3 Ways to Stay With a Girl Without Being Pretty

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3 Ways to Stay With a Girl Without Being Pretty
3 Ways to Stay With a Girl Without Being Pretty

So you're liking a girl, aren't you? But do you know how to get there? If you don't know, rest assured: in this article you'll learn how to win someone over without being a heartthrob.


Method 1 of 3: Attitudes

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Step 1. Build a friendship

How do you build a friendship? Simply say "hi"; with friendship, you'll get to know her better, but beware of the blessed "friendship zone" (or friendzone), because if you fall there, it will be difficult to keep her.

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Step 2. Walk tidy

Always be tidy. Girls like neat boys; just don't overdo it.

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Step 3. Be confident

If you're into it, you can't be pessimistic; if you keep saying, "I'm too ugly for her", "she'll think my nose is big", give it up. If she doesn't want you, you won't want her either; go to another.

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Step 4. Get hold of yourself

When you see her, does your heart race? Does your mind run wild? And your stomach is releasing adrenaline (the famous butterflies)? This is all normal, but it can get in the way of saying hello or declaring yourself. You will be stuttering, shuffling. But the problem has a solution: close your eyes and count to ten. This will help you!

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Step 5. Be quick on the trigger

Will you be watching others flirting with your future girl? Be the first to try, but be different from others. Sometimes it's good to see how others act with her so you know how not to act.

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Step 6. Don't say "I love you" at the beginning

Many make this mistake; on the first day of dating, the guy says he loves the girl. You don't want to say you love her right after you kiss her! Such a phrase is very strong. You are only allowed to say when you are on a long road of love relationship; first, mature.

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Step 7. Be mature, not bossy

You are not her father.

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Step 8. Don't try to win her over social media

You have to be eye to eye, face to face. In Facebook chat, it's easier for her to opt out or some lame excuse.

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Step 9. Be yourself

It can be tiring to hear this, but it's important to be yourself. If you are going to imitate another person you know to win her over, she will notice. Girls like real men.

Method 2 of 3: Signs

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Step 1. Recognize the signs

  • She smiles when you arrive. You know that group she's in the middle of? Usually, when she's serious, does she smile when she sees you? That's why she likes it when you're around. Try to understand this.
  • Do her friends keep looking at you? Some come to talk to you? She's usually in the middle of this group talking about you, and if you're the brave type, go to the group and say "hi girls". If they stopped talking abruptly and kept snickering and looking at each other, it's probably because the subject was probably you.
  • She gets restless when she's with you. If you're talking and she messes with her hair too much, smiles too much, moves her hands too much or anything other than standing still, it's because she's thinking of something daring that maybe she doesn't have the courage to do, like suddenly kissing you, just like that.
  • She keeps looking at him from afar. When she bites her lip, and still looking at you. What do you think she's thinking? She is curious about the taste of your lips, she wants to kiss him but doesn't know how to do it. She hopes it's something romantic.
  • She calls him a thousand times in the chat. Facebook chat is a terrible place to declare yourself, and she knows it, but she'll be wanting to chat with you into the wee hours; why? Because she wants to piss you off and visits your profile several times.
  • If you arrive at that little group and her friends leave, it's because she wants to be alone with you.
  • It releases more adrenaline than you. She dilates her pupils, her head goes a million, saying "what do I do?" "Am I pretty enough?" That's why a lot of girls are so shy.
  • She plays hard to get. She just makes herself, but inside she's melting, asking you to kiss her (if she likes you).
  • She walks right by you, laughing. She doesn't even look at you; she passes all blush, laughing, looking down.
  • She tries to make him jealous. Just to see your reaction.

Method 3 of 3: Final Attitudes

Kiss a Girl Step 2

Step 1. Throw the bait

Once you've built a light friendship and cast your charm, cast the bait. Examples: make (light) jokes, tease her, tease her in a loving way, so you know she will smile.

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Step 2. Ask her out

If you're a guy who doesn't like to go out, ask her for a chat or to see a movie at her house.

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Step 3. Know how to proceed

If she agreed to come to your house or go out with you, that's great. But what are you going to do?

  • On the street: take her out for a bite to eat (nothing too expensive: remember, you're not dating yet), talk to her in corners with few people (beware of thieves!).
  • At home: First, ask your parents not to disturb you. Put a cool movie; nothing too heavy, erotic or sleepy.
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Step 4. Proceed with the encounter

  • On the street: you are in a corner alone with her at night for what? But stay calm! Touch her hair and praise her in a unique and special way, like, "Today was a nice day, but with you it was wonderful". After that, she'll smile and look forward to it maybe. The time has come for you to take the initiative; look at her and she will have to do the same.
  • At home: this is easier! Don't stand in a corner of the sofa with your arms crossed; stay by her side. If there's a kissing scene in the movie, look at it; if she reciprocates, that's good! Touch her hair and praise her, but no comparisons.
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Step 5. Reach the grand finale

  • On the street: take her hands and reveal your passion for her. Then lean over, but first notice if she's flushed; if you lean over and she moves her head (swivels to be exact), you're one lucky guy because she's going to kiss you!
  • At home: did you just see Harry kissing Ginny and feel like it? Then, slowly, interlace your hands with hers, look deeply into her eyes and reveal yourself. Then move closer to her and put your hands together; in this, your face will be about 25 cm from hers. That's great! After that, be happy: give a kiss.
Kiss a Girl Step 8

Step 6. Know how to kiss

Simple at first, give a sublime kiss, without the tongue. This kiss messes with the girl's psychological because it is light and slow; he makes you travel. Just lean a little, with her getting normal, slowly reach your lips and press them slowly (don't stick your tongue!). She will accompany you.

  • Preferably put both of your hands on her hips so that she puts both hands relaxed on your shoulders.
  • Another tip is to put one hand on your hip and the other on the back of your head or head. This will bring her to you and your bodies will be glued together.
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Step 7. Have fun


  • Be yourself.
  • If you think you're ugly, forget about it. Do not give up. Giving up is for the weak.

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