How to Animate Your Girlfriend (with Pictures)

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How to Animate Your Girlfriend (with Pictures)
How to Animate Your Girlfriend (with Pictures)

When your girlfriend is upset or depressed, the way she acts around you and the relationship as a whole can be affected. As each girl is unique, each one recovers in different ways, so it may be necessary to find out what excites your girlfriend the most. Spend time doing special things for her and entertaining her, but the most important thing is to take care of her and be there during difficult times.


Method 1 of 2: Comforting Her

Cheer up Your Girlfriend Step 1

Step 1. Make yourself present

If your girlfriend is having a bad day, has been hurt by someone, or is stressed or angry, stay present in her mood. It can be easy to ignore someone or spend your time somewhere else when it's not being fun to be around that person. However, no matter what mood your girlfriend is in, you can be the most supportive person by standing by her side.

If your girlfriend is looking depressed, don't assume she doesn't want to be with you. Keep trying to spend time with her, invite her to do activities together, or just hang out while she enjoys the cesspool. You can ask if she needs anything, but the main thing is to demonstrate that you are not going to abandon her at this difficult time. Just don't push it too hard; give the necessary space. Feel the situation and see if she wants your company or not

Cheer up Your Girlfriend Step 2

Step 2. Be kind to her

Sometimes all your girlfriend needs is a hug or a touch from you. If you notice that she looks upset or depressed, hug her tightly or hold her in your arms. Maybe she doesn't want to talk or open up too much during this time, but just being close to you and being comforted by your physical touch can be enough to help lift her mood.

The most important thing to do when your girlfriend is upset is to be patient with her. She may be a little more grumpy or angrier about your actions. Give her time to recover and perk up, and don't try to force her to be more cheerful. Also, if it's taking longer than you expected for her to perk up, don't ask when it's going to happen. Chances are, this question only makes her more upset

Cheer up Your Girlfriend Step 3

Step 3. Talk about how she is feeling

Your girlfriend may be going through something difficult or just having a bad day. Whatever it is, some people just need to vent and talk about their feelings so they can feel a little better. Ask how she is feeling and if she wants to talk about it. If she chooses to open up, don't try to solve her problem or feel sorry for her. Just understand and try to encourage her.

  • Some questions you can use to start the conversation are, "How are you today?", "I noticed you're acting weird, is something wrong?" and "Looks like something's bothering you. Want to talk about it?"
  • If your girlfriend is hesitant or doesn't want to talk about something, don't push it. Give her the time to think. She might just be having a bad day and not really have much to say about it, so don't assume there's something terribly wrong.
  • If your girlfriend is angry or upset about something, you might just need to give her a little space. Maybe she doesn't want to talk about it, or she might get annoyed if you question her too much. If you're feeling that this is the case, don't ignore her, but try to let her come to you with what's bothering her before being asked.
Cheer up Your Girlfriend Step 4

Step 4. Listen carefully

Sometimes in relationships you want to solve other people's problems or you feel so uncomfortable for them that you want to take responsibility. If your girlfriend is opening up to you, don't try to solve her problems right away. Often people don't want a solution to the problem, just someone who will listen. Focus your energy on listening properly and encourage her that everything will be fine. Do not suggest how she can solve the problem.

  • One way to show your girlfriend that you're really listening to her is to summarize what was said, which shows your attention. After she has expressed something, stop and say something like "so you're feeling this way because…".
  • Appreciate your girlfriend while she talks to you. Say you're glad she opens up.
Cheer up Your Girlfriend Step 5

Step 5. Remind her of what is true

Your girlfriend may be in a situation where she is feeling insecure about herself or believing lies that society or other people try to get her to believe. At these times, remind her of what is true.

  • If she's really stressed out about an exam and doesn't think she's going to make it, remind her of all the times she's been successful in school. If she has been rejected in a job selection process, remind her of all her qualities and that the job search takes time. If she is unsure of her appearance, remind her how beautiful she is.
  • If your girlfriend is going through a loss, such as the death of a family member or friend, you don't need to remind her of what's true. Comfort her, be a good listener, and express your sympathy. You can ask her if she wants to talk about it or how she is doing, but don't try to be optimistic. It's not necessary to immerse yourself in the loss or belittle it by saying it's going to pass or by talking about all the good things that are happening in your girlfriend's life. In this situation, just comfort her.

Method 2 of 2: Distracting Your Girlfriend and Doing Special Things for Her

Cheer up Your Girlfriend Step 6

Step 1. Go for a walk together

A walk is often a great way to free your mind of stressful things and provide a relaxing time to reflect. If your girlfriend is upset, go for a walk and let her vent if she needs to, or talk about things that will help to distract her.

Cheer up Your Girlfriend Step 7

Step 2. Make her laugh

Nothing better than a laugh to lighten a heavy mood. Make a few jokes around your girlfriend, the kind you know she likes. If she's especially depressed, it might be difficult to make her laugh, so keep trying until you get a smile. Don't make fun of what she's going through, but put in some humor unrelated to the circumstances.

Occasionally, bad jokes are the best ones to get someone excited. Tell your girlfriend a "big joke" or something really cheesy. She might laugh at the fact that the joke is too bad or pathetic

Cheer up Your Girlfriend Step 8

Step 3. Watch a marathon on her favorite show

Sometimes when people are upset, they just need some time enjoying their laziness and vegetating. If you and your girlfriend have more time to spend together, ask her if she wants to watch her favorite show. Grab some popcorn, treats and candy and spend hours in front of the TV.

This can be a good approach to cheering someone up for a while, but it doesn't always help in the end. After spending hours watching TV, try to do something that will revitalize you. Go for a jog or walk outdoors for some fresh air and exercise

Cheer up Your Girlfriend Step 9

Step 4. Go dancing

This is a great way to distract your girlfriend from all the hurt and pain she might be feeling, and will give her a fun night out. Take her to her favorite dance venue, whether it's a country music house, a salsa or Latin house, or a ballad. Spend a few hours there and help her loosen up and enjoy the night.

Even if you're not a good dancer, your girlfriend will recognize your effort and be able to think of something else for a while. If you don't want the responsibility of dancing with her alone, invite some of the friends you have in common so that she has a group to dance with

Cheer up Your Girlfriend Step 10

Step 5. Learn a new skill together

It might seem like an awkward time to start a new activity, but if your girlfriend has been upset about something for a long time, it might be good to put something new in her life. Choose an activity or hobby that you are both interested in and start learning and practicing. Studying something new will be a good way to distract her and put something fun in her life.

Perhaps your girlfriend wants to learn to play a certain instrument, wants to start pedaling, or is interested in gardening. Stay by her side as you two learn this new hobby and support her in it. If she doesn't seem interested in learning anything new, encourage her little by little. Don't force her to choose a hobby, but show her how it can be good for her. Start studying the new skill or hobby on your own and share your experience to motivate her to follow you

Cheer up Your Girlfriend Step 11

Step 6. Offer to massage her

If your girlfriend is really stressed about something or if something has made her body tense, a massage is a great way to lift her mood. By helping her relax her body, you can help her relax her mind too. Ask her if she wants a massage first and then treat the tension in her muscles.

You can also put on soft music so that she can rest and relax completely. Maybe she just needs to stop thinking about her problems for a while, so a relaxing massage and nice music can help

Cheer up Your Girlfriend Step 12

Step 7. Take her to her favorite restaurant

Food is always a great way to entertain or cheer someone up. Very few people can resist their favorite dish and dessert, so try taking your girlfriend out to eat at her favorite restaurant. Let her order and eat what she wants. Maybe she just needs one night to veg and pamper herself, so stay by her side and do the same.

Some people lose their appetite when they're upset. If your girlfriend seems very upset about something, ask her if she wants to go out first. Maybe she just needs to stay home or take time to herself, so do what's best for her

Cheer up Your Girlfriend Step 13

Step 8. Make her dinner

If your girlfriend doesn't feel like going out and needs to stay home, prepare her favorite dinner, not forgetting dessert! Surprise her with a delicious meal when she gets home from school or work. If she likes to cook, ask her if she wants to prepare food with you. This might be a good distraction for her.

Cheer up Your Girlfriend Step 14

Step 9. Take her to a pet shop

What girl is not excited about seeing the puppies? Find a local pet store and take her there for an hour or so so she can love some puppies and get love back.

Cheer up Your Girlfriend Step 15

Step 10. Buy her a special gift

Think about the aspects of your girlfriend's life that make her happy or that mean a lot to her. Perhaps she is very fond of a certain band or has been wanting a specific accessory or outfit for a while. Surprise her with a special gift when she's really upset.

You can also take her shopping so she can pick out a few things herself. Spending a few hours at her favorite stores can go a long way in cheering her up, especially if she finds something she likes

Cheer up Your Girlfriend Step 16

Step 11. Plan a special day to spend together

Instead of just a quick date, make plans for a full day with your girlfriend. Try to incorporate some of her favorite activities as well as others that make her happy. Pack a picnic or spend time at the beach. Head to an amusement park for an exciting ride. Visit some tourist areas in your city.

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