How to Know If You're in the Friendship Zone: 13 Steps

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How to Know If You're in the Friendship Zone: 13 Steps
How to Know If You're in the Friendship Zone: 13 Steps

Ah, the friend zone. That place you are sure you occupy when the boy you like starts talking about the beautiful newcomer in the class. Or when he burps loudly and scratches himself in front of you without the slightest sign of embarrassment, like you're one of the guys he's hanging around with. Want to find out if you're really in the friendship zone or if the person you care about also feels butterflies in your stomach when your eyes meet? Read this article for tips.


Part 1 of 2: Observing the Content of Conversations

Know if You Are in the Friend Zone Step 1

Step 1. Make sure you are the person your date is looking for to vent

Reflect: are you the person the guy looks to talk to when he's in trouble? Maybe you really are in the friendship zone. When the passion is reciprocated, there is that element of mystery and excitement in the air. If he tends to share absolutely everything that happens in his life with you, he's not making the slightest effort to impress you or cause that mood of anticipation. More likely, he sees you as just a friend.

“I wanted to call you right away”, “Your opinion is very important” or “I'm glad I can count on you” is the kind of phrase that shows you're just a good friend to him

Know if You Are in the Friend Zone Step 2

Step 2. Watch if he comments on the crush he has for someone

This is perhaps the clearest sign that the guy sees you as a friend. If he starts to say he's into the cute co-worker or the girl who goes to class with you, then you're definitely in the friendship zone. The same goes for when he asks for loving advice without even thinking that you might be interested in him.

Another obvious sign is when the boy does not stop boasting about love conquests. Now comes a big catch: if he says things like “None of the girls I know are as cool as you are” or “I don't think I'll ever find the right person,” it might be a cue to show that that special person is you

Know if You Are in the Friend Zone Step 3

Step 3. Notice if it creates aliases

If he's the type to call you by a nickname like “sister”, “dude”, “brother” or “champion”, we're sorry to inform you, but don't expect ravishing passion from him in the near future. That doesn't mean the boy can never see you with passionate eyes, it's just that right now you're just a friend.

Know if You Are in the Friend Zone Step 4

Step 4. Analyze if you are the person who always comforts you after the end of a relationship

Another warning sign that you're part of the friendship zone is when the guy looks for you when another date comes to an end. Reflect on these situations: do you end up watching a romantic comedy when he ends a relationship? Devour a bowl of ice cream together to ease his heartache? Phrases like "You deserve someone better" and "Who in their right mind wouldn't want to date a guy like you?" are part of your repertoire? If you've answered yes to even one of these questions, you're just a shoulder to shoulder to him.

There are no arguments against facts: if he always opens up to you and allows you to see him in the most vulnerable situations, you are quite a friend - no more

Part 2 of 2: Analyzing Moments Together

Know if You Are in the Friend Zone Step 5

Step 1. Notice if he seems comfortable changing his clothes in front of you

If the guy changes in front of you without making any innuendos, chances are he's not attracted to you at all. Do you swim in the pool together or go to the beach and he doesn't even give you that sly look? Friend zone alert triggered!

If he takes on other behavior when you're around or tries to show off with little clothing, such as when you go to the beach, try to observe his attitudes. Does he keep looking at his chest as he takes off his shirt? Perhaps you are aware of your presence as a person you want to impress

Know if You Are in the Friend Zone Step 6

Step 2. Try to remember if you've ever shared a sleepless bed to cuddle or hold hands

This type of conduct is typical of friends or siblings. If you are in the same bed and each one turns to one side, or worse, you feel comfortable with each other in the same space, it is a sign of a great friendship. Although it's not a common circumstance, sharing a bed with someone is a great opportunity to see where the relationship is at.

He doesn't mind wearing ridiculous pajamas in front of you and not even the night brace? If he doesn't care about looking sexy, it's because you're like one of the guys to him

Know if You Are in the Friend Zone Step 7

Step 3. Analyze if you are already known to the whole family

When someone in the family asks why the two of you don't date, it's because the relationship is pure friendship. Other signs in the family setting that indicate the friendship zone: when you seem to be a couple in every way but romance and sex; and when you already know each member of his family well. When there's any hint of romantic feeling, meeting the guy's family is a big deal.

Of course his feelings can change over time! And maybe you've known his family for a while and only now he's noticed this atmosphere of something more between you

Know if You Are in the Friend Zone Step 8

Step 4. Make sure he is comfortable in your presence

This is another typical sign of the friendship zone. When the feeling is romantic, it is common for the person to feel nervous. If he seems restless, starts to laugh at things that are not funny, or tries to impress you in any way, it is a sign that perhaps this affection goes beyond camaraderie. In a friendly relationship, the person makes no effort to try to impress or please another person. That simple.

  • Have you never noticed any traces of nervousness, vanity or exaggerated concern when they are together? In this case, your relationship is friend to friend.
  • Another classic sign of friendship is when he says things without the slightest thought or concern about how you're going to react to what he says.
  • Check the way he dresses when you go out together. When the guy doesn't make the slightest effort to look presentable and well-dressed, it's because he sees you as a friend and doesn't care to impress you.
Know if You Are in the Friend Zone Step 9

Step 5. Watch if he tries to act like Cupid

Does he talk about someone who suits you? Ever tried to make you date that distant cousin of his? One more warning sign. Even worse is when you agree to go out together and he takes a friend because he thinks you can make the perfect match.

  • Think about it: if he was into you, why would he try to get you to date someone else?
  • Perhaps this is a way for him to make you understand that you must look elsewhere for love.
Know if You Are in the Friend Zone Step 10

Step 6. See if you always end up doing what he wants

If the guy likes you, he'll do whatever he can to please you, whether it's facing a trail or watching a sugar water movie. But if you're the one who always ends up giving in to the boy's tastes, it's because he doesn't make a point of doing anything to please or impress you. Ask yourself when was the last time you did something you were in the mood for.

Do you always end up following the guy to his team's football games and from there go to a bar to meet the other guys? You are definitely not someone he sees with passionate eyes

Know if You Are in the Friend Zone Step 11

Step 7. Notice if you make a lot of physical contact

When the feeling is mutual, it is normal to have a lot of touch and physical contact, whether in play or as an excuse to be close to each other. If this never happens to you, even when there is an opportunity, it is because he has no intention of having more special physical contact.

  • When the guy considers her one of the buddies, however, there's often a lot of physical contact. In these cases, it is important to note if it is a casual touch between friends or if it is something more.
  • Try it out: find a way to brush your leg against his or hold his arm to see how the boy reacts.
Know if You Are in the Friend Zone Step 12

Step 8. Analyze if you do him any favors

Is it common for you to go out for a walk with the boy's dog, bring him lunch at work or give him a ride to college? If so, it's because your relationship is nothing romantic. Does he take you off and bring you to the girl he's flirting with? In any of these situations, he just doesn't see you as a potential girlfriend.

Know if You Are in the Friend Zone Step 13

Step 9. Notice if he invites others to join you

When there is interest in something else, the interested person finds a way to always be alone with the other. If he tends to invite a lot of friends when you're together, it's because he's not interested in being alone with you and carrying on a possible love relationship. That doesn't mean that love between you can't one day blossom, but it does mean, at least right now, that he has no interest in a romantic relationship.

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