3 Ways to Drive a Boy Crazy for You

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3 Ways to Drive a Boy Crazy for You
3 Ways to Drive a Boy Crazy for You

If you're crazy about a guy, it's natural to want him to be crazy about you too. Of course, every guy is different, but there are some common tricks and techniques you can try to achieve your goal.


Method 1 of 3: Showing Your Charm

Make a Guy Crazy About You Step 1

Step 1. Make eye contact

It sounds simple, but making eye contact with a guy and keeping him up can encourage him to be interested in you.

  • When talking to him, keep eye contact. Try not to look away, especially towards another guy.
  • You can even use eye contact to drive him crazy when they're on opposite sides of a room. Make eye contact with him and, after holding him for a few moments, lower your eyes. Slowly fix your eyes again, keeping a shy or seductive smile on your face.
Make a Guy Crazy About You Step 2

Step 2. Dress up

Of course, the inside is important, but the outside is seen first. When you're trying to make a guy crazy about you, wear clothes, makeup, and accessories that bring out your best features.

  • This does not mean that you should wear revealing or tight clothing. Revealing clothes attract a guy's temporary interest, but it's not likely to make him crazy about you for long.
  • A dress that shows a little legs or a tight-fitting blouse in the right places can have a great effect, but your look should draw attention to being “attractive” rather than “sexy”.
  • The idea is to reveal the best of your body and face. If certain outfits make you look amazing even when you're not trying to get a guy's attention, they'll have the same effect when you want to attract him.
Make a Guy Crazy About You Step 3

Step 3. Dress simply

Once you meet the guy, it's time to let your guard down and wear casual clothes. This attitude means that he was able to break through the barrier and be part of your life.

  • Of course, the clothes you wear must be clean. A casual t-shirt and jeans make for a great casual look, but a shirt three sizes too big with a gigantic mustard stain might not be the best choice.
  • Once you've established the habit of dressing casually, you might want to dress nicely from time to time to rekindle the spark he felt the first time he saw you.
Make a Guy Crazy About You Step 4

Step 4. Wear a strong perfume

Smear some perfume behind your ears or apply a scented lotion after showering. Having a seductive scent can make the boy want to get even closer to you.

Moderation is essential. The fragrance should be strong enough to gently scent the air. If the scent is too strong, it can dominate the boy's sense of smell and make him want to distance himself from you

Make a Guy Crazy About You Step 5

Step 5. Dance

A lot of guys go crazy for a girl who feels comfortable enough to dance once in a while.

  • You can dance at a party or in a club, but it's even more effective to start dancing to the radio when you're in the kitchen or car.
  • Try asking him to dance. Watching you can be nice, but being invited to join in the fun can also drive you crazy.
Make a Guy Crazy About You Step 6

Step 6. Play with your hair

When you notice him watching you, twirl your hair between your fingers as you speak or casually toss them over your shoulders while you're doing something. However, make the action look as natural as possible.

If your hair is short or tied back, run your hands over the back of your neck or bare shoulders. This movement can also be sensual

Method 2 of 3: Keeping His Interest

Make a Guy Crazy About You Step 7

Step 1. Balance independence and dependence

You need to show him that you can be independent, but at the same time, you need to let him know that there is a free place in your life.

  • If the guy in your life is going to be busy over the weekend, don't beg him to make time for you. Accept and make plans to talk about.
  • Still, don't seem too indifferent. If you're in his arms, this isn't the time to check your text messages or talk about other friends.
Make a Guy Crazy About You Step 8

Step 2. Demonstrate self-confidence

Show the certainty of being who you are and knowing where you are going. Even if your life is not completely defined at the moment, there is often some aspect of it that you can be proud of and that you can feel confident about.

  • You may feel embarrassed that your career has not progressed as much as you would like or that you are relatively inexperienced in love. On the other hand, you can have a lot of confidence in your intelligence, in the relationships you've built with friends and family, or in various other achievements.
  • If you don't feel secure in an area of ​​your life, highlight the areas in which you feel confident rather than focusing on what you consider to be flaws.
Make a Guy Crazy About You Step 9

Step 3. Respect yourself

Respect your body, your free will and your life. Treating yourself badly seems to reveal that you don't deserve anyone's attention, even when it's not true.

Make a Guy Crazy About You Step 10

Step 4. Show him a different side

Once you get to know him a little, show him a side of you he has never seen before. The surprise will make him realize that you are much more than you appear, making you mysterious.

  • If you're usually the serious, serious type, let him watch you burst out laughing during your favorite comedy or unwind after a hard day's work.
  • On the contrary, if you're usually the carefree type, be serious one day and tell him your dreams and fears.
Make a Guy Crazy About You Step 11

Step 5. Learn to laugh at yourself

You will inevitably make a mistake in front of him. Instead of getting upset, make fun of yourself.

Make a Guy Crazy About You Step 12

Step 6. Show your smart side

A silly girl may interest a guy for one night, but a smart girl challenges his intellect and makes him go crazy about her for a much longer period.

You don't have to pretend you understand what you've never heard of. Respecting your smart simply means demonstrating your natural intelligence. Don't try to look like an empty head

Make a Guy Crazy About You Step 13

Step 7. Encourage him to pursue it

Most guys like to conquer, rather than being conquered. He needs to know you're interested, but don't let him think you're desperate for him.

Make him strive to get closer to you. “Closing” means developing physical and emotional intimacy. Disarm him emotionally by revealing your inner thoughts and feelings little by little. Instead of taking him to your apartment the first night, just leave him with a kiss – if that – and have him prove your intentions before you go any further

Make a Guy Crazy About You Step 14

Step 8. Make him miss you

Even if you never want to leave his side, his attention can increase if you are absent often and long enough for him to miss your presence.

  • Don't always be available. Instead of being ready with each invitation, decline a few, especially if he makes the invitation at the last minute. After refusing, say you'd love to do something next time.
  • Make him a little jealous, but be careful. Hang out with your friends and talk a lot about how much fun you plan to have. But avoid doing the same with friends of the opposite sex, as he may have reason to doubt your sincerity with him.

Method 3 of 3: Making Him Feel Good

Make a Guy Crazy About You Step 15

Step 1. Let him be himself

Don't ask him to change for you. Nobody is perfect, and if you're in a relationship with a guy, there are things you're going to need to correct and adjust. But don't include drastic changes in his personality and beliefs there.

Make a Guy Crazy About You Step 16

Step 2. Love those he loves

Be nice to his friends and ask about his family. By showing interest in people he cares about, you demonstrate that your intention to be a part of his life is serious.

  • You don't have to be best friends with his friends, but it helps if you put up with them enough to be with them when necessary. But try not to get too close to any of them, as you may arouse unwanted jealousy or suspicion.
  • If he doesn't have a good relationship with his family or is interested in talking about them, don't push the issue too hard. Bring up the subject every now and then, but wait until he's ready to start talking.
Make a Guy Crazy About You Step 17

Step 3. Show interest in his hobbies

You don't have to love all of his hobbies, but be interested enough to at least try to pursue the same hobby or let him talk about it.

If he invites you to try his hobby, try it even if you don't know anything about it. You can choose not to pursue the hobby after the first attempt, but at least you'll know enough to understand him later when he starts talking about it

Make a Guy Crazy About You Step 18

Step 4. Praise him sincerely

Make a positive, seductive comment about how nice he is when he least expects it. Praise can be a powerful resource. But the compliment should be genuine, not sarcastic.

  • Praising his appearance can have the same effect as praising his personality and abilities.
  • Mix things up a bit. When you meet him after work, you might lean in and whisper that you couldn't stop thinking about his dreamy eyes all day. The following week, you can casually comment that you don't know anyone who can tell jokes and stories as good as his.
Make a Guy Crazy About You Step 19

Step 5. Let him show off his manhood

When the two of you are together, let him be the man. This doesn't mean you need to be totally submissive, but it does mean letting him lead and demonstrate some traits associated with the traditional male role.

If he opens the door for you or offers him his coat on a cold night, for example, accept the gesture

Make a Guy Crazy About You Step 20

Step 6. Support him without suffocating him

Be a safe haven for him. When something goes wrong, let him know that you are ready to support him emotionally without judging him.

On the other hand, you need to make room for him. You may find that he needs more personal space than you do. If he needs time alone to be independent or to deal with his problems, accept it without creating a fuss

Make a Guy Crazy About You Step 21

Step 7. Pay attention to him

A guy is more likely to be crazy about a girl when she lets him know she's crazy about him too. Pay attention to what he says and does, then share that information to prove he was paying attention.

  • For example, if he mentions the dog that was 12 years old, bring it up in a conversation later.
  • A simple way to show that you pay attention is to remember basic facts: his birthday, his siblings' names, and other information.

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