3 Ways to Flirt with a Guy via Text Message

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3 Ways to Flirt with a Guy via Text Message
3 Ways to Flirt with a Guy via Text Message

Text messages are a great way to flirt with someone, whether you're getting to know the person, starting a relationship, or having been together for a long time. Use your cell phone to stay in touch, reinforce interest, and connect with the guy.


Method 1 of 3: Starting the Conversation

Flirt with a Guy over Text Step 1

Step 1. Call the guy to talk

If you're trying to flirt with a guy you don't have a romantic relationship with yet, start the conversation with something romantic to make your intentions clear. If he shows interest, reinforce the matter.

  • For example, starting the conversation with "I dreamed of you yesterday!" it is a subtle flirtation, as it suggests that she had a love dream about the boy. If he takes the idea that way, go for flirtation.
  • If he ignores the potential sexual context of the dream, proceed with caution.
Flirt with a Guy over Text Step 2

Step 2. Praise him

Everyone likes to hear nice things about themselves, which is great for flirting. If you're going to start a warmer conversation, give it a compliment to heat things up.

  • For example, if you're dating a guy on the basketball team, it would be a good idea to send out "Physical education class today got hot when you hit the court."
  • Be honest and specific. There's no need to compliment the look, but it's important to be specific. Instead of "You are cute", say "You have a beautiful smile", for example.
Flirt with a Guy over Text Step 3

Step 3. Send messages overnight

Obviously, unless you know the boy is awake, no late-night texting. Still, a late-night message can be more intimate and inviting.

  • The night atmosphere ends up leaving people more relaxed and at ease to talk.
  • An example: "I'm here warm in bed already. What are you doing?"
Flirt with a Guy over Text Step 4

Step 4. Be yourself

It can be tempting to reinforce your personality by showing your sillier or more sensual side, but you don't have to. If you don't know each other personally, the guy might get the wrong impression later on. Introduce yourself as you really are!

For example, you don't have to include a bunch of exclamation points to demonstrate animation, especially if you don't react that way in real life

Flirt with a Guy over Text Step 5

Step 5. Show off your funniest side

You shouldn't pretend to be someone you're not, but it's okay to reinforce your comic side in messages. Text conversations are usually shorter and lighter, perfect for exploring good mood.

For example, let's say you're spending Saturday night at home in your pajamas. Instead of texting this, tell about your Friday night: "I went out with the girls yesterday and it was fun, but the whole time I was thinking it would be nicer if you were there."

Flirt with a Guy over Text Step 6

Step 6. Tease to create intimacy, as long as the guy has a sense of humor

Typing errors, especially those caused by the spell checker, are good opportunities to make fun of the guy.

For example, if he texts you saying you have beautiful eyes, but the realtor writes "cakes", make a joke like "Oh, do you think my cakes are beautiful? Where on my body are my "cakes" ?"

Flirt with a Guy over Text Step 7

Step 7. Make up a cute nickname

As silly as it sounds, the nicknames make it clear that you like the guy. Choose between something very manly or something exaggeratedly cute and silly. Use the nickname in the middle of the conversation to show your affection.

  • "Strong" or "Thor" are good manly nicknames.
  • If you want something cuter, choose something close to "Cute" or "Baby".
Flirt with a Guy over Text Step 8

Step 8. End the monotony

Sending the same message at the same time every day is boring. Don't follow a routine! Send multiple messages, at different times, to keep the boy's interest.

  • For example, a "Good morning baby" might work from time to time, but it shouldn't be sent every day.
  • Give your messages a variety to avoid boredom. "Wake up to life boy" or "Can't wait to see you at school!" are good alternatives.
Flirt with a Guy over Text Step 9

Step 9. Show that you are thinking about him

If you find something that reminds you of the boy, take a photo and send it to him. If you say you were thinking about him, you'll get some extra points.

  • Just send him stuff that interests him or your inside jokes.
  • Avoid serious things like wedding rings or cakes.
Flirt with a Guy over Text Step 10

Step 10. Continue the conversation

If they are exchanging messages, no monosyllabic replies! For there to be a dialogue, both of them must actively participate in the conversation. Answer, ask questions and introduce new topics from time to time.

  • For example, if he says "Do you like going to the movies?", don't respond with an embarrassing "Yes". Continue the conversation by saying something like "Yes, especially when my company is as beautiful as you are! When are we going?"
  • Another option would be to ask questions about him, such as what types of music or food he prefers.
Flirt with a Guy over Text Step 11

Step 11. Hold the sensuality for a while

It's tempting to open the conversation with a sensual message, but it's best to take it easy. If possible, leave the hot chats for when you are in a relationship.

  • Obviously, there's no need to hold back the boy's praise.
  • Still, avoid explicitly sexual messages, such as talking about genitalia or sex. You're free to write whatever you like, but it's possible that the boy will be caught off guard and not get into the mood.
Flirt with a Guy over Text Step 12

Step 12. Avoid the "nudes"

Even if they're in a serious relationship, it's not a good idea to send sexy or nude images to the guy. Once you send the photo, you lose control over it and there is no guarantee that it will not go online.

If you want to send photos, how about a smile or a kiss in the air? Don't send the boy anything you wouldn't send his grandmother

Method 2 of 3: Talking Before and After Dates

Flirt with a Guy over Text Step 13

Step 1. Feel the mood

Want to call crush on a date but don't know how to say it or if he's interested? Start eating around the edges. For example, ask him what he's doing on the weekend and see if he gets the message.

  • An example: "What are your plans for the weekend? I'm going to the movies, what about you?"
  • By telling him what you are going to do, you open up the possibility that he will "invite himself" to join you.
Flirt with a Guy over Text Step 14

Step 2. Call him out

If you prefer to be more direct, go ahead and make the invitation. Don't choose anything too serious, so the guy doesn't feel pressured and can refuse the date if he's not interested.

  • For example, say something like "Wow, my week was long. I need to have fun on the weekend. So, what's the good?"
  • For an even more direct approach: "I'd like to go out with you someday. Would you like some coffee on Saturday?"
Flirt with a Guy over Text Step 15

Step 3. Make a "warm up" for the date

The exchange of messages the day before your trip can help to increase the anticipation for the meeting. Make it clear that you're excited to go out with him.

  • For example, a simple "Can't wait to see you tonight!" enough.
  • Another option would be to start flirting right away: "I'm dying to see you tonight, I hope you wear those nice jeans you have."
Flirt with a Guy over Text Step 16

Step 4. Send a message after the meeting

If all went well, talk to the guy the next day, either by text or by phone. Calling is the best option, but there's nothing wrong with text chatting.

  • You can simply send a simple message like "Loved it last night!"
  • If you prefer, be a little more specific: "I loved that restaurant. Everything was so delicious! It was great spending the night with you."

Method 3 of 3: Knowing what to avoid

Flirt with a Guy over Text Step 17

Step 1. Be brief

There are no longer limitations on message size, but it's a good idea to avoid the famous texts. Receiving a giant message can be upsetting, as this means of communication values ​​short texts that get straight to the point.

  • In other words, don't write the bible on your cell phone.
  • Use the abbreviations if the guy likes to use them too. A "u" or an "rs" never killed anyone.
  • Be careful not to weigh your hand and use too many abbreviations, or you could end up pushing the guy away. Also avoid excess emojis.
Flirt with a Guy over Text Step 18

Step 2. Be careful with your tone

Sarcasm doesn't go with texting, especially if you don't know the other person well. As long as you're not close to the guy, it's best to avoid sarcasm and irony, as they'll have a hard time understanding what you really mean.

Flirt with a Guy over Text Step 19

Step 3. Don't wait too long

Many guides suggest that people wait a while before replying to a message, in a sort of little game to see who resists the most. It's important not to appear desperate and not respond to messages immediately, but don't wait too long.

  • If you like the boy, answer him relatively quickly.
  • In the modern world, waiting an hour for an answer can seem like an eternity. Don't leave the guy on ice!
Flirt with a Guy over Text Step 20

Step 4. Be careful not to weigh your hand

If you tend to send a lot of messages a day and only get replies to a few, be careful. Reduce the number of messages sent so the guy will miss you between conversations.

No asking if he received your messages. You don't need to sound desperate! If he didn't answer, sign that he's busy

Flirt with a Guy over Text Step 21

Step 5. No texting under the influence of alcohol

You'll probably write things you'll regret, perhaps over flirting or saying nonsense. Obviously, it's hard to control yourself under the effects of drinking, but try to avoid this type of situation.

Flirt with a Guy over Text Step 22

Step 6. Don't try to read so much between the lines

For people who overanalyze relationships, texting is terrible because you have words to analyze, but the sentences are short and don't contain a lot of information. If the guy just said hello, a sign that he's greeting you, not that he's not excited about not using exclamation points.

Flirt with a Guy over Text Step 23

Step 7. Read messages before sending

The cell phone auto-correct can end up playing pranks from time to time, so always review messages before sending them to avoid problems.

You don't need to have perfect writing when sending messages, but correcting the Portuguese mistakes won't do any harm. Not everyone will be offended by mistakes in Portuguese, but you can be sure that no one will be offended by your perfect spelling


  • If the guy isn't interested in you, respect his decision and stop flirting.
  • When you are going out together, try to speak the same way you communicate by text.

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