3 Ways to Attract a Pisces Girl

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3 Ways to Attract a Pisces Girl
3 Ways to Attract a Pisces Girl

Fish girls (those born between February 19th and March 20th) can be quite attractive and seductive. They can distract virtually anyone's attention, even unintentionally. Fish girls are sensitive, sweet, pleasant and above all highly emotional dreamers. They're blessed with a quality to make a guy feel like he's the most wonderful person in the world. If you want to attract a Pisces girl, here's all the luck you need.


Method 1 of 3: Part 1: Getting Her Attention

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Step 1. Be good at chatting

When you're still trying to get to know her, catch her attention with interesting conversations. She won't be interested in a guy who keeps quiet and just smiles and nods. Talk about that interesting thing you read the other day or ask her about something you have in common. She will be interested because of your enthusiasm and intelligence.

  • The Pisces woman is sweet, compassionate and caring. She's not the kind of girl you hook up with and then dump! So get to know her a little bit first before taking the first step. With her things won't happen fast anyway. If you want this to last, you guys are going to be friends first.

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Step 2. Court her the best way

Pisces women want a fairy tale romance. They love receiving love letters! She expects her man to go through what our grandparents had to go through. Words and intentions must come long before any action! That way, start telling her how wonderful she is and how much you would like to take her out. She will melt all over.

  • Don't stop acting like that after the relationship unfolds! If you courted her with kisses on the cheek and love letters, be sure to keep it up. Don't let this be just an act to win her over – make it a part of you. This will stimulate the relationship and keep it developing well.

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Step 3. Be polite and courteous.

In case it's not clear, Pisceans want a man who is traditional, unpretentious and sweet. Assure them that chivalry is not dead. Open the doors for her. Pay the bill. Give her your coat. Kiss her hand. Don't ask for too much and she will want to give you her whole world.

  • Pisceans are definitely tactful. She won't put up with it if you're the kind of guy who yells at the waiter or eats him all the pizza but refuses to pay. Manners are very important to her. Be polite to her and everyone around you.

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Step 4. Choose modest romantic gestures

A hot air balloon ride over the French countryside isn't the best idea of ​​something romantic for a Pisces. The greatness of such a thing just doesn't make sense to them. They want the things that are meaningful and don't need to be said-not the exaggerated gestures. If you are a gentleman, you are already on the way. If it looks like you have ulterior motives (what could it be?), then she'll dump you.

  • Put on her favorite song while you're making dinner. Bring her a cup of coffee just the way she likes it when you know she's going to have a long day at work. It's the little things - the attention to detail - that proves how much you care.

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Step 5. Be confident

Pisceans want a man who knows who she is - ultimately, she seeks protection and support. To be your rock, you have to be confident enough to offer that protection and support. She needs someone who offers both of these things and who can walk hand in hand with her on her journey through life.

  • It's also important to be yourself! If you're not real she'll be able to see right through you like you were Victoria Secret lingerie. They have a keen eye for motivation and character – if you pretend in front of her she'll find out for sure.

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Method 2 of 3: Part 2: Building a Relationship

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Step 1. Understand that she is a water sign

And this water is deep. She is emotional, intuitive and sensitive. She often erases her feelings instead of logic or rationality. She is compassionate and understanding.

  • It also flows like water - meaning it is highly adaptable and goes with the flow. Present her anything and she can become that. However, she may also have mood and flow changes for either side of the spectrum. Hope you can adjust!

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Step 2. Talk about everything

Pisceans want to explore every inch of your mind. She will want to hear from you that since you shaved your knee in 6th grade. She wants to know your opinion about light mayonnaise. Everything. Don't hold back! Only then will she feel like she really knows you.

Don't worry about her judging you - she's too sweet for that (and you're too confident to worry!). If it matters to you, it matters to her. So if you feel like you're talking more than your mouth, don't worry. It's a means to an end

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Step 3. Think about gifts a lot

Random gifts (along with the big ones as mentioned earlier) is not the sort of thing Pisces girls like. They want gifts that show you thought before you bought them - not something you decided to give just to get along with her. So pay attention to what she says! You will find little opportunities everywhere.

  • Instead of buying flowers, buy that book you were talking about. Instead of chocolates, buy tickets to that comedy you told her you're sure she'd laugh her ass off. When she sees the reason behind it, she's going to love it.

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Step 4. Know that sex is very serious

When a Pisces girl takes you to bed, it means you really matter. She doesn't allow those she doesn't trust enough to make her so vulnerable. She sees sex as the most intense bond of bonding - one that really can't be broken. As this is something big for her, respect. Only get to this point with her if you intend to keep her.

  • This is not something to be done just about it. If you're not looking for a girl who can really get involved with you, stay away from this Pisces room. And "definitely" call her back.

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Step 5. Let her know you support her

Since she is looking for a rock, make it clear that you are the rock. Comfort her. Ask her how she's feeling if she's not getting it out. When she feels that you are in tune, she can let her guard down and clear the way.

  • She doesn't respond well to negativity. If you want her to like you, encourage her and give her real compliments (not the fake kind - those are bad) to build trust. Be her #1 fan and she will treat you with the same attention and praise.

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Method 3 of 3: Part 3: Making a Good Match

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Step 1. Value your compassion

Although some may see her as a person who tries to please everyone and is very much driven by emotion, that is not always the case. When you look at her, see how kind and caring she is. She has compassion for everything she sees, even for that little flower lying on the sidewalk. Wouldn't it be a good thing if more people were like her?

  • And above all, don't use it against her. She recognizes when people take advantage of her good nature. If you are always asking for favors or making everything revolve around you, you and you, it will disappear in the blink of an eye.

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Step 2. Understand your sensitivity

A stronger, more rigid person can see a Pisces, as sensitive as someone submissive, weak. Yes, Pisceans are sensitive. Yes, Pisceans have a ton of feelings and sometimes have a hard time controlling them. But that's not necessarily a bad thing!

  • As a result, she acts very much in tune with how she feels. She can open up and be honest with you because of it. You will know "exactly" how she feels about you. On the other hand, you'll also have to deal with the roller coaster that is her life. So, put your seatbelt on!

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    She can also hold a grudge. Watch out if you really make her angry! She won't soon forget

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Step 3. Know that she is a dreamer

And if you can dream of her, so much the better. When you're talking about everything, talk about your goals and aspirations as well. It doesn't even have to be something viable - it just has to be something that would make you happy, regardless of whether it's something that will one day happen or not. She can often be found in her fantasy world and she would love a mate.

  • That's part of why she loves the arts so much – they take her away from reality and put her in a place she can use her imagination. Then take her to the art museum and to watch the symphony and watch her dive into dreamland.

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Step 4. Bring out her natural side

Pisceans are naturally attracted to beauty. If you can turn something routine into something not so routine, she will remember it forever. Instead of having dinner, take her on a picnic in the park while the trees are in bloom. Instead of watching a movie, head to an outdoor amphitheater. Have her use all her senses to make her feel at her best.

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Step 5. Go long term

When Pisces decides that you are worthy of her attention, she will treat you like the only person she has ever known since her existence. She can love fully and shamelessly, so I hope you deserve her. She's not the adventurous type of girl. She is for long term commitment!

  • You will know your Pisces is investing in the relationship when she begins to open up to you and depend on you. She doesn't do this to everyone! Don't hide your true feelings in return - she's looking for someone to fall totally and madly in love with and someone who feels the same way about her!

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  • Don't underestimate how intuitive she is; most importantly, she believes her intuition.
  • If she senses you're doing something wrong, she'll wipe you out of her life without warning.
  • Tell her over and over how much you love her.
  • When she leaves you, the chances of her coming back are slim. She knows she must not come back!
  • Talk about romantic things like movies or romances.


  • Don't make her jealous. Give her a secure relationship and she will never leave you.
  • Never ignore a fish girl for too long. If she stops talking to you, she'll never talk to you again.
  • Never pressure her sexually. She won't budge.

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