3 Ways to Fix a Boyfriend (For Teen Boys)

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3 Ways to Fix a Boyfriend (For Teen Boys)
3 Ways to Fix a Boyfriend (For Teen Boys)

Are you a gay boy and want a boyfriend? Depending on where you live, it can be quite difficult to develop something serious. Stay strong and remember that all teenagers have a hard time dating and you are no exception.


Method 1 of 3: Assessing the Community

Be Beautiful (for Gay Men) Step 1

Step 1. Get out of the closet

Revealing your sexuality will free you of a huge burden. Also, it will be much easier to meet other interested guys if they know that you are also gay. Release conveys confidence, a very attractive feature.

  • Such an act can be extremely difficult. Find a close friend who knows the truth and ask for their help.
  • Some conservative families don't support homosexuality, which can be quite painful. Get out of the closet for some friends before taking the matter indoors.
  • Always analyze the situation. Sometimes coming out of the closet can hurt you more than it helps.
Have a Homosexual Friend Step 7

Step 2. Look for other open homosexuals

It is much easier to look for a boyfriend among gay people than to fall in love with a boy without knowing whether he likes men or women. Even if you don't want a relationship with the guy in question, getting to know him can expand your range of options.

Find a Boyfriend (Teen Guys) Step 2

Step 3. Join a group

Look for an unprejudiced group to be part of something. The school's arts and literature clubs are usually very receptive. If you don't find anything, gather some friends and create your own group.

Find a guy to spend some time without seeming "sticky". Become his friend and have fun

Have a Homosexual Friend Step 8

Step 4. Find out if you really want a serious relationship

Sometimes we make rash decisions and end up hurt. You have to know if you are ready for a relationship.

  • Don't rush a relationship.
  • Don't look for a strictly sexual relationship. It takes intimacy and passion for the relationship to work.
Know If You Are a Lesbian Step 14

Step 5. Get help

If you know an older LGBT person, ask for advice. You will be amazed at how much you can learn from someone else's story.

School psychologists usually have vast knowledge in the field

Method 2 of 3: Searching the internet

talking guys

Step 1. Understand the difficulties

Online dating has connected many gay teenagers who don't feel comfortable coming out of the closet, but internet contact is always risky. Many people are not sincere when protected by a computer screen.

  • Chat by phone or Skype before meeting the person in person. There are many cruel people who might try to exploit you.
  • Caution is never too much. Search the person's Facebook to confirm their identity.
Use computer 2

Step 2. Choose a trusted website

There are several options for specific websites and applications for the LGBT community. Even pages famous for heterosexual relationships also offer the option to search for same-sex partners.

Some apps are better known for quick dating rather than long-term relationships, like Tinder. When opting for them, be sincere in creating the profile

Use computer 1

Step 3. Create a profile and be honest about what you are looking for

Many of the dating sites have questionnaires so they can connect you with the people who will interest you. Be honest when answering questions to find a compatible partner.

Tell a Friend You're Gay and You Love Them Step 7

Step 4. Make an appointment

After liking someone and agreeing to meet, choose a meeting point. Tours in parks and malls are usually good options, as they limit that claustrophobic feeling of encounters in very closed places.

Method 3 of 3: Taking the Initiative

Understand Gay and Lesbian People Step 4

Step 1. Find out if the other guy is also interested

Sometimes it's hard to read what others feel, but there are some signs you can see if you already know the guy is gay too. See if the boy:

  • Praise him.
  • Try to impress him.
  • Touch him casually.
  • It opens up about personal life.
  • It invites you to other things.
Have a Homosexual Friend Step 2

Step 2. Understand the relationship games

Before getting involved with someone, you need to get to know the person better. There are a few steps to take before you can be honest with each other about how you feel.

Games happen in virtually every relationship

Get a Boyfriend As a Guy in High School Step 4

Step 3. Don't go too fast

Even if the guy is making it clear that he likes you, take it easy. Sometimes it's just his way. You have to "feel" the situation before committing yourself.

  • If you think he likes you, you're probably right.
  • Watch the way he looks at you. Eye contact is an excellent indicator of attraction.
  • See if he pays you enough attention in real life and flirts on social media. A guy who posts a lot on your Facebook or sends messages out of nowhere probably likes you.
Space 10

Step 4. Give the boy some space and don't be too "sticky"

Sometimes it's hard to read the minds of those we care about. You don't want to look desperate or give the impression that you depend on him, right? Act casually in your day-to-day life, leaving romance and exaggerated attention to your dates.

In time, you will become more comfortable in each other's presence. Be careful not to make him your "best friend ever", after all, you're not looking for that kind of relationship, are you?

Tell a Friend You're Gay and You Love Them Step 2

Step 5. Choose your dates well

Go for a walk or go to the movies from time to time. You don't have to go out every week, but a little frequency is good. If you think you're being too sticky, ease up a little. Don't stop being friends with the guy, unless you find out you don't like him after a few dates.

If you lose interest, be direct. Don't play with others' feelings

Get a Boyfriend As a Guy in High School Step 1

Step 6. Discuss the relationship

If you think he likes you, go to a neutral point to talk. Be honest about what you feel and say what you expect from the future. Some examples of what to say:

  • "I know we've been dating for a while and I wanted to say that I really like you."
  • "Now that we've known each other for a while, I wanted to say that I have feelings for you."
  • "Carlos, I like you and I was wondering if you are interested in moving the relationship forward."
Tell a Friend You're Gay and You Love Them Step 6

Step 7. Keep calm when asking the guy out

If you're nervous, try to hide it. Be aware, however, that nervousness is natural and he is certainly as nervous as you are.

Get a Boyfriend As a Guy in High School Step 3

Step 8. Respond to his decision

The situation can go two ways and you should be proud of it anyway. It is not easy to get where you are.

  • Celebrate if he says yes. You are now free to enter into a loving, healthy relationship.
  • Go ahead if he says no. Be honest and say what you feel, but reinforce that you want to continue the friendship if he wants to.
  • Don't try to go around. Be direct and put your cards on the table.
Get a Boyfriend As a Guy in High School Step 6

Step 9. Have fun

Not everything in the world of relationships is drama. Laugh when they see something fun and make lots of jokes. Your relationship will develop much more this way.


  • Give gifts from time to time. He will certainly like the gesture.
  • Don't be afraid to kiss or go through embarrassing situations before taking the relationship to the next level. That way you'll confirm whether the boy feels the same way about you.
  • Don't wait for him to act as this may take a while. Take the initiative to demonstrate trust.

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