How to Kiss a Girl in Cinema (with Pictures)

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How to Kiss a Girl in Cinema (with Pictures)
How to Kiss a Girl in Cinema (with Pictures)

Kissing a girl at the movies is a classic event that most people have been through. Having the courage to ask the girl out is the hardest part, but once she accepts, there will be no more pressure. Everyone loves to kiss. There's a good chance the girl really wants to kiss you. The best advice you can take for kissing her is to simply relax. She has agreed to go out with you, so relax and kiss her!


Part 1 of 3: Planning the night

Kiss a Girl at the Movies Step 1

Step 1. Search for the movies on display

Browse the internet and discover the best movie option to kiss the girl you want. There are several mobile/tablet apps that show you which cinema is closest to you.

Kiss a Girl at the Movies Step 2

Step 2. Choose the movie

Try to choose a movie that you both have seen or have little interest in watching. This can be kind of unpleasant considering the high price of movie theaters these days. To enjoy it even more, wait until a movie you really want to see has been running for a month or two. If you think or know that she wants to see a specific movie, suggest it yourself.

  • The idea is to choose a movie that is not sold out.
  • Consider the length of the movie. You will need to decide if you want a 3-hour movie or if a 1.5-hour movie is enough.
Kiss a Girl at the Movies Step 3

Step 3. Consider the genre of the movie

It can be a bit uncomfortable kissing the girl during a very serious movie. Choose a comedy, romantic comedy or horror. Also, these movies receive less attention than the most popular movies.

Kiss a Girl at the Movies Step 4

Step 4. Ask her opinion

Be on the same page as the girl. One of the best ways to create chemistry is to watch the trailer with it. Be assertive if there's a movie you want to see, but don't pressure the girl. In the end, decide the movie together.

Part 2 of 3: Getting in the mood

Kiss a Girl at the Movies Step 5

Step 1. Plan to meet the girl before the movie

This will give you guys a chance to flirt before the movie starts. Since she's already agreed to go out with you, you don't need to be nervous about this part. Be yourself.

Kiss a Girl at the Movies Step 6

Step 2. Play a game

A great way to create a mood with her is to play a game. Make eye contact with her intermittently.

Don't be too competitive. A little bit can be cute, but if you take the game too seriously, it can ruin your chances with her

Kiss a Girl at the Movies Step 7

Step 3. Offer to buy some treats

It's a nice attitude to offer to buy popcorn and soda for you to share. If this is your first time going out with this girl, you must have these attitudes.

Kiss a Girl at the Movies Step 8

Step 4. Choose the seats

Choose a seat that appears to be quieter. Try somewhere in the back or corner row. The idea is to choose a seat away from the most requested places.

Kiss a Girl at the Movies Step 9

Step 5. Make sure your lips are soft

Apply a layer of cocoa butter before the date to ensure your lips don't get chapped. Don't be too insistent on applying cocoa butter throughout the entire date. You may appear nervous or eager for a kiss. Do not worry.

Kiss a Girl at the Movies Step 10

Step 6. Carry candy or gum to freshen your breath

You may have bought a large Coke, but still carry a few candies in your pocket. You will be happy to have them.

Part 3 of 3: Taking Action

Kiss a Girl at the Movies Step 11

Step 1. Wait for the movie to start

It can be kind of weird trying to kiss her right at the opening of the movie. Wait at least 20 minutes. The ideal scene is a slow scene, during an explosion.

Kiss a Girl at the Movies Step 12

Step 2. Make eye contact

Don't just sit and stare at the girl. Look at her from time to time. Keep doing this until your eyes meet and then look back at the movie.

It's likely the two of you will blush after looking at each other

Kiss a Girl at the Movies Step 13

Step 3. Hold her hand

If the girl's hand is visible on the seat divider or cup holder, it's a good sign that she wants you to hold it. Don't try too hard to hold her hand. Place your hand gently over her hand and wait until she reacts.

Kiss a Girl at the Movies Step 14

Step 4. Feel the mood

If she's leaning to the opposite side of the seat, she doesn't want you to kiss her. Wait until she tucks her hair behind her ear. This shows her neck and is a good sign that she is interested. Be astute when assessing her intentions.

Kiss a Girl at the Movies Step 15

Step 5. Giving the kiss

Turn to her and touch her chin gently with your fingers. This is a great way to tell her "I want to kiss you". When she moves her head towards you, start moving your head gently towards her.

If it doesn't match your initiative, you may have to watch the rest of the movie disappointed

Kiss a Girl at the Movies Step 16

Step 6. Assess her reaction

If she wants to kiss you again, you'll know. Be charming and polite after the first kiss. Don't be cheesy and say something like "Hmm, that's a nice kiss" or "You're a really good kisser."

Kiss a Girl at the Movies Step 17

Step 7. Take breaks between kisses

Don't keep kissing the girl non-stop until the movie ends. Kiss her a little and go back to watching the movie. Wait about 20 minutes and kiss her again. She should kiss you back if she enjoyed the first kiss.

Guys usually take the initiative, so be confident. If you're confident, she'll be comfortable

Kiss a Girl at the Movies Step 18

Step 8. Praise the girl

At the end of the movie, tell her you had a great time, if that's really true. Say you would like to go out with her again. Don't ask if she had fun. Be direct, but don't be afraid to reveal who you are.


  • If she likes the kiss, make it last long.
  • Take it one step at a time.
  • Try to act subtly.
  • Don't kiss the girl after the movie, in front of her parents. This can be quite embarrassing. Just hug her gently as you say goodbye to her. If your parents aren't there, do what she wants.
  • Above all, act confident, not arrogant, and she'll read your body language and she's more likely to want to kiss you too.
  • If she puts her hands on your body, it's a great sign that she's in the mood to kiss you.
  • Don't do that old trick of yawning and putting your arm around her neck. That's pretty cliché unless, of course, you believe she's going to find it cute.
  • If she puts her arm on the seat divider without letting you know, she probably wants you to hold her hand.
  • Go to the bathroom before the date.
  • Don't ask her friends what she thought of the date.


  • When kissing her, don't move too fast as she may be uncomfortable and your teeth may bump into each other.
  • There must be no food or drink between you. They can easily be knocked over and ruin everything!
  • Remember, there are more people in the movie theater. A quick kiss is okay, but prolonged make out sessions will make people uncomfortable.
  • Try not to bump your teeth with hers. This is a very unpleasant situation.

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