How to Create a Fake Boyfriend or Girlfriend: 14 Steps

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How to Create a Fake Boyfriend or Girlfriend: 14 Steps
How to Create a Fake Boyfriend or Girlfriend: 14 Steps

Creating a fake relationship can be a good way of not drawing attention to the fact that we are single or a relationship that we feel the need to hide. However, inventing a boyfriend is not an easy task and requires a lot of dedication, almost as much as in a real relationship.


Part 1 of 3: Creating a Character

Create a Fake Boyfriend or Girlfriend Step 1

Step 1. Choose a name and age:

this is a good way to start. When creating a boyfriend, you will need to think through all the details in advance. Try to come up with a name that isn't too out of the ordinary, but one that isn't too simple either.

  • A good method is to choose a very common first or last name and combine it with another, more exotic name. For example, maybe João da Silva is a very simple name, but Teodoro Andrigheto is a little too different. Mix the two names to get more plausible results: João Andrigheto or Teodoro da Silva.
  • As for age, you are the one who knows. Your fake boyfriend's age can add more credibility to the past or the stories you make up about him. For example, maybe you want an older boyfriend who is always "traveling on business".
Create a Fake Boyfriend or Girlfriend Step 2

Step 2. Define the person's background, you will need to think of at least some information about him, such as a profession

A hometown and a school or college will also come in handy. However, keep the story very simple, be careful not to invent something so elaborate that it ends up sounding like a lie.

  • To make the story seem more plausible, rely a little on someone you've known in the past.
  • Just be careful to change a few details, as with social media you'll be found out if you use someone else's exact information.
Create a Fake Boyfriend or Girlfriend Step 3

Step 3. Create a personality

When creating a fake boyfriend, decide what personality type he will have, as you will need to write some messages or texts in his name. For example, is he outgoing and seductive or a little more nerdy and reserved?

  • One way to invent a personality is to think of your ideal partner. What are his characteristics?
  • Another way to improve his personality is by thinking of one of your favorite fictional characters, whether from a book, movie or television series. Think about this person's characteristics and use them to create your boyfriend.
  • Don't forget to think of some likes and dislikes, like favorite foods and books or at least one favorite movie. This way, you will have more information for his profiles on social networks.
  • Memorize all these details so that you can use them whenever necessary.
Create a Fake Boyfriend or Girlfriend Step 4

Step 4. Choose a photo

Your boyfriend will need a photo, especially in the age of social media. The picture really seals the deal for creating a fake boyfriend.

  • Finding a photograph can be a difficult task. You need an image that looks genuine, but you don't have the option to use a friend's photo, as he's likely to be among your Facebook contacts (unless, of course, he agrees to play the role of boyfriend).
  • You could do a simple internet search to find royalty-free photographs, but if someone else discovers that image, the lie will be discovered. Also, you might want more than one photo to make the person look more real.
  • If you're more daring, hire a model to take pictures with you. Try using classifieds sites where you can post job opportunities. However, be sure to arrange the meeting in a public place and bring a friend with you, both to ensure your safety and to take the photographs.
Create a Fake Boyfriend or Girlfriend Step 5

Step 5. Don't invent someone too perfect

Everyone has flaws, and if you combine a photo of a supermodel with an amazing personality, your boyfriend won't look real. Choose an average-looking person and don't forget to include some personality flaws, or some questionable tastes.

Part 2 of 3: Bringing the person to life on social media

Create a Fake Boyfriend or Girlfriend Step 6

Step 1. Create an email account

Most social networks require an email address for you to register, so choose a free provider and create an account for

  • You will need to provide the person's name, as well as some other basic information such as their birthday, new email address, and a password.
  • If you can't think of a good email address, try using the false name as a base, such as "theodoroparapresident" or "andrigheto95".
Create a Fake Boyfriend or Girlfriend Step 7

Step 2. Create profiles on social media

To do this, provide your fake boyfriend's basic information, such as email address, name, and birthday. You can also enter more information in the "About" section according to the personality you made up for that person.

  • Bring the profile to life by adding likes and dislikes, photos and biographical details.
  • Choose just one or two social networks. You will not be able to keep all profiles up to date if you create too many accounts.
  • Keep in mind that creating fake profiles goes against the policies of some social networks. Unless you're doing something illegal, like trying to scam someone in order to get money, chances are you're not in trouble with the law, but the social network may delete your profile if it decides it's fake..
Create a Fake Boyfriend or Girlfriend Step 8

Step 3. Update pages regularly

You will need to post frequently on your boyfriend's profiles. The posts need to match his personality and at the same time display a relatively common mindset, that is, people tend to post different types of messages, from texts boasting about a new job, to news about the death of a loved one, even trivial posts about food, television and movies.

  • For example, you could post something like, "I got a job today! Very happy for the opportunity to work at… ", side by side with posts like, "I recommend this new restaurant, I went there yesterday and I thought it was amazing!".
  • If you've hired a model, they can help you post photos on a regular basis. Try to rehire the same model within a few months and choose different locations around the city to take different pictures.
  • If you're using your own photos, you may need to sharpen your image editing skills.
  • Also, try adding friends to your boyfriend's account, as a friendless profile will look suspicious.
Create a Fake Boyfriend or Girlfriend Step 9

Step 4. Set the profile to private

Only allow users who are friends of the fake profile to see the messages and most of the images. Thus, anyone who wants to know more about their boyfriend will only find a private profile and will not be able to observe anything suspicious.

  • On most social networks, you can choose who sees each type of update, but some platforms require you to allow all users to see your messages.
  • To change how other people see your profile, check your account settings. There, look for "privacy", where you can define what other users can see.
Create a Fake Boyfriend or Girlfriend Step 10

Step 5. Start using the profile

Now that you've created the account, you can use the profile to bring your fake relationship to life. Essentially, the foundation of dating will be created on social media.

  • Change both profiles to "In a serious relationship with…".
  • Comment with your user on your boyfriend's page. Log into his account to reply.
  • Share cute memes and gifs on both of you pages.

Part 3 of 3: Creating Realistic Communication

Create a Fake Boyfriend or Girlfriend Step 11

Step 1. Make the person look real

One of the main ways to invent a boyfriend is to talk about him as if he were a real person. For example, casually mention a date you two had the other day, or say he's away on business.

  • For example: "I had a lot of fun with my boyfriend this weekend. We went to see that new movie, have you seen it?"
  • Another way to mention the person is to say, "My boyfriend won't be here this weekend, he travels a lot for work."
  • Don't forget the ups and downs. One day you may be overjoyed at having received flowers from your loved one, but next week you may be fighting.
  • Show off the person, don't be afraid to show their "picture" to make them look more real.
Create a Fake Boyfriend or Girlfriend Step 12

Step 2. Prepare to answer questions

Most people will ask a lot of enthusiastic questions if they discover you have a new love. Be ready to answer them.

  • For example, you'll likely have to answer things like, "How long have you been together?" and "What's he like?"
  • If you hear a question that you can't answer in your head, change the subject. Say, "Oh, enough about my boyfriend! How's yours?"
Create a Fake Boyfriend or Girlfriend Step 13

Step 3. Ask a friend for help

To pretend you're getting text messages from your loved one in a particular situation, try asking a friend to send them. In phone contacts, put your fake boyfriend's name in a friend's phone number and ask him to send messages whenever necessary.

  • You could also stage conversations to further convince others that your relationship is real. Just remember to ask a friend of your boyfriend's same sex to call you, as the other person might be able to hear some of the conversation.
  • The dialogues don't need to be elaborate, you could talk for five minutes to make plans for later or to decide who will buy milk for dinner.
Create a Fake Boyfriend or Girlfriend Step 14

Step 4. Try an app

There are several mobile or online services that can help you. For example, one of them might send text messages to your cell phone, as well as leave voicemail messages and even send postcards. Of course, these services are paid for, but that way the relationship will seem more genuine.

  • You could also use apps that let you send text messages to your cell phone at random times. When the phone rings, say, "Oh, it's just a text from my boyfriend. Sorry, I need to get back to you real quick!"
  • This type of app is available for Android and iPhone.


  • Keep in mind that creating a fake boyfriend will dramatically lower your chances of finding a real partner. It's quite likely that someone who wants to ask you out will change their mind when they discover you're "committed."
  • Avoid creating a very long-term relationship, you will be more likely to be discovered over time.

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