3 Ways to Make out

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3 Ways to Make out
3 Ways to Make out

While kissing someone you care about can be electrifying or intense enough, making out takes dating to a new level. If you want to make out the right way, you need to know how to sustain your passion, mix things up, and make your partner (or partner) feel appreciated. Regardless of whether you've been hooking up with the same person for a while or kissing someone new, keep reading to learn how to make top-notch snogging.


Method 1 of 3: Starting the make-out session

Make Out Step 1

Step 1. Make eye contact.

Meet your partner's eyes and give her (or him) a little smile that will indicate you're ready for action. You can gently lean your forehead against your partner's, place your hand on her face, touch her leg, or even peck on the lips before moving on to more serious kisses. This helps create a connection and makes your partner more prepared to kiss you. If you start making out without giving notice, the kissing session can have unexpected results – and not good.

Your eye contact doesn't have to be super intense, especially if you're just starting to hook up with this person. A few seconds of eye contact should be enough to get the right message across

Make Out Step 2

Step 2. Move slowly and gently

This is very important. The best way to avoid headbutting, elbows, and teeth chattering during snogging is to do everything slowly, especially at first when you're switching positions. When time passes, then you start giving more passionate kisses, however short. Always return to a comfortable, slow pace. Start with a kiss on the lips; then, if you want a French kiss, slowly move your tongue along with your partner.

  • Once each tongue is in the other's mouth, diversify your movements. Make circular movements with your tongue; play it up and down; do whatever looks good without being too agile and without being too fumbling.
  • Remember to be extra careful if you're making out for the first time. The first time is to find out if the other person is feeling comfortable. You'll also discover your partner's favorite limits and maneuvers.
Make Out Step 3

Step 3. Keep your hands busy

You shouldn't be groping your partner over and over. However, you will feel more comfortable with kisses if you don't keep your hands as loose as an Olinda doll. Once you're comfortable, and especially if you're sitting down, try exploring your partner's body – as long as it's consensual and nice to both of you. Basically, keep your hands moving so you don't just focus on the same boring position. Try touching your partner's face, waist, or hands.

  • If you're kissing a man, wrap your arms around his neck or touch his arms. You can touch his neck, the back of his head, or even his chest during the date.
  • If you're kissing a girl, touch her shoulders and waist. Wait for her to indicate that she wants more.
Make Out Step 4

Step 4. Excite your partner

You can play hard to get in the middle of making out. When everything is fine, step back for a second and face your partner. The stare will be sexy and will make your partner want to kiss you even more. While you shouldn't try this technique all the time, once or twice a session will be enough.

This is also a great move if you need to rest after a lot of kissing

Make Out Step 5

Step 5. Remember to step back for air

Taking a short break is perfectly acceptable and can help you think about kissing again. If you're tired and don't want to stop, just pull back momentarily to breathe, slow down. Don't be afraid to go quickly to the bathroom or ask for a glass of water. If you're not feeling comfortable, the experience can be frustrating and cause a lot of anxiety.

Everything is fine. Making a pass once in a while will make you a better kisser

Method 2 of 3: Keeping Things Interesting

Make Out Step 6

Step 1. Talk for a while

A little verbal communication will keep things interesting. This is not a good time to start a deep conversation. A simple phrase in a velvety voice, especially accompanied by eye contact and a smile, will communicate your closeness during the relationship without expressing much. You don't have to be silent to be sexy. You can say what you like – as long as it doesn't ruin the mood.

Obviously, you shouldn't get out of the romantic context. Now is not the time to ask about the math homework

Make Out Step 7

Step 2. Keep it light

This is not cinema, where everything is perfect and passionate! Both are human and will have to deal with awkward moments here and there, no matter how many instructions they read. If something strange happens, act quickly to fix the problem through laughter or a gentle nudge. Making out is as much fun as being excited.

If you guys are getting in your way, make a joke

Make Out Step 8

Step 3. Kiss the special person's face and neck

Vary your kissing routine by occasionally pulling away from your lips. Again, go slowly. Speeding things up, the crush may not understand your actions – you could end up shoving your mouth up your partner's nose. Kiss the corner of her mouth gently, running across her jaw. You can go up and kiss the person's forehead and temples, or go down to their neck.

Try giving your partner a lightly wet kiss on the neck. Then blow on the wet area to make the person shiver

Make Out Step 9

Step 4. Massage your partner's hair

If your partner is a man, run your fingers intensely through his hair, reaching his scalp and making front-to-back movements until reaching his neck. If you're making out with a partner, you can run your fingers through her hair, allowing the strands to slip through your hand. The head is one of the most sensitive parts of the human body. Don't underestimate the hair – touch it whenever you can.

Keep in mind, however, that some hacks don't make this possible. If her hair is too curly or tied up, her fingers could get caught. Instead, run your fingertips around her ear as if you were arranging her hair

French Kiss Step 19

Step 5. Take some nice nibbles

Hey, biting your neck, your ear or even your lower lip can help your date a lot. Don't be afraid to try this as soon as you feel comfortable enough with your partner. Take a very gentle bite of her lower lip, and then gently nibble her ear or neck to see how your lover responds. If administered correctly, bites can make a partner go crazy with pleasure.

  • Be warned: the gentle bite is 8 or 80. Either the person hates it or they love it too much!
  • Practice with your hand if you don't know how to perform this maneuver.
Make Out Step 11

Step 6. Whisper in your partner's ear

Whispering in your partner's ear is a great way to keep the passion intact when you take a break from kissing. Just take a break, lean toward the special person's ear, and whisper something to show how good you are feeling. Just say, "You're so sexy," or "I've waited all day just to kiss you." Your girlfriend will love this.

While talking, breathe on your boyfriend's neck to give you goose bumps

Be Romantic in Bed Step 15

Step 7. Keep varying things

Keep in mind that working with diversity is far better than repeating the same moves over and over again. Standing still with your hands in the same position, kissing in the same way, will end up making everything funky. So change things. Give lip smacks, gentle bites, passionate French kisses and anything else that keeps everything interesting.

You don't need to try 10,000 new moves in the middle of a make-out session. However, switching between two or three different things can spice things up

Method 3 of 3: Slowing Down

Make Out Step 13

Step 1. Indicate to your partner that you need to take a break

There are two post-makeout options: either you look for something more and get even warmer, or you understand that you need a break. Assuming you want to take a break or stop kissing, slowly pull away from your partner, giving her one last passionate kiss. You don't need to end things abruptly. When you feel tired or know you need to leave, start to slow down.

Do not apologize. Everyone needs to take a break from time to time

Make Out Step 14

Step 2. Demonstrate how much you enjoyed making out

Hug, smile and say sweet words to your partner. You could say “That was awesome” or “I love kissing you”. Perhaps, “I can't stop wanting you” will do if you demonstrate honesty. The special person must feel confident and good about what happened so that it can all happen again.

Don't feel shy. You don't have to mumble "I love you." However, you can make a difference with a few well-placed words

Make Out Step 15

Step 3. Make the partner want even more

When you're done with making out, you should make sure there's room for future repetitions. Don't let go of sensuality and don't even show the desire for the crush after you finish making out. You can say you can't wait for the next date when you say goodbye, or even send a nice text message thanking you for the nice time.

It's hard, but you should try to maintain the sensual mood for as long as possible after making out. This will make your partner want to see you again


  • Try to keep your breath fresh - no one likes kissing someone with breath. Sprays, gum or a box of candy should go with you whenever you want to kiss.
  • Close your eyes during the kiss. It's okay to peek, but many people are terrified of those who keep their eyes open all the time. What's more, you'll tend to see just a blur, not distinct lines – and that's not a pleasant experience.
  • Don't force the kiss. The best kisses are the ones that come naturally at the right time.
  • Before making out, keep in mind where you want to go. If you don't want "something more," remember to make it clear to your partner that you're not ready to continue.
  • Making out is much more than just the lips: depending on the level of the relationship, move your hands towards the most sensitive areas, wrap your legs in your partner's or bring your hips together. Being reciprocal is all right.
  • Pay attention to the physical signs that the person wants a kiss: she runs her tongue over her lips quite often or puts her head very close to yours, for example. When starting a kiss, gently brush your lips over his. Leave your mouth ajar. Clearest sign that you're in the mood for a French kiss, just drawing.
  • Enjoy! If something doesn't please you, talk to your partner!
  • If your partner doesn't know how to kiss slowly, guide him and indicate your intentions before trying anything.
  • Try kissing the person the way you want to be kissed. Kissing is an interactive experience and each partner needs to follow the other's instructions occasionally.
  • If you're not ready to go further, let your partner know. It's better to talk than regret it later.


  • Don't push things too hard (kiss firmly). Only do it if the other person likes it.
  • If you plan on making out, avoid alcohol. Alcoholic beverages can make us take careless decisions.
  • If you don't like the person's kisses, consider whether you're used to other things. Especially when people leave long-term relationships and start new relationships, they may miss the ex's kisses.
  • Always be smart and kind when pointing out what you like and don't like about another person's kiss. This can be a very sensitive topic – if your partner can get anxious, it makes things difficult.
  • More aggressive kisses can end up leaving visible marks known as hickeys. If you don't want to worry about it, don't let the other person suck on sensitive areas like your neck. If you need help disguising a hickey, click here.

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