3 Ways to Pretend You're OK Without Him

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3 Ways to Pretend You're OK Without Him
3 Ways to Pretend You're OK Without Him

If you're reading this page, you've probably been hurt by some man recently. Here, you'll see some steps that will teach you how to show him that not only are you better off without him, but that you're happier than ever!


Method 1 of 3: Avoid It

Pretend You're Fine Without Him Step 1

Step 1. Do not contact him, nor respond if he does contact you

If you're chatting or texting him every day, it's unavoidable to get sucked back into the dramatic "cycle." Do not do this! Just cut off contact with him as much as possible, at least for a while. That way he won't think that you still think about him, and your space to continue life will be much greater.

Pretend You're Fine Without Him Step 2

Step 2. Break up with him on social media

It might be tempting to remain friends with him to show you how great you are doing without him, but this is a trap! Most likely, you will log into his profile on these sites without realizing it and always wanting to see the status updates he makes. The best thing to do is to end the virtual friendship and block him and his friends you meet - at least for a little while. When you feel like you've totally surpassed it, then you can think about adding it again, or sending a message to see how it's doing.

Pretend You're Fine Without Him Step 3

Step 3. Get rid of everything that reminds you of him

If he left anything at your house, send them back. If you have many memories of your time together, keep them out of your sight. You don't have to throw anything away, but you might want to put these items in a box. Clear your space and start "from scratch".

Pretend You're Fine Without Him Step 4

Step 4. Don't ignore him if you happen to meet him

Be nice but brief, like someone you don't know that well. Ignoring him sternly will only let your ex know he pissed you off. If by chance he still thinks you think about him, maybe he makes it difficult to forget about him. Be sure to distance yourself from him first.

Pretend You're Fine Without Him Step 5

Step 5. Make him strive to get your attention if he really wants it

Don't be content and respond to anything that doesn't represent a truly respectful attitude. If he wants you to spend your time and pay attention to him, your ex will have to be polite, kind and deferential to your feelings. It's no use, however, turning this into a seven-headed beast - just be calm and try not to hurt anyone, even if, deep down, he deserves it.

Method 2 of 3: Straighten Your Head

Pretend You're Fine Without Him Step 6

Step 1. Know that he doesn't really deserve you

If he has made you feel bad in some way, then it is certain that you will be much better off without him in your life. Don't blame yourself for what happened. Remember that you deserve people who will value you and treat you with respect. It's hard to be rejected, but you'll be happier being around people who, deep down, want to be with you.

Pretend You're Fine Without Him Step 7

Step 2. Talk to your friends

They've probably been through it too, more times than they can remember. It may be cliché, but rent some movies for women, buy a bunch of ice cream or a bottle of wine, and hang out with your friends in front of the TV all night long. Make fun of each other, scream when an actor does something no man does in real life, talk about whatever you want until the next man comes into your life - have fun. Good friends and friends will remind you what a fantastic and fun person you are, and so the feeling of being alone will go away.

Pretend You're Fine Without Him Step 8

Step 3. Try not to be jealous

If he left her for another, remember that it's not her fault he did this. And, above all, it doesn't make her any better than you. Don't react if he or she rubs the new relationship in your face. Be elegant in this situation, and everyone (including your ex) will respect you for your attitude.

Pretend You're Fine Without Him Step 9

Step 4. Don't be in a hurry to get into another relationship

Enjoy the single life. It might be nice to have a new love already, but in the end it will only remind you of what you lost. Instead, enjoy all the things you love and neglected when you were prioritizing your love life.

Method 3 of 3: Get Back to Living

Pretend You're Fine Without Him Step 10

Step 1. Upgrade your social life

It's no use sitting around and regretting your luck - get out and have fun. When you only think about a certain person, you might get stuck in a little world where only the two of you exist, and your social life might suffer a little. However, this will be the perfect time to explore the social opportunities you missed. Meet new people, go to parties, organize activities with your friends, join a club or volunteer to work at organizations. These things will always remind you that you don't need this guy for fun, putting you on the path to finding someone better soon.

Pretend You're Fine Without Him Step 11

Step 2. Dress up no matter where you go

Give yourself new clothes, or give yourself a complete "makeover" of your look. Always smile and leave with what's best in your wardrobe. Your confidence may have been a bit shaken, especially if the guy left you for someone he thinks is better. However, when you look beautiful, you will feel better about yourself, and remember how special you are. Your new look will attract new suitors and may even make your ex realize what he's missing right now.

Pretend You're Fine Without Him Step 12

Step 3. Travel

Nothing beats traveling to clear your mind and reminisce what a big, beautiful world you live in-regardless of whether a certain guy likes you or not. Set off on an adventure to an exotic location, take a car trip to visit old friends, or sunbathe at a resort for a few days. Take a lot of pictures; that way, if your ex keeps snooping around your social media profile, he'll see how much fun you're having.


  • Pretending you're okay without it isn't as healthy as be actually fine without him. Think about moving on and the rest will come naturally.

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