How to Make a Girl Feel Special: 11 Steps

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How to Make a Girl Feel Special: 11 Steps
How to Make a Girl Feel Special: 11 Steps

Every girl wants to feel that she is special and unique to the guy she loves. Are you in love and want your partner to know she is special to you? Well, nothing better than treating her like a princess then. Come on?


Part 1 of 3: Praising

Make a Girl Feel Special Step 1

Step 1. Balance the compliments

Everyone likes to be complimented, which is no surprise: what better thing than knowing that someone cares about us and that we're good people? Praise her looks and personality so she feels like the girl of your dreams, but beware of terms like "fit" and "hot" as they are too generic and don't sound sincere. Don't get too heavy either, or you might give the impression that you're complimenting her and wanting something in return.

  • Instead of "hot", choose adjectives like "beautiful", "beautiful" or "wonderful". These words have more emotion behind them and seem more sincere.
  • Praise her personality too. Women love to feel beautiful inside and out, and it's always a good idea to show that you like her for who she is inside:

    • "Whenever we're alone, you remind me how much fun it is to do anything together."
    • "You are as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside."
    • "Every day, you make me want to be a better person."
    • "When I look at you, I know what it's like to feel comfortable and safe in someone else's presence."
Make a Girl Feel Special Step 2

Step 2. Give sincere and unique compliments

It's best to have a few basic words to use from time to time, but it's also good to quote something unique about her to let her know that you love her.

  • Let's say you're in love with eyes from her: "I love the way your shirt brings out the color of your eyes. The color contrast is beautiful."
  • Maybe you love like the hair she skirts her face: "Your hair is so soft and silky, it's perfect for your eyes and your mouth."
  • If you fall in love whenever she laugh: "Your laugh is the cutest thing in the world. It always puts me in a good mood."
  • Finally, how about saying something about the generosity her? After all, many women have maternal instincts and welcome compliments about their own kindness or [[[Be Generous|generous]]: “You taught me what it is to be kind and how good it is to have someone to take care of me. even for you."
Make a Girl Feel Special Step 3

Step 3. Show unexpected affection

Praising when it's expected is great, but the right commentary at the most surprising time is even better. Choose a time when you are together to think about what you love, respect, and admire about her. Speak into the can without delay!

  • When she least expects it, hug her tenderly, give her a kiss, and say something sincere about how she makes you feel. Look into her eyes during the compliment and believe me, she'll melt all over you like ice on a fire.
  • Make it clear that she is your priority and that you will do whatever it takes to make her happy, no matter what the situation. Well, it's best not to just say: get ready to actually do whatever it takes. Nobody wants to hear broken promises, after all.
  • Text or call at unexpected times to let her know you're always on your mind. Don't be too pushy, as the idea is that she'll be taken by surprise by your statement. Some examples of messages to send out of nowhere:

    • "I miss you. I was thinking about you now…"
    • "I'm in love with you. I love what we have together so much."
    • "Hi, I just came to say that I love you and I wanted to kiss you right now."

Part 2 of 3: Showing You Care

Make a Girl Feel Special Step 4

Step 1. Go to fun places

Take a walk in the park, go to the mall with her, take her to the beach. There are plenty of places to go that will make her feel loved and comfortable.

  • Do fun and exciting things to enjoy two benefits: first, you'll demonstrate that you want to involve her in your life; second that the adventure will make you feel closer through the release of oxytocin in the brain, a hormone responsible for the feeling of love…
  • Show that you care by participating in the things she loves to do. Even if you think it's going to be boring, go to the movies and see that romantic comedy she wants to see, as it will make it clear that you care about her needs and not just yours. Even if you don't like it, try to show a little excitement. It's better to be honest and say you're not in the mood, but that you're willing to go with her. Trust me, the girl will appreciate your effort and the love it symbolizes.
  • If she's shopping, ask her if she wants company. If she asks you to come along, try to help her make good choices at the mall. Girls find it difficult to choose clothes, for example. It doesn't matter if the girl is looking for a chic dress, a bathing suit for the beach or more casual shorts for everyday life, try to help her find pieces that fit well, match the rest of the wardrobe or that seem to have to do with her style: "Look, from the dresses in the store, I think yellow is the best option, after all, it's her favorite color and it will match the hat you already have" or "I think this blue bikini is a good option, as it is the same color as the blue sky, which I know makes you very happy." The idea is to make her remember you when you wear your chosen outfit.
  • Also on this subject, even if you're not the biggest fan of short and revealing clothes like shorts, short skirts and croppeds, it's better to accept it. Remember that you care about what she wants, and maybe she wears these clothes to make her body proud. Don't make her ashamed of anything!
Make a Girl Feel Special Step 5

Step 2. Publicly demonstrate how proud you are to be with her

Don't save affection just for particular moments: show the world how you feel! The girl will feel like she makes you feel like a lucky guy - which is true, if you're reading this text to make her see how special you are. Kiss her and pet her in public, always staying close to her.

  • If the girl is a regular user of social media, use the internet to show your relationship. Post photos together, tag it in places, and change your relationship status. Showing that you are publicly committed is a good way to go, unless she is a very closed person.
  • Don't be afraid to introduce her as your girlfriend if you're really dating. The girl may find it strange if introduced by her own name, unless you haven't labeled yourself boyfriend and girlfriend yet.
  • Don't let go of her hand when another girl approaches, or she'll think you're embarrassed or that you want to impress the other girl. If they're holding hands, wait a while to break contact. In the presence of other girls, the idea is to make her feel unique.
  • For her or your dating birthday, make a nice gesture in public. Buy or bake a cake and give a gift. The ideal is to do one thing in public and another in private.
Make a Girl Feel Special Step 6

Step 3. Chat and explore her personality

Going deeper into the girl's life and getting to know her likes and dislikes better will help you make her feel special. A lot of guys don't care about that, and just want to have a physical relationship. Don't be one of them, and always be in tune with the girl's personality.

  • Talk about her hobbies and her passions. We all like something, even if we don't know how to put it into words. Talk a lot to find out what she likes more than anything and try to understand why. Show your interest!
  • Ask lots of questions. Talk about childhood, family, life goals, fears, desires, likes and dislikes. The more you get to know the girl, the better you'll be able to comfort her when she's down, inspire her when she's running out of ideas, or calm her down when she's stressed.
  • Practice active listening. No matter what the girl has to say, listen and analyze the situation with her. If you have an informed opinion, say so. If you don't have anything to say, say so and remind her that you're around when she needs to think things through.
Make a Girl Feel Special Step 7

Step 4. Be patient

It's normal to find yourself thinking about the relationship and doubting the future. This is a sign of maturing and that you are getting used to a new status quo. You have to be patient and grow together with the girl.

  • If she's late or forgets something, wait patiently. Try to be understanding and don't make her feel guilty, especially if the first words you hear are "I'm sorry." One day you may be late and keep her waiting: how would you like to be received?
  • Let her win some arguments. Impose yourself and defend what you believe, but know how to recognize when it is better to accept defeat and make your partner happy.
  • Listen to her criticisms. Nobody likes to be criticized, but you have to give your arm to cheer in a relationship. Don't take things personally and try to change what you can to show that you really love her.

Part 3 of 3: Going Beyond Basics

Make a Girl Feel Special Step 8

Step 1. Be there when she needs it most

If your princess turns into a damsel in distress, you'll need to turn into a knight in shining armor. Whether it's a splinter in the foot, a bully at work, or a relative's serious illness, stand by her side and make it clear that your goal is to make her feel safe and supported.

  • If she's sad, ask how you can cheer her up instead of sitting around saying "I'm sorry." Your girlfriend probably wants someone to make her happy and be able to cheer her up when things aren't going so well. Strive for it!
  • Defend it when necessary. If she gets hurt, offended or threatened by someone, protect her. Say you won't listen to the insults in silence. Ideally, you shouldn't start a fight, but you shouldn't let them play it off either.
  • Be on her side, no matter what's going on in your life. Comfort her to demonstrate that she's around and that she's not going anywhere. Women like the security of knowing that no matter what happens, you won't give up.
Make a Girl Feel Special Step 9

Step 2. Be romantic

Even if you don't consider yourself a very romantic guy, it's good to put a little effort into this if you want to go beyond the basics. Your interactions should be a little exaggerated, but don't get too cheesy: just remind her of your effort to make her feel special.

  • Find out what her favorite flower is and have a bouquet delivered to her house. If you're at the market together, casually ask which flower it is and make a mental note. Remember that each species means something different: red roses mean romance, while white ones mean friendship.
  • Make a surprise date. Just making the effort to organize a surprise date may be enough to make her feel special. You don't even need to elaborate, just ask her to meet you somewhere and pretend they're going to do something boring. Then surprise her with a date, like a movie, picnic, or couples cooking class. She will love it!
  • Do something for her to signal your love. Cards, jewelry and flowers are always welcome, but how do you make your love go beyond the basic level? Do something with your own hands: the more personal the gift and the more energy invested, the better. Some suggestions:

    • Keep a relationship journal: buy a nice little notebook and write about when you met her, about your first dates and how you felt. Stick some pictures and other mementos, like movie tickets, for example. Say you want you to take turns writing in your journal.
    • Make a collage of memories you've kept from the relationship. Keep tickets, photos, brochures and things that mean something to both of you. Glue everything onto decorated cardboard and give it to her.
    • Make a video. It doesn't have to be anything fancy! The important thing is to talk about how you feel, what you love about her, what you were thinking when they met, etc. Put some cool music in the background and send it to the girl.
    • Do something for her parents. Does her mom need help organizing a charity auction? Offer your help to sell tickets or publicize the event. Trust me, your girlfriend will love that you are working hard to help her family.
Make a Girl Feel Special Step 10

Step 3. Take care of the little things

To go beyond the basics, you don't need to make a grand, flashy gesture like they do in the movies. Small ones often count as big as big ones, as long as they are done from the heart.

  • Sing romantic songs, even if your voice is horrible. It's interesting that the couple have a "music of their own" that always reminds them of each other. Are you a bad singer? All right, enjoy the situation to laugh a little!
  • Take lots of pictures together! The girl will love looking at you two together and smiling. Also, you will have many memories of good times you shared. Kiss her on the face or forehead when taking the photos to make them even more special.
  • Leave notes for the girl, always reminding her of the good times you shared together. A simple, handwritten message goes a long way!
Make a Girl Feel Special Step 11

Step 4. Love her for who she is and for her beliefs, because these things don't change easily

It's easy to talk, hard to do, but it's true: love the girl for who she is, and hope she does the same for you!

  • Forgive her if she makes a mistake and apologize. We all make mistakes, but the important thing is how we recognize our mistakes and react later. If she sincerely apologizes, forgive her. She is likely to do the same.
  • Respect her. Don't belittle or manipulate her, even when she's not around. Be a gentleman and always respect the girl's efforts and beliefs to be worthy of her trust.
  • Get along with her friends, even if you don't like them. Our friendships are important and we always want our partners and our friends to get along.
  • Strive to deal with her family, after all, our close relatives are our core. If the girl gets along well with her family, try to be accepted by everyone by acting with respect and politeness.


  • Always let her know how much you love her. Material love is not important! Your focus should be on being with her at all times, especially when the girl is going through difficulties. In these moments, love speaks louder and becomes more evident!
  • Protect her from everything and everyone who tries to hurt her.
  • Pay attention to everything she says.
  • Always make eye contact.
  • Always talk about how you feel, as she will feel more wanted.
  • Don't talk too much about other girls as she will feel unwanted and even jealous.
  • Always reply to her messages and call back when you can't answer at the time.
  • Don't bring up the subject of sex too early in the relationship, as the girl may feel that you are only with her for carnal pleasure.
  • If she says you're being too needy and clingy, give her a little space. Appreciate the girl and show that you care about her!
  • Keep the communication between you always open. Beware of over-touching too, unless it looks inviting.

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