3 Ways to Make Your Teacher Like You

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3 Ways to Make Your Teacher Like You
3 Ways to Make Your Teacher Like You

Everyone wants to make a good first impression on teachers, and it doesn't have to be difficult or mysterious. You can also find out what they expect from your behavior, making it possible to behave like a favorite and win in the classroom.


Method 1 of 3: Being nicer

Make Your Teacher Like You Step 1

Step 1. Put yourself in his shoes

If you were in front of a huge group of rowdy, restless, rowdy students eight hours a day, all week, how would you feel? It is likely that you would also want everyone to be quiet and finish their tasks. Try to imagine how the teacher feels on a daily basis, and you will have a better sense of how to act if you want him to like you.

Don't demand too much from the teacher. Don't make him have to work harder than he already does. Whenever he has an apology or asks for a favor, it is even more of an effort for him. Take less work

Make Your Teacher Like You Step 2

Step 2. Understand his personality

There is no single way to please teachers, as they are all completely different people. Some of them will be docile, pleasant and cheerful, while others will look like real executioners, stern and old-fashioned. Try to get to know your teacher's personality, what he likes and what makes him happy, to learn better.

  • If he's a stricter teacher, it's no use being the class-ass. Focus on doing your homework, ducking your head and doing what he expects of you, rather than having a big presence in the classroom.
  • If it's someone warmer, he'll probably value the more communicative. If you want to get along with the teacher, open up and talk more openly, and even engage in a short dialogue with him if necessary, but don't forget to do all the assignments as well as possible.
Make Your Teacher Like You Step 3

Step 3. Know when to take it easy

Contrary to what most people think, teachers don't admire annoying sycophants and gossips. The person in the class who thinks he or she is the "favorite," according to the other students, may very likely not be the one the teacher admires most. Never forget that.

You don't have to be the most talkative person in the class, or ask more questions than everyone else. Just be careful to contribute at times and maintain positivity in the classroom

Make Your Teacher Like You Step 4

Step 4. Be creative

If you want to take that extra step, it's always useful to use creativity in your work to stand out from other students and show yourself as the most interesting and friendly of all. Think about creative projects as you get assignments, or do them differently than everyone else does. Strive to do more than the minimum expected.

Imagine the following situation: the teacher sits down at night to grade 20, 30, maybe even more than 10 assignments in a given night. How boring it will be if everyone is exactly the same. If you can invest a little of your own personality and creativity into the work (as long as you follow the instructions and do it properly), most teachers will be pleased with that

Make Your Teacher Like You Step 5

Step 5. Say what you think

Be honest: as you mature and advance in academic life, teachers come to respect students who think for themselves more than students who just repeat the information they've learned. If you demonstrate, at any age, that you are a creative and independent thinker, that will be a cause for respect.

Speaking what comes to mind does not mean being the troubled student in the classroom. If you don't want to do the task because it's boring, it won't help your goals at all

Make Your Teacher Like You Step 6

Step 6. Thank the teacher for what he does

At some point in your student life, choose a teacher you like a lot and thank them for the job they've done. It is very difficult to be a teacher, and he will be very happy for the recognition.

  • In some cases, small gifts can be an appropriate form of thanks, but some teachers may be offended when receiving elaborate, expensive, or sophisticated gifts. It is important not to give the impression of a bribe.
  • In some cultures, it is appropriate and quite common to invite the teacher to dinner with your family. This invitation can be a polite form of thanks.

Method 2 of 3: Behaving in the Classroom

Make Your Teacher Like You Step 7

Step 1. Pay attention to the lesson

The best way to earn any teacher's admiration is to pay attention to the class being taught. The more you pay attention and listen to what is being said, the easier it will be to understand the material and make the best of your work.

  • If you have difficulty paying attention in class, talk to your parents and teacher so they are aware of the situation. It is possible that you are not feeling challenged or have behavioral problems that require help in order to be able to do your best.
  • While it's fun to hang out with friends, try talking to them only during breaks or on the bus. It may be better to stay away from them during classes, to avoid the temptation to be distracted by games. You might miss important things.
Make Your Teacher Like You Step 8

Step 2. Follow the teacher's instructions

At school, you need to do what you must, as quickly and quietly as possible. If it's time to pack up the materials and go home, that doesn't mean it's time to play with your colleagues next door and put some gum under your wallet. Listen to the instructions and follow them carefully.

Follow the teacher's guidelines outside the classroom as well. If you need to read a chapter of a book for tomorrow, do so. Don't skip assignments and think that the teacher will like you just for being friendly. Do your tasks

Make Your Teacher Like You Step 9

Step 3. Be respectful

It is very important to be respectful and kind not only to the teacher, but also to everyone in the classroom. Treat other people as you would like to be treated, at all times.

  • Do not speak out of hours in the classroom. Teachers don't like inconvenient interruptions.
  • Some young people think that pissing off teachers is a good way to gain the admiration of peers, but it's disrespectful to everyone in the classroom - especially the teacher.
Make Your Teacher Like You Step 10

Step 4. Contribute positively to the class

In the classroom, it's important to do more than just sit back and pay attention to what's being said. Often, the teacher will ask for volunteers or ask questions to the group, and it is important to speak at appropriate times. Work hard to make the classroom environment as positive as possible.

  • In small groups, work politely. When it's time to break into groups, do your part to help with the task, and don't cause problems, interrupt, or just wait for others to do their part.
  • If you see others acting disrespectful or talking trivia, you don't need to lecture. You can help maintain a positive environment by bowing your head and doing your homework. Don't get distracted.
Make Your Teacher Like You Step 11

Step 5. Keep the space well organized

Take pride in keeping your desk, locker, and any other student space you have at your disposal as tidy and clean as possible. Teachers are not your parents and shouldn't have to clean up your mess. There's no better way to make the teacher dislike you than to be the mess in the classroom.

Method 3 of 3: Doing well in studies

Make Your Teacher Like You Step 12

Step 1. Finish tasks on time

During class, focus and do assignments as well as possible, follow past instructions, and turn in assignments after completing them. Making the teacher happy doesn't have to be more complicated than that.

  • When handing in the completed work, allow enough time to finish them efficiently. A good way to irritate the teacher is to start assignments at the last moment, right before delivery.
  • Never, under any circumstances, paste or copy answers from anyone else in the room. That's a sure way to get in trouble.
Make Your Teacher Like You Step 13

Step 2. Participate in class discussions

Teachers like students who speak at the right time and not just stay in the back with their heads down. Ask smart or meaningful questions. Demonstrate that you are listening to what he has to say.

Often, if you have a question to ask, many others will have the same doubt but are afraid to speak up. Being willing to ask questions can make him more likely to like you

Make Your Teacher Like You Step 14

Step 3. Be yourself

This step should be easy. When going to class and interacting with the teacher, try to stay calm and be authentic. If you pretend to be someone you are not, the teacher will see this clearly. Don't just try to be the favourite, the know-it-all or the prodigy. Just be yourself.

Teachers are people like everyone else: they like someone who is genuine, docile and honest. Don't be fooled into thinking that you have to act in a certain way to get them to like you. Just don't overdo it to get attention, and you'll be loved by your teachers

Make Your Teacher Like You Step 15

Step 4. Try your best

Try hard at school and always give your best at work. If they think you're capable of more in class, teachers will be sad to see you're not doing your best. Do not be shy. Set aside plenty of time to do the work at the highest level. Take an extra step in tasks and jobs.

If you are having difficulty in class, tell the teacher you want to do your best and ask for help. In many schools, there are extracurricular groups that get together to do assignments, study sessions, and even other ways to get things done, as long as you try hard. Teachers respect effort


  • Don't take the blame for something you didn't do, but don't deny the truth either. Honesty is the best choice.
  • Make sure the teacher knows of your existence. Don't be the quietest in the classroom, but don't be the loudest either.
  • Don't be disrespectful to the teacher. Treat him like you would a father or a mother.
  • Don't suddenly exaggerate. They may think you're up to something and understand that it's not something concrete or something that's going to last.
  • If you have problems with the teacher, talk to him after class. Talk to your parents and, if necessary, ask for a meeting to resolve difficulties.
  • Always show that what the teacher says is important. Never laugh at him and avoid correcting his mistakes.
  • Try not to curse and use profanity, especially around teachers. They may see you as someone they can't trust.
  • Contribute to classroom discussions. Be the type of person who likes to ask questions but doesn't lose focus.

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