3 Ways to Know if a Boy at Your School Likes You

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3 Ways to Know if a Boy at Your School Likes You
3 Ways to Know if a Boy at Your School Likes You

Sometimes determining whether or not a boy likes someone can be very difficult! Many people feel butterflies in their stomachs or get nervous in the company of a date, and this hinders our ability to determine whether a guy just wants a friendship or is interested in something more. Learning to interpret this colleague's interactions and verbal and body language will help you determine whether or not he matches your feelings!


Method 1 of 3: Observing Body Language

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Step 1. Notice if you catch his eye

Have you ever caught this colleague looking in your direction? If so, maybe he's interested in something other than friendship! Be careful not to overdo it and look over and over in the boy's direction - otherwise, he might just stare back because he feels he's being stared at!

Tell if a Guy in Middle School Likes You Step 2

Step 2. Notice if he smiles often

A boy who smiles a lot at someone may have ulterior motives, so think about the last time you saw him - if he smiled at you several times for no real reason, there's a good chance he's interested in romance.

Tell if a Guy in Middle School Likes You Step 3

Step 3. Keep an eye on where he decides to sit

A boy won't stop sitting with his friends to get closer to someone he doesn't like; if this colleague always tries to sit next to you, even for no apparent reason, chances are he's in for something.

  • Try to arrive early in the classroom or on the schoolyard to be the first person to choose a seat - if the boy decides to sit next to you, that's a good sign!
  • He may be too shy to pick a spot right next to you, but make sure he still tries to stay relatively close to you.
Tell if a Guy in Middle School Likes You Step 1

Step 4. Notice if he tries to make any kind of physical contact

If the boy tries to touch you during conversations, that's a good sign. Tickling, poking, hugging, and putting a hand on your shoulder-all these are good signs that a colleague wants something more than friendship.

Don't be afraid to ask the boy to stop doing something if you're not feeling comfortable with a certain kind of physical contact - knowing how to defend yourself is very important

Method 2 of 3: Talking to Him

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Step 1. Notice if he looks nervous when he's next to you

A boy shows nervousness in someone else's company when he laughs a lot, stutters, makes strange jokes, or avoids keeping eye contact during a conversation. Many boys this age are more tense in the presence of a girl, so your partner's nervousness is a good sign!

Tell if a Guy in Middle School Likes You Step 6

Step 2. Be aware of the habit of intruding on your conversations

Does he usually make comments when he hears a conversation you have with a friend? In that case, maybe that colleague is looking for a way to start a conversation - let him talk! Make a few jokes to make it clear that his presence is welcome.

Tell if a Guy in Middle School Likes You Step 7

Step 3. Notice if he tries to chat with his friends

Does the boy approach you several times to start a conversation with his peers, but not necessarily with you? In that case, maybe he still needs to work up the courage to be able to approach you, and he's using his friends as an excuse to get closer.

It may be difficult to discern whether someone wants something more from you or just enjoys your friend's company - if the boy always talks to the same person, he is more likely to simply enjoy chatting with them. On the other hand, he might have a crush on you if he's in the habit of starting conversations with different colleagues

Tell if a Guy in Middle School Likes You Step 4

Step 4. Pay attention to the habit of pulling a subject for no reason

If a colleague you've never talked to before has suddenly changed his attitude and is now showing an interest in chatting, that's a great sign. A good way to find out what a boy feels is to be mindful of the habit of making excuses to strike up a conversation-like walking to your desk to borrow a pencil, even if you're sitting across the classroom.

Step 5. Keep an eye out for compliments

We don't usually say nice things to people we don't like - so if this colleague has been offering a lot of spontaneous compliments, he's likely to have ulterior motives.

For example, compliments such as "I love your performance" or "This shirt looks great on you" could be signs of a romantic interest

Tell if a Guy in Middle School Likes You Step 13

Step 6. Ask him if he's into you

That takes a little courage, but there's nothing wrong with asking the question if you've been talking for a while and the boy has been showing several signs of interest - maybe your colleague will be embarrassed, but he'll end up telling the truth if he really does. want something besides friendship.

  • Just say something like "I like you a lot. Do you like me too?" It's best to start the question by talking about your feelings, otherwise the other person might think you're making fun of their interest.
  • If he evades the question or answers "no", just pretend he was joking - say something like "It's a joke!" and change the subject.

Method 3 of 3: Identifying the Flirting Signs

Tell if a Guy in Middle School Likes You Step 9

Step 1. Keep an eye out if this colleague suddenly starts showing up everywhere

When a guy starts hanging out in the same places as you, maybe he's looking for an opportunity to start a conversation. Many boys are embarrassed to talk to people they like, and maybe he wants to make up for his shyness by getting as close to you as possible.

Step 2. Ask yourself if he acts differently when he's by your side

If the boy treats you the same way he treats all his friends, maybe there are no ulterior motives. On the other hand, there's a good chance he's interested if this colleague is always outgoing in the company of others, but can't bring up a conversation with you, or if he tends to display a tough image around friends, but asks how you're feeling.

Tell if a Guy in Middle School Likes You Step 10

Step 3. Notice if he tries to compete with you

Has he ever tried to race you during gym class, or beat your score on an exam? Many boys try to compete with a girl they want to get to know better; see this kind of attitude as a good sign.

Don't be tempted to let the boy win all the time, be true to yourself - remember that we shouldn't change for someone else's sake, as it's never worth it

Tell if a Guy in Middle School Likes You Step 12

Step 4. Keep an eye on his reaction when he sees you with someone else

A boy who is upset or hurt when he sees his friend in the company of another boy may be interested in her. Notice how he acts when he sees you talking to someone.

  • Don't purposely try to provoke jealousy - this is a manipulative attitude that could scare the boy off.
  • Beware of people who overreact to such a situation - being upset or feeling a little jealous are acceptable reactions, but a boy is showing signs of controlling behavior if he gets nervous, tantrums, or yells at you or with the other guy.

Step 5. Open your eye if you receive a gift

Many boys like to give gifts to their crush, so be wary if this buddy offers any kind of pampering, even something small, like a sticker or a pencil - he probably likes you and wants to win you over with such a gesture.

Don't accept any overly generous gifts, such as cash or electronic equipment - simply say you'd rather get to know the boy better than receiving material goods


  • Everyone is different. Some boys don't show any signs of interest when they're in love with someone, and others may just start acting very friendly.
  • Don't try to interfere in the relationship of a co-worker who likes someone or who already has a girlfriend - this will only make you look like a desperate, mean girl.
  • Don't try too hard to impress someone! You'll scare the kid if you start following him around and do everything you can to get noticed.
  • To know if he really likes you or if it's just an empty hook, see if he acts with the other girls the same way.

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