3 Ways to Know If Your Girlfriend Likes You (For Boys)

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3 Ways to Know If Your Girlfriend Likes You (For Boys)
3 Ways to Know If Your Girlfriend Likes You (For Boys)

When you're flirting with someone, finding out how they feel about you is not a simple task. Thankfully, there are some signs that can help you in this endeavor. Through the cat's body language and the way she behaves when you're around, it's possible to analyze whether the feeling is reciprocated. A little daring doesn't hurt anyone, does it? So take the initiative to ask crush's friends if she likes you. Or even better: ask the girl directly.


Method 1 of 3: Observing a Girl's Body Language

Know if Your Crush Likes You Back (for Guys) Step 1

Step 1. Pay attention to whether she plays with her hair or runs her hand through her clothes

It's normal for a girl to get nervous and find some distraction to focus when the boy she likes is around. Plus, subconsciously, she's trying to look her best in the hope of making the guy feel attracted to her.

Running your hand through your hair is one of the most common gestures among girls when they are close to the crush

Know if Your Crush Likes You Back (for Guys) Step 2

Step 2. Try to notice if she blushes or seems restless when you are in the area

Interacting with flirting is the kind of thing that gets on your nerves, so some people get flustered and a little airy. You probably feel that way, too! Notice if her face flushes or if she looks anxious when she talks to you. Keep in mind that this is positive, after all, it's good to know that you give someone butterflies, isn't it?

A person who is completely self-assured will not blush; on the contrary, she will be relaxed and willing to talk. Any sudden change in mood, however, can be a sure sign that she's into you

Know if Your Crush Likes You Back (for Guys) Step 3

Step 3. See if she leans towards you

When the two of you are seated talking, pay attention to whether she bends over to get closer. This movement is a sign that she is interested in what you say and wants to be closer to you!

The premise is the same if you are standing: the approach indicates interest

Know if Your Crush Likes You Back (for Guys) Step 4

Step 4. Make sure her feet are facing you

As funny as this may sound, it's an important subconscious signal. Feet pointing to your side indicate that the person is thinking of you and wants to get even closer.

As you look at her feet to see if they are facing you, enjoy and compliment her shoes

Know if Your Crush Likes You Back (for Guys) Step 5

Step 5. Watch out for looks

Does she look a lot at where you are? Maybe she thinks you're so cute she can't take her eyes off. Meeting her eyes once or twice may just be a coincidence, but if you're caught frequently, there's a good chance she'll feel about you the same way you feel about her.

Don't be afraid to make this eye contact, it's a start to a good date

Know if Your Crush Likes You Back (for Guys) Step 6

Step 6. Notice if she finds reasons to make some kind of physical contact

Tap your shoulder to get attention, put your arm around your waist when you're walking, take your hand to take you somewhere, give you a hug to say hello, lightly touch your clothes, among other things, are common gestures of those who want to be close to the other person.

Just notice if the girl acts like that only to you or if she does it to everyone. If it's a common habit with everyone, it doesn't necessarily indicate she's into you

Know if Your Crush Likes You Back (for Guys) Step 7

Step 7. Watch out for looks

Does she make any more intense eye contact or does she tend to look away? This is one of the most difficult gestures to be able to identify feelings, because everything depends on the person's personality. A shy girl, for example, cannot hold her gaze out of sheer nervousness. A more confident girl can look into the crush's eyes with more intensity.

Try to see if the way she looks at you is different from the looks she gives others

Method 2 of 3: Analyzing Girl Behavior

Know if Your Crush Likes You Back (for Guys) Step 8

Step 1. See if she texts for no reason

Do you sometimes get messages from her out of nowhere? She's certainly thinking about you and likes to chat. You can't tell just from the messages if she likes you as a friend or wants to be something more, but the fact that she's looking for you is already quite positive.

  • Making excuses to talk to you, such as asking for help with a homework assignment that you are sure she has no doubts about, is also an indication that she wants to get closer.
  • Another sign is to send long, reflective messages.
Know if Your Crush Likes You Back (for Guys) Step 9

Step 2. Pay attention to whether she offers to do favors

Is she willing to help you with your homework? Keep walking with you home after class? Does it help you memorize your part of the group work presentation? Are you always by your side when you're down? In any of these situations, her willingness to be around offering help or a friendly shoulder shows that she cares a lot about you.

Attention! These signs can also indicate that your relationship is just a beautiful friendship. If she usually acts like that with everyone, the gestures don't indicate anything, but if this type of attitude is directed only to you, there is some different feeling stored in her heart

Know if Your Crush Likes You Back (for Guys) Step 10

Step 3. See if she dresses up more than usual

The cat can try even more in the look to go out with you, whether choosing the best outfit, doing a different makeup or choosing a special hairstyle. Flipping your appearance is a way of trying to get your attention.

Another very obvious sign is that she feels embarrassed for not being dressed up in your presence, like leaving the gym

Know if Your Crush Likes You Back (for Guys) Step 11

Step 4. Notice if friends are giggling or teasing the girl when you are around

Try to observe how her group of friends behaves in your presence. Giggles, teasing and attempts to bring you closer to the crush at recess are attitudes that indicate that they know the girl likes you.

When you arrived did they stop talking? They were probably talking about you

Method 3 of 3: Asking directly

Know if Your Crush Likes You Back (for Guys) Step 12

Step 1. Ask her friends if she's into you

Do you know the girl's friends? Take the opportunity to ask if they think you have a chance with her. Also try to find out if she is single and into boys. It could be that she is gay or bi, hence the need to find out if the path is clear for you.

Any questions or attempts to approach should be made with all due respect. Don't pressure people to tell you something they don't know or want to keep secret

Know if Your Crush Likes You Back (for Guys) Step 13

Step 2. Praise the girl and pay attention to her reaction

It's important that you also give some signs that you're up for it. Praise something you like about her, like her beautiful smile, her kindness, her volleyball talent, or her great sense of humor. Notice if she blushes when receiving these flattering comments or if she appears to be more cheerful.

Praising is a bold attitude, because it's a way of saying that you like the person. The good thing is that if she has a crush on you, she'll come to like it even more too

Know if Your Crush Likes You Back (for Guys) Step 14

Step 3. Talk about your feelings and ask her out

Doing so is one of the most tense ways to find out if a girl's feelings are reciprocated, but it's the only one that's 100% effective. Call her in for a private conversation, let her know how you feel, and ask her if she's up to hanging out with you. This conversation can also be done via text message if you prefer.

  • Say something like “You are a beautiful and smart girl. I would like to take her out for ice cream after school; are you in?”.
  • In the best case scenario, you'll have a girlfriend; at worst, you'll find the cat doesn't like you. Better to know soon and overcome this passion than to spend your whole life in doubt.

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