Step 3. Buy chokers

Chokers have enjoyed enormous popularity lately and are an essential item in the goth's wardrobe. They look great with low-cut T-shirts and blouses, and their varieties are numerous: black and plain, with studs, equipped with pendants (especially crosses, skulls, crystals or stars) etc.

Dress Goth Step 11

Step 4. Wear bracelets

Perfect for casual wear, they can be paired with short-sleeved, long-sleeved, or hollowed-out blouses. You can wear cotton bracelets printed with hexagrams, pentagrams or the symbol of your favorite band. There are also leather bracelets decorated with rivets or spikes.

Dress Goth Step 12

Step 5. Tear off socks and pantyhose

Items like this are very common in Gothic. Buy a pair of black tights (opaque or transparent) and use scissors to create some interesting tears in them.

Socks and tights printed with skeletons, hidden themes or decorated with lace are also popular choices

Dress Goth Step 13

Step 6. Spice up your wardrobe with fishnets

Fishnet fabric has become a timeless element of Gothic fashion and, in addition to socks, can be used in shirts (which should be overlaid on a regular shirt) and even gloves.

The combination of fishnets and ripped jeans is very common. Finish off the look with a short blouse and a choker

Dress Goth Step 14

Step 7. Buy boots or platform shoes

Both are essential in Gothic attire. A good pair of boots comes in handy especially in the coldest months of the year. Find a model with laces or buckles, depending on the style you want to create.

Part 3 of 3: Changing Your Appearance

Dress Goth Step 15

Step 1. Choose a new haircut

Numerous types of hairstyles are compatible with goth: if you want a very feminine look, do a chin-length or shoulder-length curl, or divide your hair into two buns or braids. The most suitable male cuts are the undercut and mohawk.

Dress Goth Step 16

Step 2. Dye your hair neon

Since he's already dressed in black, his black hair can look a little dull. This is where neon dyes come in, mainly in shades of white, grey, green, purple, pink, blue and red.

Natural colors are also accepted by goth fashion. Dark brown, light brown or platinum are some possibilities

Dress Goth Step 17

Step 3. Pierce the septum

This piercing, placed between the two nostrils, is usually in a ring shape, similar to the one used on bulls. Septum jewels have become very popular on the gothic circuit, and can be purchased in all types of models, the most common being those in spirals and those adorned with stars.

If you don't want to pierce the septum, try a pressure piercing

Dress Goth Step 18

Step 4. tattoo yourself, if you are of legal age.

Tattoos have an intimate connection with the gothic universe, so use your entry into the subculture as an excuse to get your first tattoo if you don't have any. They are acceptable anywhere on the body. The most popular themes are birds, roses, pentagrams, skulls and macabre subjects in general. Wear clothes that make them visible, such as a short-sleeved top or denim or leather shorts.

Dress Goth Step 19

Step 5. Wear dark makeup. Makeup can be as light or heavy as you like, although the heavier styles tend to be more appropriate for gothic attire. Eyeshadows and lipsticks in shades of blue, purple, red and black are your best options.

  • If the outfit is formal or elaborate - such as a dark evening gown or a gothic lolita-style outfit, full of frills and frills - use more eye-catching makeup: kitten eyes with smoky eyeshadow or a gradient of purple, blue and black.
  • Light makeup goes better with casual attire. If you're going to spend the day in a casual dress or t-shirt and jeans, make up accordingly: a simple kitty eye (with or without dark eyeshadow) and lipstick.

Step 6. Use stiletto nails. "Stiletto" is the name given to long, claw-shaped nails. They are a popular choice among goth women, who often wear them with black enamel. You can decorate them with stickers of pentagrams, stars or skulls.


  • In the beginning, build your wardrobe with thrift store items, where you'll find cheap but good quality items. Buying in this way will make you more integrated into the subculture, which values ​​the reuse of second-hand parts. Some goths even donate old clothes to thrift stores.
  • Search the internet about the many strands of gothic fashion. Thanks to the diversity that the subculture accommodates, there is more than one way to manifest the gothic identity: there are urban goths, gothic lolitas, health goths and even some goths who use only pastel shades. Research more about these styles to see which one best suits your personality and tastes.
  • Create a scrapbook or panel of photographs that you want to inspire your style. As you research the gothic world, you will come across many images. Save the ones you find most interesting to use as inspiration. Sites like Polyvore and Pinterest allow the user to search for images according to pieces and styles, and even store the most beautiful ones!
  • Create a shopping list of your favorite items. During the research, you will become aware of beautiful clothes that you cannot acquire right away. Register the name (and brand) of the item to purchase it later. Having a shopping list will come in handy when you need to decide where to expand your wardrobe.
  • You don't need to run away from designer clothes: the gothic doesn't live only from thrift stores. Many brands are accepted by the community. So if you find a branded item that is aesthetically compatible, buy it! It's no crime to have clothes with a label - especially if it's a versatile piece that goes well with everything.
  • Customize your clothes with details and accessories. Entering the gothic world is the perfect opportunity to bring out the artisan in you. Create unique pieces by sewing scraps of old clothes onto others you still wear, tearing them apart, or customizing them with embellishments.
  • Don't be afraid to experiment! One of the most important aspects of Gothic fashion is individuality. Play with elements and styles from various branches of the subculture until you reach the look that perfectly represents you.


  • Not all shades of black are the same due to differences in the pigments used in the manufacture of clothing. In your first store bath, try to find pieces in the same shade of black.
  • Avoid buying so many expensive parts right away. Leave them on your shopping list until you have a wardrobe with all the essentials. This way, it will be easy to compose visuals complementing basic clothes and standout pieces. If you buy in reverse order, you will have numerous stunning pieces that are incompatible with each other.

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