How to Find Out if a Friend Likes You (with Pictures)

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How to Find Out if a Friend Likes You (with Pictures)
How to Find Out if a Friend Likes You (with Pictures)

Are you spending a lot of time with someone and you don't know if the person has an ulterior motive? Learn to decipher the common signs that can indicate if a friend (or a friend) likes you in another way - and know what to say if the answer to that question is "yes" or "no".


Part 1 of 2: Watching the Signs

Tell if Your Friend Likes You Step 1

Step 1. You spend a lot of time alone

Everyone spends a lot of time with their friends, whether or not they are surrounded by others. Doing partner activities is common both among people close to you and in romances - and it's not because your friend invites you to this type of program that she likes you. However, if this is happening with an abnormal frequency, it could indicate ulterior motives.

If your friend doesn't want to be around other people when she's with you, it can be an important sign

Tell if Your Friend Likes You Step 2

Step 2. You meet every day

Even if you talk to your friends often, if you feel the need to talk to this particular person all the time, your friendship may be something more. Does your day seem incomplete when you don't speak? Do you miss her, even if they only split up for a few hours after class?

Think about the amount of electronic messages they exchange. If you are in the habit of talking for hours on end - exchanging hundreds of messages each day - you might like each other

Tell if Your Friend Likes You Step 3

Step 3. Your dates are getting more and more intimate

Are you going to have coffee alone? Are you going for dinner or a night out? Does this person go out of their way to invite you to do something you enjoy, even if they don't find it fun? These are obvious signs that your friend considers you very important and perhaps has feelings that are stronger than friendship.

Tell if Your Friend Likes You Step 4

Step 4. You make physical contact frequently

If your friend likes you, she will touch you more. Although many are naturally clingy, intensifying this contact is almost always a sign of love interest. Maybe that person is testing you (like someone who checks the temperature of the water with their fingers before using it). If you notice that this happens frequently, it could be an important sign.

If contact makes you uncomfortable, speak up. It's not nice to touch people inappropriately and suddenly (especially if they aren't interested)

Tell if Your Friend Likes You Step 5

Step 5. You get lots of gifts

If the person gives you lots of intimate gifts, such as poems, songs, or other special things, they may be trying to say, "I like you."

Intimate and personalized gifts often indicate a love interest. Items like custom CDs indicate an intense crush

Tell if Your Friend Likes You Step 6

Step 6. You guys flirt a lot

Some people are simply flirtatious. Individuals like that tend to "hit on" many throughout the day: baristas, waiters, bus drivers, etc. Try to see if, lately, your platonic relationship has become more daring. Your friend may not be subtle or even shy about how she feels.

If your friend praises you a lot or makes bold comments, she's making it clear that she's interested

Tell if Your Friend Likes You Step 7

Step 7. You talk about any topic

If your friend tells you everything, it's a clear sign that your relationship involves more than friendship. You can even talk about studies, sports and the like with your acquaintances; however, are you able to talk about your dreams, desires, fears and other sensitive subjects only with this person? This could indicate that there is something else going on.

Close friends also often talk about deep issues. If that's the case, but you don't see any other signs, it may be that there isn't something else

Tell if Your Friend Likes You Step 8

Step 8. Your friend gets nervous around you

People don't usually get nervous when they're among friends. If she seems anxious, she may have hidden feelings. Try to pay attention to your body language and your nervousness.

Tell if Your Friend Likes You Step 9

Step 9. Your friend always seems to dress up enough to meet you

When you meet, does she seem to be more into beauty? If they agree to take a walk at the mall, but she seems ready for a date, she might think she's on one.

Pay more attention to details like hair products, makeup, and stylish clothes. If she devotes herself too much to beauty, her interest will be noticeable

Tell if Your Friend Likes You Step 10

Step 10. Your friend is jealous

Try talking about a girl you're currently interested in. Even if it's a lie, talk about the possibility of dating someone and see how she reacts. If she likes you, your friend may be jealous or disappointed. Maybe even make fun of your "infatuation" - indicating your love interest.

Ask questions about your friend's crushes. If she gets shy and doesn't want to talk about it, she might like you

Tell if Your Friend Likes You Step 11

Step 11. You like your friend

If you're questioning whether she has a love interest, you may be feeling the same way. However, it can sometimes be difficult to sort things out. What's the difference between wanting to be close to someone and wanting something more with that person? Maybe there is no difference! Each relationship has its own rhythm, so it can be difficult to see everything clearly.

  • Do you think about your friend more often than your other crushes or love interests? If so, you may be feeling something.
  • Are you physically attracted to your friend? If so, you may be enjoying her - although this feeling may exist even though physical appearance has never been more important. You can like her for the way she is.

Part 2 of 2: Taking Action

Tell if Your Friend Likes You Step 12

Step 1. Decide how you feel

If you've noticed signs of your friend's feelings, think about what you feel before reacting. Reflect - even if you don't feel the same.

  • Let's say your friend has developed feelings. Do you feel the same? Do you want your friendship to turn into something more?
  • Let's say your friend hasn't developed feelings. Can talking about it ruin the friendship? If you like her and want to develop your relationship, do you think doing something about it could hurt them?
Tell if Your Friend Likes You Step 13

Step 2. Ask without delay

This is the fastest and easiest way to find out if your friend likes you. If you have noticed any of the signs listed in the previous section, the answer is likely to be "yes". Call her over to talk and say, "I realized we're spending a lot of time together and I started to ask myself: Do you like me? Do you want to be more than my friend?"

  • Even if she doesn't have feelings, she won't be offended by the question or if you suggest they "develop" their relationship - unless your friendship is false.
  • If you feel this could damage your friendship and you don't want to form a couple with her, consider keeping silent. Don't worry about whether she likes you or not; preserve the friendship.
Tell if Your Friend Likes You Step 14

Step 3. If you've noticed signs of attraction but aren't sure, ask mutual friends for advice

Talk to people close to both of you. Say something kind, like, "I've noticed that so-and-so has been paying a lot of attention to me lately. Do you think she feels something?"

Asking close friends is different from "spreading rumors". Don't tell people that your friend likes you without talking to her first

Tell if Your Friend Likes You Step 15

Step 4. Tell her how you feel

If you think she likes you and the feeling is mutual, reveal your secret. Take a chance! You never know what might happen. And if you don't like her and feel uncomfortable, be honest in the same way. You don't deserve to feel that way and your friend probably won't want that.

Even if you don't like her, it might be good to make everything clear and be honest with your friend. If you feel uncomfortable with the advances, also consider stepping away from the girl for a while

Tell if Your Friend Likes You Step 16

Step 5. If you feel uncomfortable, get away from your friend for a while

If the feeling (either one of the two) is not reciprocated, it can be difficult to get back together as before. It's sad to think that friendship can end, but in some cases it's important to spend time alone to preserve respect.

In some cases, if your feelings are very strong, it can be difficult to continue the friendship (if the interest is not mutual). You can move away naturally. There's no problem with that; it's part of life


  • To see if your friend likes you, open your eyes and strain your ears.
  • If you like her too, send positive signals. Nobody likes to be confused in these situations.


  • She might just be being friendly; be careful.
  • No matter what happens, don't approach her and ask her out loud. This can create an awkward situation for both of you.

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