How to Be a Lolita (with Pictures)

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How to Be a Lolita (with Pictures)
How to Be a Lolita (with Pictures)

In Japan, there is a feminine style called “Lolita”, inspired by the UK Victorian era and the Rococo style. It started in the 80's and nowadays there are several currents of the style around the world. Discover what should be used to create the Lolita look and ooze elegance and irreverence.


Part 1 of 3: Buying the right clothes

Be a Lolita Step 1

Step 1. Be careful when choosing the pieces

It's hard to find clothes that satisfy the Lolita aesthetic, but with creativity it's possible to transform seemingly ordinary items into a perfect look. Visit thrift stores and local and online stores to get a good idea of ​​what to buy.

  • You can find skirts and blouses that can be incorporated into the wardrobe at stores like C&A and Renner as well; use your imagination.
  • Thrift stores and bazaars are even better. In addition to being cheaper, the chances of finding something more vintage and retro are great. These clothes are considered out of fashion, but for the Lolita look, some of them are a real treasure.
  • When choosing the pieces, remember that the defined silhouette and the movement of the outfit are essential aspects.
Be a Lolita Step 2

Step 2. Combine skirts and blouses

Lolitas are based on Victorian-era class, mixing floral prints, ruffles and lace. For this reason, basic party, church and summer dresses are great for style. The idea is to have the typically vintage elegance and delicacy.

  • The most common look for Lolita is to wear a button-down shirt with a Peter Pan collar. In practice, any type of blouse can be used, as long as it doesn't reveal too much skin and has a romantic tone. Remember elegance.
  • The original Lolita look consists of a bell-like or A-cut dress. This shape is caused by the petticoats and panties worn under the skirt, which in turn can go above the knees or be a couple of inches shorter. The golden rule for shorter girls (in any style) is to wear the skirt slightly above the knees to lengthen the figure.
  • Another important aspect is to detail the look with contrasting or complementary colors, such as black and white.
Be a Lolita Step 3

Step 3. Buy cute hair clips and bows

A Lolita's hair should not be ignored. Use bows, barrettes, tiaras and flowers according to the outfit for a delicate touch.

  • The versatility of tiaras is ideal. There are tiaras of all shapes, widths, colors and a world of detail to suit almost every variety of Lolita.
  • Bows are also widely used. Wearing pigtails with smaller bows can be a good option to not overload the look.
Be a Lolita Step 4

Step 4. Wear detailed underwear

Old cotton panties filled with ruffles and lace are necessary. They are used to create the bell silhouette of the dress as well as the petticoat; it serves to create an extra layer of clothing and should look as beautiful as a Victorian model would.

7/8 socks, tights and opaque leggings can also be worn. Traditional tights are considered too sexy for a Lolita and short socks are not detailed enough

Be a Lolita Step 5

Step 5. Wear platform shoes

The style you should look for is the more classic doll shoe, with a closed round toe and platform soles or thick heels. If you find a beautiful pair, but with low soles, you can buy it without any problems.

Another common option is boots, used more by punk and gothic styles. Get inspired by the style of Vivienne Westwood, one of the most influential designers out there and almost a founder of the punk style; doll type shoes with wooden platforms. There is a cutout on the soles and the tip is rounded and delicate. This style of shoes gives lightness to the look and also elongates the silhouette

Be a Lolita Step 6

Step 6. Use accessories

To enrich the Lolita look, nothing beats delicate and original accessories. Depending on the style you want, it is possible to accentuate the look with pieces in neckband. Follow the examples below and read more to learn how to produce them:

  • umbrellas;
  • canes;
  • pocket watches;
  • Clutches or hand bags.

Part 2 of 3: Choosing a Specific Strand

Be a Lolita Step 7

Step 1. Try a bad girl look

The most popular of all styles is Gothic. The pieces are usually more basic, composing an A-shaped dress and puffy sleeves. Hair and makeup should give a sinister tone to the look. Black is also common, but other fancy dark colors can be used, such as purple, dark red and navy blue.

  • Guro lolitas (meaning something like “bloody”) are macabre and innocent, like broken dolls. For this style, white dresses with red spots representing blood, bandages and eye patches are used. The amount of blood depends on your preferences, but try not to use anything that might shock more sensitive passersby.
  • The punk Lolitas use rustic fabrics, fishnets, chains and spikes. The classic combination in this case is pink hair, studded belts and gender accessories. Wear several layers of skirts asymmetrically, but within the knee-length A-style dress.

    The popularity of the Guro and Punk styles has declined for some time now and it can be more difficult to assemble them

Be a Lolita Step 8

Step 2. Try a cuter look, or “Sweet Lolita”

This strand ranges from the nice queen to the evil witch; use lots of pastel shades like pink, beige, white, baby blue and lilac for both the dress and accessories. Use multiple bows, loops and ruffles, always in light colors. The best hairstyle is curly.

  • Give it a "country" feel with a basket or a straw hat, use a checkered print. A good idea is to wear a bib skirt, with a blouse underneath or without a blouse, depending on the weather and the skirt.
  • There are Lolitas "Hime" (speaking rimê), which are princesses in the most literal sense. These Lolitas wear their hair in extravagant hairstyles and adorn it with miniature crowns and tiaras. Both dresses and hair can be longer.
  • For this style, use plenty of white, or compose a one-color look, even on the smallest accessories. When in class, Lolitas Shiro and Kura combine clothes with each other contrasting white and black pieces; in fact, light and dark combinations are essential for any Lolita.

    Be a Lolita Step 9
  • The "Wa Lolitas" embody the more traditional side of Japanese culture and wear kimo-inspired dresses, combining long sleeves and ornamental sashes called obi with Victorian A-cut skirts. The accessories, prints and fabrics are typically oriental. As you can imagine, trying this style without looking like you're in costume outside of Japan is difficult.
  • Aristocratic Lolitas adopt a more western romantic side, with delicate and feminine prints, lace, lots of ruffles and bows. A good option for the top are corsets with puffy blouses; wear them with a long skirt. For completeness, wear a waisted suit, matching a hat and lace veil.
Be a Lolita Step 10

Step 3. Try using male versions of Lolita

One of the bases for this style is to defy expectations. As the Lolita style is considered too “feminine”, adopting men's clothing can be surprisingly original.

  • A nice variation is the nautical theme, with a sailor collar and hats and a combination of white and navy blue. For the print, think of something in that area; anchors and rudders are good ideas. Apply them to the basic skirt, which can also be pleated; wear it with a puffy short-sleeved blouse and pockets.
  • Kodona is the male part of Lolita fashion. In this case, the bottom consists of puffy capri pants, adorned with ruffles, bows and ribbons.
  • Possible accessories are suspenders, ties, berets and long socks; there are those who go the extra mile and use canes, leggings, top hats and other Victorian items.

Part 3 of 3: Being a Lolita

Be a Lolita Step 11

Step 1. Make an impact makeup with makeup colors

Contrary to popular belief, Lolitas makeup is not the center of the style. In this part, the important thing is to create the Victorian tone and this is done using light foundations in contrast to details in strong colors, such as eyeshadow and lipstick.

  • Makeup should be even more loaded in the Gothic style, using dark colors like purple and burgundy red for lipstick and eyeshadow; Sweet Lolitas, on the other hand, give preference to pastel colors like salmon and peach for the cheeks, giving a rosy look to the face.
  • Makeup is not always necessary. As stated before, the centerpiece of Lolita style is the clothes. Don't wear makeup if you don't want to.
Be a Lolita Step 12

Step 2. Style your hair according to your chosen style

For example, if you want to be a gothic Lolita, think about which hairstyle has the most to do with; Sweet Lolitas wear loose curls, but Goths use straight hairstyles, fringes and angular cuts.

  • Various cute styles create colorful highlights. Pink stripes and frayed details are safe options.
  • Dark strands prefer to do this with purple and mix several colors. The hair color doesn't matter, as both platinum blonde and bluish black can look great with goth styling. Be creative and invent something of your own to stand out.
Be a Lolita Step 13

Step 3. Design a Lolita look for everyday life

Wearing Lolita clothes every day is very difficult, but that doesn't stop her from incorporating elements of that culture into her everyday clothes. So you can to be a Lolita and not a cosplayer. Learn to mix your styles without ignoring the basics.

  • Choose an ordinary skirt and combine it with a plain tiara; complement with a t-shirt and sneakers that are related. In general, pants are left out and accessories and feminine details make all the difference.
  • Take time to prepare your hair and makeup. Even if you want to wear a denim skirt, sneakers and a T-shirt, your inner Lolita has to be in evidence.
Be a Lolita Step 14

Step 4. There is a Japanese magazine called the Gothic and Lolita Bible, or “The Lolitas & Goths' Bible”

It is published fortnightly in Japan but, despite not having it in Portuguese, they are sold in São Paulo. If you prefer to view them digitally, look online. You'll find lots of photos and songwriting ideas to inspire you.

Be a Lolita Step 15

Step 5. Go to an Anime or Lolita convention

These events are ideal for showing off your best Lolita, making friends with others, and learning lots of tricks and ideas. Characteristic traits of Lolitas are their interest in housework, handicrafts and Victorian style.

Cosplay conventions are also great for this. For many, this isn't a lifestyle, it's just a fantasy, but you'll also find plenty of real Lolitas to be inspired by

Be a Lolita Step 16

Step 6. Learn Household Gifts

In addition to fashion, the Lolita lifestyle aims at having more beauty and elegance philosophically, and one of their favorite hobbies is learning household chores. For them, skills such as cooking, embroidering and sewing are part of this philosophy. Of course, if your interest is purely aesthetic, this is not necessary. Read the following articles to get started:

  • How to Embroider;
  • How to sew;
  • How to Mend a Sock;
  • How to Bake;
  • How to Preserve Food;
  • How to Be a Good Housewife.
Be a Lolita Step 17

Step 7. Dress for yourself

The term “Lolita” is based on the novel of the same name by Vladimir Nabokov. It can be used to refer to sexually attractive girls, but the Lolita style is more about standing out from the rest. For most Lolitas, the idea is clearly not to be sexy or attractive to men. This is an empowering style.


  • If you live on a tight budget, learn to sew. Besides being cheaper, your clothes will be exclusive!
  • Don't be afraid to ask other Lolitas questions, they will be happy to help.
  • Your closet doesn't need to have only this type of clothing. Pajamas, pants, t-shirts and sneakers are needed by anyone and can be other styles too. That doesn't mean you're a poser, it's just that there are moments for everything.
  • When you want to be Lolita, call friends and have fun taking pictures and impressing everyone with your cuteness and enjoy their looks too. Even if you're the only Lolita you've ever seen, spread glitter around, from your boyfriend to your cup of coffee. Pick angry people and change their appearance, buy yourself something from your favorite band, go to a bookstore and read something interesting! Who knows, you might discover a new Lolis community!
  • Don't wear black shoes with a completely white outfit in an attempt to look like a Shiro.
  • Depending on where you live, making Lolita friends can be very difficult. Introduce the style to your friends, they might start a new hobby because of you. Participate in women's activities with them, but don't force them if they don't want to.


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